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Best Time to Visit Australia
Written by Prianka on April 23, 2020 Share on

The Best Time to Visit Australia

Planning a holiday to Australia, but not sure when to start? Not to worry, but that’s never a wrong time to visit Australia. With chilly winters and moderate, captivating summers, this is a country that can be visited all year round. So there are genuinely no ‘bad months’ to avoid planning your holiday to Australia.

Best Time to Visit Australia

With that said, Australia is a massive country with varied landscapes and diverse flora and fauna. It has so many breathtaking places to visit within different time zones. Yet, one of the most common questions travellers have is ‘When is the best time to visit Australia?’. Answering this question is not as easy as it seems to be. The answer entirely depends on your interests, budget, preferences, a penchant for heat and most importantly, your ideal climate and the places you want to visit.

Different times and seasons of the year highlights various parts of Australia and every city has its festival. While many of the tourists visit during summer months, there are plenty of things to do in winter as well.

So, your Australia vacation depends on your destination and expectations. Don’t worry. We’ve got a guide for you to get an idea about when and where to travel in Australia.

Australia in March to May – Autumn

Autumn in Australia is when the chill of winter is yet to settle, and the skies are crystal clear after the rains. In other words, there is fresh air and pleasant weather everywhere, making it perfect for coastal walks. Autumn is especially when the streets of every city are jam-packed with tourists all over the world.

March to May Australia Festivals

These three months is an excellent season to visit pretty much every city in the country. Sydney, Melbourne, and Gold Coast are a great choice, offering low prices. You can also indulge in the experiences of many foods, wine festivals in Melbourne. This is also the most comfortable time of the year to visit Adelaide or Perth as they have extreme summers and harsh winters.

If you are a person who loves camping, then this is the perfect time to camp along the waters of the Murrumbidgee River Corridor.

Temperature: 10 -15 degrees celsius
Festivals: Melbourne’s Grand Pix, Moomba Festival, Birdman Rally, Adelaide Festival
Tip: Pack some warm clothes to feel comfortable.

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June to August – Winter

Winters might be cold in Australia, but it is still bearable. It begins in June and extends till August. For those wanting to ski on snowfields, The Snowy Mountains has you covered. You will have slight rainfall and chilly wind which may bring down the temperature during the day.

This is an extensive season when Australia celebrates its cultural and culinary heritage. Melbourne keeps you entertained throughout your stay with its exclusive exhibitions and theatre performances. Surprisingly, Adelaide also hosts the world’s largest Cabaret festival in the month of June and the entire city is set into vibrant action. One cannot miss Sydney while talking about cultural celebrations in Australia. From Late May to early June, Sydney is flooded with crowds celebrating the live music throughout Downtown.

June to August Australia Festivals

Head to the outback Australia too! Winters will be great for self driving without any crowds on the roads. Enjoy famous winery trips in Hunter Valley and Barossa Valley staying at their luxurious cottages for a day or two.

If you’re ready for slightly higher prices and crowds, then this is the most comfortable season to visit Darwin and Cairns. But be ready to bear the cold in the dark.

Temperature: 15 to 26 degree celsius
Festivals: Winery trips, Christmas celebrations during end August
Tip: Carry woollen clothes to protect yourself against chilly winds.

September to November – Spring

With mild temperatures and mesmerizing colours, spring is a great time of year to travel in Australia. Much like autumn, this is one of the most crowdest times as many parts of the country are relatively warmer. But, the humidity is not as high it is during summers. The entire country is vibrant with festivals and celebrations that are held during this delightful season.

Spring in Australia calls for sports season – Football League, Horse races that bring the entire Victoria alive. The atmosphere is fun filled with so much energy that it has a statewide holiday the Friday before the Grand Finale.

September to November Australia Festivels

If you are interested in whale watching, visit one of the whale watching spots on the Australian coasts. Don’t stop with just spotting whales, this is also the best time to surf, dive, kayak or canoe or just sunbathe at Bondi beach.

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Canberra and Western Australia is a visual treat in spring with new blossoms and a beautiful range of wildflowers. If possible include Kangaroo Island in your itinerary as you might even see the Roos and other natives nurturing their newborns.

Temperature: 11 to 23 degree celsius
Festivals: Melbourne Cup, Christmas celebrations
Tip: Book early if you want good deals as it is one of the crowdest times.

December to February – Summer

Summers tend to be more or less pleasant, yet being tourism hotspot months in Australia. Sydney and Melbourne are in full swing of festive mode due to Christmas and New Year. I’d say celebrating New Year in Sydney is one of a kind experience with spectacular firework displays. Australia is crammed with celebrations and events during summer.

Australia December to February Festivals

Other destinations you might consider are Gold Coast, Tasmania where the mild temperatures are perfect for hiking, camping and water activities. If you are a heart-throbbing photographer, a visit to Kakadu National Park will be a feast to the camera lens. The corals of the Great Barrier Reef will also seem even more vibrant just after the coral spawning.

Temperature: 15 to 30 degree celsius
Festivals: New Year, Christmas, Australia Open, Mardi Gras, Chinese New Year

Tip: Carry sunscreens to protect your skin from the scorching sun.

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Now, Have you got a bit of an idea of the question dwelling in your mind? Keeping this in mind, go deeper and book your Australia tour package today. To make your planning an icing on the cake, reach out to us and Pickyourtrail.

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