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an aerial view of the beach
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10 Top Best Places to Visit in Lloret De Mar Spain in 2024

A perfect Mediterranean beachy town situated 75 kilometres away from Barcelona and 40km from Girona, located in Costa Brava. This town is known to the smallest coastal city and serves as the best possible retreat destination when you want to get away from the chaos around Barcelona. Apart from having a wide variety of resort destinations, you can visit Lloret De mar anytime during the year with your family and friends. With a perfect mixture of history, culture,  and nightlife you will never want to leave this quaint town once you get here. Let’s find out more about the best places to visit in Lloret De Mar, shall we?


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10 Best Places to Visit in Lloret De Mar

  • Lloret Beach
  • Fenals Beach
  • Water World
  • Santa Clotilde Gardens
  • Castell D’en Plaja
  • Paris Church of Sant Roma
  • Modernist Cemetery
  • Taste some local food near the beach
  • Walkthrough the Puig De Castellet Iberian ruins
  • Get a taste of Costa Brava through a hike

1. Lloret Beach

The beach season here is from the 15th of March until the 30th of November, which leaves you extending your beach time here in this beautiful coastal town. The Lloret beach is one of the biggest and super famous beaches of the lot here, you can just relax and sunbathe here. If you’re in the mindset, you can even engage in some adventurous water sports like jet skiing, parasailing. And Of course, you would get to chill here in the beachfront bars and restaurants on all days and night meeting new people.

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Lloret Beach: the top most visited and popular beach in Lloret De Mar
Image credits: Unsplash

2. Fenals Beach

Platja de Fenals is the second-largest and gorgeous beach that is located right next to Lloret Beach. It might not be as crowded as Lloret beach and mostly offers more privacy for people who visit it. This beach is 700m long and the lower end is full of deep green canopy and cluster of pines trees. This beach surely stays on top of the best places to visit in Lloret De Mar.

3. Water World

Awarded with the Travelers Choice Water Park in 2014, the water world is the biggest aqua park in Europe. This park proves to be the perfect place for families and adventurous groups who would like to have a lot of fun along with a splash of thrill. A little sneak peeks to this park: there are 20 rides and pools, 77 meters plunge. Even if you get kids here, you would have plenty of places to relax and sit around as this park is full of palm trees and old pines. And hence this park becomes one of the top places to visit in Lloret De Mar.

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4. Santa Clotilde Gardens

Want to take a short peaceful break? Go around this cliff-top gardens that are located very close to Fenals Beach. A very good spot to spend a bright sunny day, and explore this Italian renaissance styled garden that was brought to life by Nicolau Maria Rubió I Tudurí almost 100 years ago. With lush greenery, this garden is full of exotic plants, and serene views. This place will top your list on a romantic getaway during your vacation.

A snippet of Santa Clotilde Gardens: ventures in Lloret De Mar
Image credits: Google Pictures

5. Go up Castell D’en Plaja

Located on the edge of Lloret Beach is this magnificent mountain top mansion that was designed by Narcís Plaja during the 1930 and 1940. This mansion will somehow look the building out of a fairytale and will charm you the first sight. So go ahead and take a walk up the hill to reach this castle even though you won’t be allowed to enter inside the view from above are breathtaking. What you see from up there would be the city-meets-ocean landscape and will be very dramatic. Need I say more on why this should be one of your best places to visit in Lloret De Mar.

6. Admire the Paris Church of Sant Roma

One of the top attractions to see here in Lloret De Mar is this vibrant and colourful beauty which is hard to miss. Located in the heart of the city, its Gothic-Catalan-style architecture will blow your mind away. Built originally in the 15th century, the exterior was redone in the early-20th century.

The Church of Sant Roma: ventures in Lloret De Mar
Image credits: Unsplash

7. Modernist Cemetery

Dating back to 1901, this is where you will be able to spot beautiful shrines and mausoleums that are made of art nouveau style. One of the famous statues is Josep Puig I Cadafalch. Even though it is a cemetery, it will call out to be a piece of art by itself. The work here was commissioned by Indianos who made their fortunes in the New World. This is not your ordinary cemetery and that’s why this should be on your list of best places to visit in Lloret De Mar.

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8. Taste some local food near the beach

The Costa Brava region provides a lip-smacking range of foo items to hog on. A various number of beachfront restaurants and bars provide a wide variety of options starting from pizza, burgers, and of course seafood. What better way to try the Spanish cuisine while you’re here in this quaint coastal town? Try the famous tapas or cheese platter with some yummy local wine along with it. Some of the best places to visit would be La Parrilla, Meeting, Orient Express, and  La Lonja. Tasting yummy authentic food should surely be one of your favourite places to visit in Lloret De Mar.

beaches of Lloret De Mar: ventures in Lloret De Mar
Image credits: Unsplash

9. Walkthrough the Puig De Castellet Iberian ruins

This place is home to some of the most historical ruins of a fort that dates back to 2,300 years. This fort is known to have brought to life by the first-ever people who were living here in this coastal town back in the 3rd century. This site is located 200 meters above the sea, the best way to visit this place is to walk a trail or take a bus if you are visiting in the summer. Learn more about the history of this town through these places to visit in Lloret De Mar.

10. Get a taste of Costa Brava through a hike

This spot may look a little laid back, but it has plenty of hiking trails that are worth your time and effort. The most beautiful and serene trail would be between the Lloret de Mar Beach and Fenals Beach if you want to spice things up and get adventurous then take the 9.4km footpath from Santa Cristina Beach to Canyelles Beach. If you are up from a 4-5 hour hike then take the Montbarbat trail. Another option would be to take the GR92TR11 footpath- it would take you from Lloret de Mar to Tossa de Mar which is a beautiful city in Costa Brava.

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the beautiful coast of Girona with breathtaking views.
Image credits: Unsplash

This is just a few of the best places to visit in Lloret De Mar, adding to this you could maybe take a day trip to Girona or Tossa De Mar, visit the Castell de Sant Joan, visit the historical villa of Can Xardo and much more! Exciting and peaceful at the same time right? This coastal town does not fall short of things to do and you will never get enough. Do you want to add this as a part of your Spain Package? Go ahead and make your customized Spain itinerary with Pickyourtrail and make your trip the most memorable one! If you have any questions or queries you can WhatsApp us as well.


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