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5 Best Places To Visit In Chonburi, Thailand in 2024

The Province of Chonburi is the main province located on the east coast of Thailand, where Pattaya is the main tourist attraction. If you are looking to free yourself far from the busy city life then Chonburi acts as the ideal location. The beachfront town is located only 49 miles from Bangkok, is loaded with many best places to visit. Usually neglected by the tourists, the place is amazing and is equivalent to Pattaya. But still, there are some beautiful places in Chonburi that can never beat the speciality of this place! When you would like to experience a true Thai holiday then you must visit all the top places to visit in Chonburi. Worry not, we have curated the best places to visit in Chonburi. Add them to your bucket list and enjoy!

Chonburi aerial view
Image Source: Unsplash

5 Best Places To Visit In Chonburi

  • Sriracha Tiger Zoo
  • Sanctuary of the Truth
  • Kon Lan (Coral Island)
  • Flight of the Gibbon Chonburi
  • Mini Siam

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1. Sriracha Tiger Zoo

Located on the outskirts of Pattaya, Sriracha is a city which is 97 km from Bangkok and is famous for its Zoo. The Sriracha tiger zoo accommodates one of the largest numbers of the Royal Bengal Tiger. The zoo has also a unique feeding program to see animals up close and personnel. There are a number of other species living together perfectly. Above all, it is one of the largest zoos in the world where the tiger population is bred in captivity in a single place and is one of the best places to visit in Chonburi. 

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Sriracha Tiger Zoo
Image Source: Unsplash

There are also other animals like ostriches, crocodiles, kangaroos and some of the exotic birds. To view and experience the full glory of the animals, the zoo also conducts many shows and plays. The most interesting thing to witness in the zoo is the feeding room where the tigers are all fed together. Do you want to feed them too? All you have to do is hold them in your hands and feed them. The pig show, the crocodile show and the tiger show are many of the few attractions of the zoo. The feeding program has created a major impact among the explorers. They get to connect with the animals directly. Above all, it is the best place to spend a day with your family and friends.

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2. Sanctuary of the Truth

The Sanctuary of Truth is a major religious structure located in Pattaya. With the interiors filled with decorations of Hindu and Buddhist motifs, the sanctuary is a pilgrimage to travellers. It stands at a height of 105m and it is entirely from teakwood. Above all, it is considered to be one of the most unique structures in the world. A local businessman named as Lek Viriyaphant commissioned the Sanctuary of Truth. It has become one of the icons of Pattaya.

Sanctuary of the Truth
Image Source: Unsplash

The architecture of the sanctuary is completely based on the Ayutthaya period. There are four gopuras that are located in the sanctuary. Each gopura represents the various cultures and countries. They represent the Asian culture, its origin and influences. The wooden structures are not preserved and are directly exposed to the elements of nature. It mainly shows the importance of philosophy that has played a major role in the development of mankind and human civilisation. Above all, the sanctuary pays tribute to the seven creators that a human needs to exist and live – Heaven, Earth, Mother, Father, Moon, Sun and Stars and is one of the best places to visit in Chonburi.

3. Kon Lan (Coral Island)

Kon Lan is a small yet beautiful island with white sandy shorelines and is one of the best places to visit in Chonburi. Take a dive into clear waters of the beach which will give you a chance to experience the beauty of the island.

Kon Lan island
Image Source: Unsplash

Travellers who are visiting Chonburi will definitely have the Kon Lan Island in their itinerary. You will be mesmerised by the beauty of the island. Take part in some fun and most entertaining activities like parasailing, water-skiing, snorkelling and banana boat rides. More than that, you can also find some incredible food choices in this tropical harbour.

4. Flight of the Gibbon Chonburi

Ever imagined flying above the Thai jungle? No? Well, you can fly above the jungle and you can swing like a monkey from one branch to another. There is a 3 km long zip line which helps you fly across the rainforest canopy. You need to engage in rappelling and swinging sky bridges slopes. With the help of the local guides en-route you can know everything about this place and also discover the flora and fauna of this region. Head to Flight of the Gibbon, one of the best places to visit in Chonburi and experience adrenaline rush!

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5. Mini Siam

It takes 80 days for you to take a visit around the world but Mini Siam lets you finish it in a day. Located in Pattaya it can take you around 80 minutes only to roam around. Founded in 1985, it was a part of a research project and it is divided into two distinct zones known. The Mini Siam and Mini Europe are separated by a small step cross river. From the Temple of the Emerald Buddha to the Statue of Liberty all are displayed at a scale of 1:25. The tiny replicas make this one of the best places to visit in Chonburi and the best place to play Gulliver’s Travel.

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