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Best time to visit Cherrapunji
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Best time to Visit Cherrapunji – Visit the land of rains at the right time

India is one country where there are many wonderful locations to visit. Whatever you wish to experience, Mother India has it for you. From snowcapped mountains to dry deserts and to the great rainforests, India has everything. Out of these places, Meghalaya is literally the most precious jewel on the crown. In this beautiful state in the Northeast, you can visit the land of rains, Cherrapunji. Planning a visit to Meghalaya? The holiday is not complete without visiting Cherrapunji. So here is the best time to visit Cherrapunji to get the best experience.

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Best time to Visit Cherrapunji

There will be a beeline of tourists waiting to visit Cherrapunji mostly in all the seasons. But go through the best time to visit Cherrapunji, the land of the rain lords, so that you can enjoy an extraordinary experience. This will give you a clear insight on when to travel to Cherrapunji.

Beautiful landscape of Cherrapunji
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March-May (Summer)

The start of the summer season in this place is from the month of March and extends till the month of May. Moderate rainfall is recorded during these months and is less compared to the other months in Cherrapunji. You will be lost in the beauty Cherrapunji during these months. This time is very much apt to scout around this beautiful city. Out of the 3 months, you can avoid travelling during the May season as it will be slightly difficult to move around.

Long foot bridge in Cherrapunji
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June-September (Monsoon)

Try not to travel during this season as your mobility will be very less due to frequent rains. On the contrary, Plan a holiday between June and September if you want to freely roam around explore. You can enjoy visiting Cherrapunji at your own pace. There might be several road closures and heavy waterlogging.

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October-February (Winter)

Bliss. That is how you can describe this season in Cherrapunji. There will be rainfall in all the seasons. But these months are the perfect and the best time to visit Cherrapunji. Some surprise showers during your trip will surely give you a pleasant feel while travelling.

Nohkalikai falls
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This will give you a clear perspective of when to travel to this great city. Create your own itinerary and get packing to Meghalaya. Do check out the Pickyourtrail. Download the Pickyourtrail application and post any travel-related queries

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