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Spain in April
Written by Nishant Gurav on November 16, 2022 Share on

Spain in April: A Perfect Guide You Are Looking For!

April brings beautiful Spring days creating a perfect time of the year to visit Spain. The weather is clear and sunlit but also not too warm making outdoor activities extra joyful. April is also a month full of festivals that carries a lot of delight for the Spaniards. 

Weather in Spain in April

Weather in Spain in April
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Temperature during the daytime will hover around 62 degree Fahrenheit but might dip into the 40s at night. The Mediterranean coast will bring you more warmth so that you can enjoy your sunbath on the alluring beaches of Spain and its offshore islands. Swimming in the ocean might not be a good idea as the water would be too chilly for that. You will experience more heat as you travel to the South.

In the regions of Andalusia, temperature might rise to 75 degree Fahrenheit and might not touch the 40s during the nighttime. Tours of historic Andalusian cities like Malaga, Seville and Cadiz are recommended during this period of time. 

As the beaches begin to open with the coming sunny days you can expect quite a number of visitors on the Mediterranean coast and on the islands but it won’t be as swelled up as in the summer holiday season. Tourists crowd the city of Seville during the huge festivals. The airfares and hotel prices are still on the lower side which usually shoots up during the vacation season. 

  • Madrid : 66F(19C)/44F(7C)
  • Barcelona : 65F(18C)/50F(10C)
  • Sevilla : 75F(24C)/53F(12C)
  • Canary Islands : 72F(22C)/61F(16C)

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What to Pack for Spain in April

What to Pack for Spain in April
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One thing to always remember when packing for Europe is layering ! Get scarves, cardigan, light t-shirts, light jacket. Temperature can be chilly in the mornings, but please in the evenings. Local people dress according to the weather and not the climate, so you will have to match up with the weather and the environment too.

What to do in Spain in April

As Andalusia experiences scorching heat during the summer months, Spring is the ideal span to make a visit. Plus you shouldn’t miss the biggest festival in the city of Seville that involves plenty of food, fun and flamenco dancing. Beach resort cities and islands like Marbella, Ibiza, Mallorca, Malaga and Alicante are popular attractions during this sunny season. Also a road trip along Spain’s Costa del Sol would be a perfect addition to your plan. 

Apart from the beaches and big parties, the country can offer you a food tour as well. You can enjoy the appetising cuisine of food markets and tapas bars in Madrid. San Sebastián is known for its pintxos (small snacks).You can also witness the religious position of Spain in the early days of April when the Semana Santa, or Holy Week is celebrated.

1. Ibiza

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The marina in Ibiza town has hundreds of yachts lined up along the coast.Head to Carrer Andenes, and you will see bars, cafes and restaurants. You can take up a walk in the old town which is basically a sand stone fortress. Once the sun goes down get on for what you are actually in Ibiza for. It’s the party land. Yo can find great beach clubs and pubs. You can witness lots of concerts and music festivals which keep on taking place time to time. You can head to Ibiza Town for non-stop partying. Clubs like Amnesia, Space, Pacha, Sankeys and Privilegeare your go to locations. Usually people take flights from anywhere in the mainland Spain. All the accomodations here are lesbian and gay friendly.

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2. Marbella

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Marbella is like a cut price version of Monaco, beaches are the bonus here. Go for water activities here, delicious tapas with sangria, visit historical buildings. Marbella Old Town is a must visit, it dates back to 15th century. You can find typical Andalusian houses with fresh flowers in the balcony. Just a 2min walk from the plaza Naranjos there’s a Church of Our Lady of the Incarnation which dates back to 17th century. It is nicely ornamented with paintings and statues.

3. Alicante

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This town south of Valencia is mostly famous for its party culture and gorgeous beaches. Alicante’s main attraction include its old town, hilltop castle, art collections, history, fine foods, nightlife and fiery fiestas. It offers a well blend of history and cuisine. Being a compact town all the happening spots are at a walkable distance. City is well connect by train to Madrid and Barcelona. Airport also is just 20mins from the city centre.

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Events to attend in Spain in April

  1. Semana Santa : The Holy Week is celebrated in the early April to remember the passion of Christ. The cities and towns see a series of processions to celebrate this grand festival. If you want to experience a majestic celebration, move to the city of Salamanca or Andalusia and the cities like Seville and Malaga.

2. Feria de Abril : Two weeks after Semana Santa a massive party hits the city of Seville. As it is the birthplace of flamenco music, the festival involves a lot of parades and dancing. The celebration goes on for a week complemented by daily bullfights, drinking and eating. The festivities stay up till the early hours of the morning. 

Every weekend, the town of Esparraguera, Catalonia near Barcelona holds La Passio, a performance of “The Passion of the Christ” from mid March until early April. At the end of April, San Sebastian presents the Human Rights Film Festival. 

3. Bando de la Huerta : Every year on the Tuesday after Easter, a joyous festival takes place in the city of Murcia which is filled with parades and dancing.

4. Sant Jordi Festival : It is a local celebration in the region of Catalonia on 23rd April to mark the day of death of both Shakespeare and Cervantes. It involves a tradition of gifting books to your lovers combined with Valentine’s Day traditions. 

Festimad is a music festival that usually begins at the end of April in Madrid where artists of different genres perform across the capital. Music lovers should miss the night concerts that happen during these two weeks. 

5. Cata de Vino Montilla : Cordoba, the region famous for its sweet dessert wines holds a big wine tasting event featuring local wines. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are accommodation prices in April?

In general, lodging prices may be slightly higher than during the low season, but lower than during the peak summer season. It is a good idea to book ahead of time, especially if you are visiting during Holy Week or other popular events.

Can I expect to see spring blooms or greenery in April?

Yes, April is a lovely month in Spain, with blooming flowers and lush landscapes, especially in parks and gardens. The countryside can be particularly scenic during this time.

Can I hike or explore nature reserves in April?

Absolutely! April’s mild weather makes it ideal for outdoor activities. During this time, Spain has numerous hiking trails and beautiful natural reserves that are ideal for exploring.

What are the best regions or cities to visit in Spain in April?

It all depends on your preferences. Seville for Holy Week, Barcelona for its cultural scene, Granada for its historical appeal, and the Canary Islands for warmer beach weather are all excellent choices.

Are there any specific traditional performances or cultural shows in April?

Flamenco shows are popular all year in Spain, and April is no exception. For an authentic experience, seek out performances in cities such as Seville, Granada, or Madrid.

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