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Where’s the party tonight? In Reykjavik!

The party don’t start till I walk in,

Yes, Kei$ha, it don’t. Next best thing after its views in Iceland? The party scene in Reykjavik – Iceland nightlife is happening indeed! Don’t be mislead by its secluded location, for Reykjavik definitely knows how to raise the roof when it comes to clubbing and partying. Here is a look at the best places to head to while in Reykjavik ~

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Packed to capacity on most days, Kaffibarinn is by far one of the most popular bars in Reykjavik. Thrumming with alternative and electro pop music, it is known for the assembly of musicians and “hipsters” it pulls. Best for partying on a weekend night, it also aliases as a cosy coffee place by daytime. Step in here for the wild-party-in-a-foreign-land experience.

An Airwaves performance at Kaffibarin
Image credit – reykjavik


If you are looking for a bit of music indulgence, Hurra is the place to go to. Established as a venue for live music, it always has a new set of events lined up. On Mondays, gain free entry and listen to their houseband play some jazz. The other days you can expect DJs mixing and playing some great music. You can’t, won’t stop moving. This is Iceland nightlife for you.

Image credit – grapevine


Into old school hip hop? Prikið steals the show there. Dedicating most nights to play this genre, it attracts a rather young crowd. Plus the great snacks it serves is worth a visit. If dancing isn’t your thing, just grab a snack and lose yourself to some old school beats. Head in there, you young things!

Prikio bar
Image credit – inreykjavik

Bar 11

Themed to be an old-fashioned biker bar, Bar 11 is the typical rock bar with rough interiors. Open late until 5 am, this is the bar you want to head to if you’d rather not play dress up & dance. Don’t let that sidetrack you because the partying never really stops here. Rock music thumping around, Bar 11 is just a 5 minute walk from Reykjavik center.

Bar 11
Image credit – reykjavik


Another bar that teems at full capacity, Bravo has been declared the unofficial gay bar of Reykjavik. A hit among the LGBT crowd of Iceland, it has a kitchen that serves up coffee, wine and more. Look forward to drag acts that are a regular attraction here. Jazz, funk, soul are often performed here. Head over for some inclusive fun!

A drag show at Bravo

The English Pub

The English Pub it is, but part of Iceland nightlife! With the finest of beers, ale and whiskey; this pub has earned a reputation that pulls Icelanders and travellers alike. Early evenings on weekdays are a great time to visit. Don’t expect to shake a leg, though. Walk in for some fine boozing and a great time on the whole.

The English Pub
Image credit – facebook


Crave a glamorous evening ushered in with martinis and what not? Head to B5. With glamour comes a mandatory dress code – one of the only two bars in Reykjavik to have one. It also happens to have two VIP lounges. Ladies, slip into your best dress and heels. Men, Barney Stinson said it best, Suit up! Groove with the glossy crowd in your glitzy best!

Dress code at b5
Image credit – reformatt

Hungry? See if you have tried these Icelandic dishes out yet.

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