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romantic things to do in Spain
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10 Romantic Things to Do in Spain for Couples: Upgrade Romance!!!

Is Spain on your bucket list yet? Spain is one of the most romantic and must-visit countries in the world. There are more and more interesting things to do, stunning places to visit and perfect destinations to spend your vacation. Some of the best attractions are cathedrals, beaches, parks, lakes and islands. You can never get enough of this beautiful paradise! Dive in to know more about the 10 romantic things to do in Spain with your loved one!


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10 romantic things to do in Spain with your valentine

  1. Wine tasting in Barcelona
  2. Visit Basilica of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona
  3. Visit the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia
  4. Hot air balloon ride, Barcelona
  5. Royal Botanical Garden, Madrid
  6. Beach holiday in Ibiza
  7. Visit the Setas de Sevilla
  8. Sunset catamaran trip in Malaga
  9. Beach hopping
  10. A visit to the Prado National Museum

1. Wine tasting in Barcelona

things to do in Spain
Image Credits- Unsplash

Just like any other western country, Spain is also very famous for winemaking and trading. The wineries here still follow the traditional methods of making wine. There are also many delectable wine tasting tours in Barcelona. To begin with, you can settle on a fine seat on rooftop buses and tour the city. And after a quick meal or snack, you will visit the best wineries and taste some of the most exotic and premium wines in the country. Also, you can gain knowledge and experience about how wines are made. You can also try making a bottle of wine and learn the nuances if you wish! How cool is that? This is one of the top interesting things to do with your loved one in Spain!

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2. Visit Basilica of the Sagrada Familia

Basilica of the Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain
Image Credits- Unsplash

Basilica of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is one of the largest tourist attractions and significant UNESCO sites in Spain. It is an unfinished Roman Catholic church and it is right in the heart of Barcelona city. The construction of this basilica began in 1882 and continues! Sounds super interesting right? La Sagrada Familia is one of the breathtaking works of architect Antoni Gaudi. Modern Catalan infused Roman architecture, prominent figures and forms are some of the notable attractions in this church. This place is a must-visit if you are in Spain!

3. Visit the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia

romantic things to do in Valencia, Spain
Image Credits- Pixabay

This man-made marvel in Valencia is one of the largest scientific and cultural complexes in Europe. This masterpiece is an example of how significant the city is. The main purpose of building this complex is to increase tourism and educate people about various arts, cultures and sciences. This is also the largest exhibition in entire Spain. Also, there are several other attractions near this place. There are many restaurants, lakes and shopping areas. This is one of the best places with architectural marvels in the country that you should visit! Do not miss it! Include this in your Spain travel package and experience the best of times.

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4. Hot air balloon ride in Barcelona- romantic things to do in Spain

hot air balloon ride, Barcelona
Image Credits- Pexels

Did you think Spain cannot surprise you more? Here comes another interesting thing to do, flying in a hot air balloon. It’s high time you try it with your loved one on your next vacation to Spain. There are some amazing hot air balloon trips in Barcelona. To begin with, you will start from the ground and then slowly fly in the air. The whole experience is just super exciting and mesmerising. Imagine admiring the city from a height of 1500 to 2000 feet above! This usually costs from INR 10,500 to 15,000. But the view from above is totally worth every single penny! This is definitely a must-try activity and one of the extremely romantic things to do in Spain!

5. Royal Palace and Botanical Garden, Madrid

Royal palace, Madrid
Image Credits- Unsplash

Here comes one of the most significant attractions in Madrid. This place was once home to the royal family of Madrid but now it is completely used for some state functions and tourism. The botanical garden is another must-visit place in the city. There are more than 5000 species of flora, plants and trees. This is such a sight to watch. The palace is open for tourists to visit and the entry fee is also very reasonable. That makes it more attractive and famous among people all over the world. You can spread a blanket, buy or bring lunch and relax in the gardens. There are also huge play areas for kids and adults. Feel like a royal in Madrid! This is one of the most romantic things you can do with your partner in Spain!

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6. Beach holiday in Ibiza

Ibiza is such a spectacular city with so much charm and fun. It is one of the very famous honeymoon destinations and a perfect getaway for beach holidays. There are so much to do on this island. You can experience some super fun and bomb beach parties, cocktail parties, cultural events and celebrations all day long. You can never get enough of this vibrant city. The coastal line of this island is full of bars, nightclubs, resorts, yoga retreats, shops and excellent beaches. There is also a very peaceful village inside the town with people living in tranquillity. You can try many water sports like deep-sea diving, parasailing and snorkelling. In total, this place is a must-visit attraction with your better half! Ibiza is such a romantic city indeed!

7. Visit the Setas de Sevilla

Setas de Seville, Spain
Image Credits- Unsplash

This is another marvellous man-made wonder in Seville. This complex is an ensemble of 6 large mushroom-shaped parasols made out of timber. It is one of the important places for trading, commerce, exhibitions and other leisure activities. This structure is being in use since 2005. As there are some spaces for sunlight to come in, the shadows on the ground keep moving continuously throughout the day. That itself is a soothing one to watch! Do check out this place on your next visit to Spain!

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8. Sunset catamaran trip in Malaga- one of the romantic things to do in Spain

catamaran trip in Malaga
Image Credits- Unsplash

Catamaran cruise trips are one of the must-try things while in Malaga. Firstly, you can make the ticket booking online. And then, on the day of the trip, you will board a fancy catamaran and start the voyage. There are many premium facilities inside the cruise. You can access the minibar, lounge, balcony area and fishing area. Also, in the middle of the ocean, you can try scuba diving and snorkelling activities. This is also one of the most romantic things you can do in Spain!

9. Beach hopping- one of the romantic things to do in Spain

Beach hopping is always fun no matter what the season is. There are many dashing islands along the coasts of Spain. Some of the must-visit and top-rated islands are Ibiza, Mallorca, Tenerife and Menorca. These islands are perfect for beach holidays, beach explorations, cave explorations and beach parties. There are more than sixty-five islands in Spain out of which the above said 4 are the most perfect places for couples and also best honeymoon destinations. Summer in Spain is the most perfect season to visit such islands or beaches. Sun-soaking and sunbathing are inestimable things to do here! So, try visiting these stunning beaches and beach resorts on your next vacation in Spain with your loved one!

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10. Visit the Prado National Museum

Last but definitely not least, comes the Museo Nacional del Prado. It is one of the largest and most-visited museums in the world. It was founded in 1819 and was officially designated in 1962. This museum has many arts, cultural works, sculptures and paintings from the 18th century. And this museum also offers free entry for 2 hours! How interesting is that? This is one of the most prominent places to visit in the country. Do slide this place into your Spain travel package itinerary and explore more such stellar places!

Scintillating Spain honeymoon itinerary for couples

That is almost everything you need to know about the most romantic things you can do in Spain! There are more beautiful places like lakes, parks, basilicas, islands, churches and castles in Spain. Also, there are many gorgeous waterfalls in Spain to visit. Build your most perfect trip with Pickyourtrail and avail the best offers at jaw-dropping prices! Visit the Spain tour packages or Spain honeymoon packages to know about the pre-packaged trips. Also, you can customise your Spain itinerary according to your budget, comfort and preferences! Enjoy your Spanish vacation without any compromises!

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