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Best Things to do in South Iceland – A Dream Destination

Dramatic landscapes, awe-inspiring sceneries, gigantic glaciers, hot springs and plenty of thrilling adventures and much more. These are the first few things to cross our minds when we think of Iceland. Indeed, we fall in short of words to describe Paradise. Iceland is one of those nations where you can experience nature at its unadulterated best. The moment you land and get off the flight you will feel the freshness in the air, the calmness in the ambience and a sense of relaxation rejuvenating you from jet lags. In this article, we will explore the best things to do in South Iceland for a memorable and rejuvenating holiday.

Best Things to do in South Iceland
Credits: Google Images

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7 Awe-inspiring things you can do only in Iceland!

Best Things to do in South Iceland

  • Visit the Þingvellir National Park
  • Gullfoss
  • Geysir
  • Reynisfjara Beach – The Black Sand Beach
  • Skogafoss

1. Visit the Þingvellir National Park

Þingvellir national park that has cultural and historic significance. It is an active volcanic site and is at 45 kilometres from the capital city of Iceland. Also, The Althing the first national parliament of Iceland and the oldest parliament in the world was set at Þingvellir National Park. Centuries later, you will still able to witness the remains of Althing.

Þingvellir National Park during winters
Credits: Google Images

The national park is set on a rift valley. The rift was a formation due to drifting of tectonic plates away from each other. A good time to visit will be during autumns as you the park will be full of colourful flowers and shedding leaves. The park is lively and full of rugged rock formations with water streams making its way through the narrow channels. Such beautiful sceneries, make a visit this national park worthwhile and one of the best things to do in South Iceland.

There is no entry fee for the Park but you will have to pay for the parking. The ticket is generally valid for the entire day and we recommend to pre-book since the national park might get crowded during the season.

  • Entrance Fee: 0
  • Parking Fee: 500 ISK
  • Location: Thingvellir, 801 Selfoss, Iceland

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Gullfoss waterfall is one of the trademark waterfalls in South Iceland and an easy nominee for best things to in South Iceland. The waterfall is unique, beautiful and majestic. The surrounding lush green land on either side of the falls along with white gushing waters is a visual treat for the sense.

You can visit this waterfall anytime during the year as it is equally impressive throughout the year. In the summers, the discharge is higher owing to melting glaciers and rainwaters, while in the winters, northern light in the dropback of the falls is a sight you wouldn’t want to miss.

Gullfoss Waterfall during winters
Credits: Google Images

Best way to reach Gulfoss is through taxis or rental cars. Gullfoss is 115 Kilometers from Reykjavik. The Nordic nation’s roads are proper condition without many potholes and passionate drivers will surely enjoy the driving on these roads.

  • Entrance Fee: Nil


The last natural wonder in the Golden Circle is the Geyser. It is a hot water spring that has been spouting water up to 70 feet for over 10000 years. This geothermal location is 110 kilometres from the Rejyavik. Being a part of Golden Circle, All three natural sights can be covered in a day.

Geysir, Geothermal Hotspring
Credits: Google Images

The geothermal sight is a rare phenomenon. There are only couple of places across the globe where you can witness such wonders. There is no particular time frame between the eruptions. We recommend you stay for an hour at least so that you are guaranteed to witness at least a couple of hurlings. A visit is to Geysir is a unique experience that shouldn’t miss and one of the best things to do in South Island.

  • Entrance Fee: 600 ISK

4.Reynisfjara Beach – The Black Sand Beach

It is one of loveliest beaches known to mankind. Visit the Reynisfjara Beach is a surreal experience and the impression can last a lifetime. While The black sand shores and adjacent basalt stacks will surely leave you mesmerised, It is extremely necessary to stay vigilant. The beach is known for its devious waves that can catch you off guard and wipe you off the shores in a matter of seconds.

Rock formations at Reynisfjara Beach
Credits: Google Images

There are a couple of interesting stories behind the rock formations. A small cafe is close to the beach, where you listen to these stories while enjoying a cocktail. However, you can skip swimwear and sandal, as it is nowhere close to a tropical beach.

Reynisfjara Beach is 190 kilometres from Rejyavik, hence a day trip can be extremely tiring and taxing. The ideal way to explore Black Sand Beach is to stay overnight in Vik and visit the beach the next morning during the daylight. Black Sand Beach is one of the many unique natural anomalies in Iceland and a stroll on its shores is indeed one of the best things to do in South Iceland.


Skogafoss is a 60-meter high glorious waterfall. The waterfall is a result of Skogafoss river flowing over a verdant cliff. A sunny summer day will be a good time to visit Skogafoss as the flow will be high and the sprinkling water disperses the sunlight into a bright rainbow. You can visit the waterfall during winter as well, as the surrounding icicles and the northern light can turn this place into a visual paradise. One secret to tip would be to visit the falls early morning as it tends to get crowded in the noon.

Skogafoss: 60 meter high waterfall
Credits: Google Images

The viewpoint and land between the cliff is uniform and even, tempting the visitors to walk right up to the waterfall. There are many intriguing stories relating to this waterfall if you are an ardent enthusiast you can pre-book guided tours as well.

The waterfall is 150 kilometres from the capital. Rent a car and hit the ring road and enjoy the drive. The ring road is an ideal place for people who enjoy driving.

Iceland is truly a class apart destination, that being said it requires a good time to research and built a good itinerary or you can just hop on to and connect to their travel consultants for best Iceland tour packages. you can also connect on WhatsApp for ease and quick reverts.

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