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Things to do in Singapore at Night
Written by Rahul on September 30, 2020 Share on

5 Best Things to Do in Singapore at Night: Singapore Nightlife

Singapore is a country that is one of the major tourist destinations that people travel to. Known as the city of the lion it is a very beautiful place with tall buildings. The total panoramic view of the city itself will make you fall in love with it. you will not feel like moving away from the place. That is how beautiful this country is. Singapore has various things to offer and the tourist attractions here are simply exciting and informative. With lots to offer, Singapore has some great places that people can even visit during the night. So here are the best things to do in Singapore at night.

The city view of singapore at nights.

Best Things to Do in Singapore at Night

Singapore is a country that is equally beautiful in the night when compared to the day. It is a place that has many nighttime activities that people can indulge themselves in. For all the nocturnal people, this is a great place for you to spend your night. From fun glowing bowling alleys to observing the stars from the observation deck, We have picked the best of the things to do in Singapore at night.

1. Orchid Bowl

With the glow-in-the-dark alleys, cosmic bowling takes you to another level. Just think about a bowling alley with minimal lighting and thumping music, that’s what you will be experiencing at the Orchid Bowl. You get the feeling of entering into a live nightclub, buzzing with many people. With the balls and the bowling pins glowing, this gives you an elevated bowling experience. And guess what, even the bowling shoes are glowing. Amazing, right? There are 6 cosmic bowling alleys which is the Orchid Bowl. This particular bowling joint is open until 3 AM. This will take the bowling fun to a level that is beyond your expectations. This is one of the best things to do in Singapore at night.

Orchid Bowl Bowling alley, Singapore.
Image Credits: Image by ivabalk from Pixabay

2. Gardens by the Bay

This man-made garden is still a fantasy world out there to many people. Spanning up to 101 hectares, this is one of the best places that you will visit at night in the world. Roam around the gardens and get immersed in the beauty as the entry to this garden is complimentary. But do note that the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest are not complimentary. Roam around the Supertree Grove in the Gardens by the by for free. These gardens have magnificent artificial trees that stand 25-50 meters tall. Do come in around 7:45 or 8:45 PM as the most famous Garden Rhapsody light and sound show happens at this time and it will be a true feast to your eyes. This place is kid-friendly so take your family there and enjoy!

Gardens by the Bay in the night
Image Credits: Photo by Bambi Corro on Unsplash

3. Level Up Bar

Level up is one bar where you will love to spend your time. Even though barhopping is a really fun activity that people add to their itinerary, they seem to be spending more time here. Because many people love Singapore’s first arcade-themed bar. Get the nostalgia up and running with some of your favorite arcade games. Challenge your friends to some Pac-man and street fighter in the real arcade mode which is triple the fun. Enjoy the exquisite selection of alcohol and it is just the right place to spend your time. Play your favorite videogame whilst having an ice-cold glass of beer and enjoy your night at the Level Up bar. This is one of the top things to do in Singapore at night.

Level up Bar
Image Credits: Image by Pexels from Pixabay

4. Night Safari

The Singapore night safari is one of the frequently booked activities in Singapore. With its unique wildlife spotting at night, this place is both exciting and fun. This award-winning activity in Singapore is one of the most sought-after an activity that you will love to do. Even though the park closes at midnight, never miss seeing the creatures of the night. Travel through the six different locations inside this night safari after the night show. Spot some very distinctive nocturnal creatures like the Malayan tapir. This is one of the top things to do in Singapore at night and you will cherish the safari experience.

Spotting a Serval in a Night Safari, Singapore.
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

5. Science Centre Observatory

Want to see the constellations of both the northern and southern celestial hemispheres? Well if you don’t know what this means then you will certainly have to visit the Science Centre Observatory. This is one of the few observatories in the world that is located near the equator. This is the reason why the stargazing experience is something special. As there is only a limited space at the main telescope, the visitors who want to enter this observatory should obtain a Q card. You can get these Q cards from the reservation office of the Science Centre Observatory starting at 7:30 PM. This is also on a first come first serve basis hence, rush to the observatory to get your tickets to the stargazing experience.

Science centre observatory, Singapore, Best things to do in Singapore at night.
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Singapore is a fun place for you to visit with your family. It is a great place to spend at least 5-6 days of your quality time. Get perfect deals for your own Singapore holiday packages from India with Pickyourtrail. You also can customize your trips as you like them. If you have any queries, you can also contact us via WhatsApp.

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