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rumtek monastery
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Rumtek Monastery – A Place To Connect with Oneself

Rumtek Monastery in Gangtok is a stunning shrine, both Visually and Culturally. A temple for religious communities for priests encapsulates the vision and desire of Sixteenth Karmapa (leader of the Monastery), Rangjung Rigpe Dorje, to build up his seat in exile to help spread the teachings and lighten the world with the Knowledge of Buddha all through the world. One of the best places in Sikkim to refresh your Soul, Body, and Mind. 

Where is Rumtek Monastery located?

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The Rumtek Monastery area is at a height of around 1500 meters, which is an incredible 4900 feet. At this stature, the panorama of the valley around Gangtok is obviously striking. This makes for a magnificent sight. Discussing the specific topography of this remarkable fascination, Rumtek Monastery is situated in the Indian territory of Sikkim. Its closeness to the capital city of Gangtok brings hordes of travelers from all over India and the world. The place is very well known among travelers who are searching for some casual time in the hills. A visit here causes one to feel quiet and one with the all-powerful (Godly).

Rumtek Monastery is situated in an area that pulls in a ton of guests and upheaval from all around, the place gives peacefulness to the one who is really looking for it. You can feel such quiet and harmony here that they would prefer not to go anywhere else, honestly. The scene on the environmental parts from the highest point of the Monastery is charming. Since the Rumtek Monastery area is very close to Gangtok, 24 kilometers to be exact, one can get a fledgling’s attention to the city from up here. 

The Architecture of Rumtek Monastery

rumtek monastery sikkim
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The design of the Rumtek Monastery in Sikkim is one of the best on the planet and looks like the first one in Tsurphu, Tibet. The main structure of Rumtek Monastery is a three-story building, and it houses some original Buddhist religious works of art on the planet as divider wall paintings, Thangkas (looks with perplexing hand artworks). You will also find 1001 brilliant models of Buddha, and so forth. The place is likewise an incredibly famous’ inside for Kagyu lessons. The ground floor of the principal cloister building has an enormous petition corridor. 

Attractions at Rumtek Monastery

The living Monastics persistently ponder and study; there is no uncertainty that the aftereffects of these ethical activities will disperse infection and different issues, and increment life span, thriving, and thoughtful acknowledgment. There is consistent energy around the Rumtek Monastery in Gangtok, making it perhaps the best area for a relaxing and excellent climate. Magnificent Golden Buddha stupa, Prayer wheels in Monastery, different Buddhist institutions, richly rambling scenes are the uproaring attractions you can see here. 

Just outside the Monastery, a flight of stairs arouses the Nalanda Institute of Higher Buddhist Studies, and the only inverse to the structure, there is a brilliant stupa of sixteenth Karmapa, which is made of pure gold. From that point, you can get an enrapturing perspective on Gangtok Township on the contrary slope. Rumtek Monastery likewise houses some valuable things like Vajra Mukut, similar to a dark cap, which is studded with gold, jewels, rubies, and different pearls. Barely a few meters from Nalanda Institute, there is a Bird aviary with numerous lovely winged creatures. A large portion of a kilometer of tough stroll from that point will prompt the Hermitage purpose of the priests where they think for as long as 3 years for complete confinement. 

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Celebrating Festivals with Cultural Dances 

The first dances of Rumtek known as Tshechu Chams are held in the Monastery on the tenth day of the fifth month of the Buddhist schedule, which for the most part, falls in June. Kagyed moves are held here on the 28th and 29th day of the tenth month of Buddhist Calendar, which for the most part, falls in December. Losar Celebrations (Tibetan New Year) occur during February – March. Above is the best time to visit the Monastery. November to January is cold months; the rest of the time, the temperature is moderate, and the perfect time to appreciate a savoring occasion. 

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Why is Rumtek monastery famous?

It is famous because it is home to some of the rarest art objects in the Buddhist religion.

What is the entry fee for Rumtek monastery?

There is a nominal fees of Rs.10 for entering Rumtek Monastery.

Can you stay at Rumtek Monastery?

There are guest houses near Rumtek Monastery for tourists to get accommodated.

Who built Rumtek monastery in Sikkim?

Wangchuk Dorje along with the king, the fourth Chogyal Gyurmed Namgyal founded this monastery in the year 1734.

What is the name of the oldest monastery in Sikkim?

Dubdi Monastery is the oldest monastery founded in the year 1701.

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