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Thai Cuisine
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10 Best Restaurants in Phuket Thailand

Tempted to eat seafood in your Thailand vacation? Thailand is famous for the best and fresh plates of seafood. It also has alluring options for perfect dine-in. Do visit the following top 10 restaurants in the Phuket, to make your trip worth it! Below is a list of best restaurants in Phuket for you to dine in comfort and enjoy your lovely trip.

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10 Best Restaurants in Phuket

  • Blue Elephant Phuket
  • Sizzle rooftop restaurant
  • Red duck restaurant
  • Pad Thai shop
  • Odysseus Greek restaurant
  • Sam’s steaks and grills
  • The Siam supper club
  • Green tamarind kitchen
  • Thong Dee The Kathu Brasserie
  • Kan eang@pier restaurant
Thai Cuisine
Image Source: Unsplash

1. Blue Elephant Phuket

The Blue Elephant restaurant in Phuket is popular for Thai cuisine. Equalizing the beauty of the building, the dishes are quite amusing and mouth-watering! Set in a splendid large mansion, the Blue elephant offers cooking classes to recreate what the folks eat. Blue Elephant restaurant does match the expectations in food, but it is not too expensive either! From wedding bells to birthday bashes, choose Blue elephant to make the occasion perfectly well and memorable! With a great, majestic outlook, this restaurant also has a long, mysterious history!

A perfect weekend plan? Head to the Blue elephant Phuket, walk through the ‘Blue elephant gallery’, enjoy your dine-in!

2. Sizzle Rooftop Restaurant

Bored with usual restaurants? It’s time to travel to the Phuket hills! Sizzle rooftop restaurant in the hilly side is one among the best restaurants in Phuket, with finger-licking steaks, fresh seafood, and offbeat desserts are served with yum-yum recipes, love, and ‘try me again’ flavours. Fall in love with the sunset view and mark your evening dinner date a memorable one here! The sizzle restaurant was built exclusively to attract people and to capture the elegance of the surrounding areas. Satiate your desires for fine dining in the Patong region and the picturesque view of it! Satisfy your taste buds and get them more tempted! Rooftops dine-in, mouthwatering menu, romantic night, and your loved ones near! Can’t get any better, can it?

3. Red Duck Restaurant

Located further from Kata Beach, the Red Duck Restaurant seems to be a tiny restaurant but the menu and love they have give a large, and warm welcome! With perfect Thai menus, the restaurant with a beach behind grabs the attention of many people. Cocktails, wine cellar, zero-frozen products, yummilicious menus, quality spirits. What more, bruh? Book your seats earlier and make your lunch-date ‘the perfect’ one!

4. Pad Thai Shop

Amidst thousands of menus in a hotel, the Pad Thai shop is unique and quirky, and it is popular for a single dish!

Pad Thai
Image Source: Unsplash

Pad- Thailand’s national dish, is not complicated to cook, but can be distinguished as bad and good ones! Being a ‘pro’ in serving the Pad, the Pad Thai shop succours hundreds of plates of Pad every day and is one of the best restaurants in Phuket. Thousands of tourists and locals take a visit to the Pad Thai shop to try the Pad and other Thai foods. Anyone near the region would point their fingers to the shop when questioned ‘Any good Thai Pad shops?’ Why wait? Go grab a plate of the Thai pad in the Pad Thai shop!

5. Odysseus Greek Restaurant

Fond of Greek food and worried about where to find the best place? No worries, visit the Odysseus Greek restaurant! Located on the Kata beach, this Greek restaurant is owned by a Greek man. The dishes are quite simple, but prepared and served with lots of love! From grilled meats to fresh greeny-greeny salads, and usual Greek menus can be found here along with other European menus! ‘Good food needn’t be expensive’. Yes, the Odysseus Greek restaurant proves to be one!

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6. Sam’s Steaks and Grills

As the name says, Sam’s steaks and grills are well known in the south country for famous grills and steaks. Imported from Australia, the meats are loved by folks there. Not only meats, but there are also a variety of dishes with fewer prices fixed! From starters to desserts, every dish is enjoyable. Their presentation adds more love to the restaurant. Being one of the best restaurants in Phuket’s Patong, Sam’s steaks and grills gained a reputation for excellence and the finest quality. Fine wines all across the globe will make you wobble around the restaurant for more!

 7. The Siam Supper Club

The Siam Supper Club is a magnet destination for people who love fish, meats, pizzas, and ‘west coast cuisine’. Your taste buds will find the best cheesecake here. 

Pizza on a plate
Image Source: Unsplash

Sipping their signature cocktails, listening to a piece of soothing music, with a gourmet pizza on one hand! Enough, isn’t it? Make an early bird journey, book your reservations, and have an amazing weekend!

8. Green Tamarind Kitchen


You will hardly find delicious and tummy-filling burgers in Thailand. Visit this restaurant and meet the chefs who are the masters of making ‘BURGERS’. Juicy and tender beef patties served with many divine toppings are a feast to your mouth! Though there are hundreds of menus, the burgers become the king! Non-burger fans, you do have extra menus! Get your tummies and hearts filled with burgers at Green Tamarind Kitchen, one of the best restaurants in Phuket!

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9. Thong Dee The Kathu Brasserie

As you all know, Thailand is famous for the best street foods. Not only street foods, but this country is also popular for many dine-in. Located in the silent streets of the Kathu, the Thong Dee The Kathu Brasserie has bewildering high-quality menus! A classy restaurant with modern décor and outlook, this place provides the best services for special occasions. Live up the occasions with the best dishes here on your Phuket tour package!

10.Kan Eang @pier Restaurant

Crab served on a plate
Image Source: Unsplash

Well known for fresh plates of seafood, the dine-ins in Phuket are always on top of the list. Authentic Thai dishes are served along freshly caught varieties of seafood from crabs to fishes. Customers can prefer their own choice of food by choosing what they want from the tank.  Plan a trip to Phuket, hit a visit to the Kan eang@pier restaurant, one of the best restaurants in Phuket and have a peaceful lunch or dinner, watching the sunset at the seaside. Being a trendy restaurant in the Chalong bay, on the way to Rawai beach, it has been popular for decades. It is one of the best place for recreation. Sitting under the shades of trees, with a plate full of mouth-watering plates of seafood is ‘heaven’.

Let your taste buds do all the talking by eating food at the best restaurants in Phuket. These dishes will make you come back for more. Visit Pickyourtrail website and pick a Thailand tour package or Thailand honeymoon package best suited for you from hundreds available online. Not sure how to customise your trip? Reach out to us on Whatsapp. Unlock safe travels with Pickyourtrail.

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