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Best Places To Visit In Zero Point – The Hidden Gems

Zero Point in Sikkim is one of the best places to visit in North East India. The majestic place is an epitome of everlasting beauty. It attracts a lot of tourists not only from India but also from all across the world. The Zero Point is located only 15 km away from Lachung Valley. The Zero Point or the Yumesamdong is a must-visit place if you are an Adrenaline Junkie. There are a lot of things to do in this version of Paradise, as it is a work of nature with a lot of amazing phenomena. Among them, Here are the best places to visit in Zero Point… Read on…

Best Places To Visit In Zero Point

When it comes to the Zero Point in Sikkim, it’s really challenging to pick just a few places as each one is beautiful in their way. Nevertheless, Below are the best places to visit that are popular among tourists and gives you a unique experience in Zero Point.

1. Monasteries

There a large number of monasteries in Sikkim and the most famous ones are Lachang and Lachen. Lachang monastery is one of the best monastries in Northeast India and it was established in the year 1880. The name Lachang comes from the Lachen River and the offshoots of the River Tista. The monastery resides in a small village and it is on the North Sikkim Highway, 18 km away from Gangtok. Another famous monastery among the tourists is the Buddhist Monastery Lachen. It was built in the year 1858 and is situated 28 km away from the Tsunthang Sub Division office. The best time to visit these places will be in summer, from March to June, which will be the best time to get the best of these beauties.

2. Natural Hot Spring

A monastry in Sikkim
Image credits: Wikimedia Commons

One of the natural wonders prevalent in Zero Point is the hot springs. The people in the locality believe that the springs have healing capability. The high sulphur content in the water from the springs is said to instil medicinal properties which are helpful to the human bodies. Yumthang Hot Spring, located in the Yumthang village, is one of the most popular springs in Sikkim. The best time period to visit the hot springs is the spring season. The average temperature of the springs is around 50 °C over the year.

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3. Gurudongmar Lake

This is one of the scenic lakes present in North East India. The lake is popular for its high altitude and the amazing views it has to offer. The water in this lake is as clear as a crystal and the beauty of it is complemented by the snow-laden mountains in the background. The aesthetic blue look of the lake is due to the reflection of the sky and this makes it one of the best sceneries in Zero Point. The best time to visit this marvellous place is between the months of November and June.

Gurudongmar Lake, one of the best places in Sikkim
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4. The Seven Sister Waterfall

Seven Sisters is one of the pristine waterfalls in Sikkim and it got its name from the seven stages from where the waterfall flows together. The mammoth waterfall falls from the end of the mountains and is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Zero Point. You watch this majestic attraction on your travel to North Sikkim by road.

5. Katao

Katao is one of the most visited mountain peaks and it is covered with a white blanket of snow. This a place you should absolutely visit when you are in North Sikkim and it is located in Lachung, 114 km away from Gangtok. The peak offers one of the panoramic views of the Himalayan range and a paradise for all the mountain lovers. Summer, which starts from March till May, is the best time to visit the place.

Katao Mountain peak in Zero Point
Image credits: Wikimedia Commons

It is certain that these are more than enough to visit the beautiful place of Zero Point in Sikkim. Apart from these best places, there are many amazing places to visit in Zero Point. This serene spot is the perfect place for you to channel your inner snow lover. Start planning your dream vacation to the beautiful state of Sikkim. Happy Travelling!

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