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Best Time To Visit Switzerland 2024 – All – Seasons Guide

Switzerland is heaven. It is gracefully located in the heart of Europe stealing the hearts of many travellers. Every traveller who is obsessed with visiting wondrous places would have already visited Switzerland or waiting to visit Switzerland as countries like this cannot be ignored. No country can simply be called the ‘Land of Alps’ unless it has some breathtaking landscapes like Switzerland. It stands as home to many beautiful places with hypnotizing views and adventures to create some adrenaline rush. Okay, visiting Swizterland was never a doubt as it surely has a place in everyone’s bucket list but when do you visit Switzerland? – That’s what this article is all about. Keep reading to find out the best time to visit Switzerland.


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Best Time to Visit Switzerland

Forget about the best time, there is never even an okay time to visit Switzerland. It is one country that never disappoints no matter what month you choose to visit. But still, there are a few highlights in each season that you must know to make your holiday purely satisfying. So, make sure that you are visiting Switzerland at the right time as it will help you to plan your favourite things better.

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Best time to visit Switzerland: From April to June and September to October

In this article, we have pulled together all the four seasons in Switzerland, what’s special during that time and many more so that you can choose your best time to visit Switzerland.

  • Spring in Switzerland
  • Summer in Switzerland
  • Autumn in Switzerland
  • Winter in Switzerland

Spring in Switzerland

Spring months: March, April and May
Average Temperature: 16 – 23° C
Average rainfall: 137 – 173 mm

Spring is one of the best times to visit Switzerland with flights and accommodation at a cheaper fare and fewer crowds. The two main reasons that you should visit Switzerland during spring are the winter will be just over and the summer hasn’t even started yet. The weather would be soothing pleasant as the temperature would have just started increasing from the freezing 5 degrees. The early months of spring can still be freezing especially at night but as the days go by, the weather will do the magic. One of the best things during this time is to take a cable car ride and witness the flowers that have started to bloom all over the alps.

Flowers in Switzerland
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  • Some of the best things you can do are trekking and hiking mountains and scenic train journeys, as you could be able to witness some amazing sceneries and even skiing as the snow will not be too much.
  • Also, you get enjoy festivals like Artisti di Strada in Ascona, Fete de la Musique in Geneva, Morges Tulip Festival in Gruyeres and many more.

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Summer in Switzerland

Summer months: June, July and August
Average Temperature: 27° C
Average rainfall: 73 – 151 mm

Summer is one of the busiest months in Switzerland. Because of the comparatively high temperature, it becomes an ideal time to go for hiking and trekking, exploring the attractions, going for a cable car ride or train for clearer views and just sitting by the lakes or swimming in the waters as the weather would be too good for all of the above. Because summer seems to be busy, better planning and making a booking well in advance, are a must. Also, you might find the prices for flights and accommodation going as twice as the ones in the off-season.

Greeneries in Switzerland
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  • Even the highest trails would be clear of snow so you can indulge in biking, paragliding and more for much better views.
  • You get to enjoy festivals like Fete de Geneve, Bol d’Or Mirabaud, Montreux jazz festival, Swiss National Day and many more.

Autumn in Switzerland

Autumn months: September, October and November
Average Temperature: 14 – 24° C
Average rainfall: 38 – 53 mm

Autumn is also considered to be one of the best times to visit Switzerland. The country would experience warm weather during the day and a drop in temperature during nights. One of the amazing things that you would witness is how the slopes look in the fall colours. You can visit all the places but especially Interlaken and visit Jungfraujoch which is a must-do thing. Kindly note that this is one of the best times to indulge in adventurous activities too.


  • You get to enjoy the Basel Wine Fair if you are visiting in Autumn which is a great grape harvesting festival.
  • November might be the cheapest so if you are in to visit the historical buildings and other attractions in Switzerland, then this is the right time. But do take a Swiss-pass if you are visiting many places and taking many trains.

Winter in Switzerland

Winter months: December, January and February
Average Temperature: 5 – 10° C
Average rainfall: 25 – 196 mm

Winter in Switzerland is one of the good times to visit Switzerland but definitely not the best. Because winter doesn’t attract many tourists, there won’t be many resorts open. If you are someone really looking forward to having the best wintersports with more and more snow or spending Christmas here, then winter in Switzerland is a great choice. And, don’t forget to check out the amazing Christmas markets put out there. Some of the must-visit places during winter are the Valais Region, Zermatt, Matterhorn, Jungfraujoch and more.

Switzerland in winter
Image Credits: Unsplash


  • It is the time the snow starts falling so the ski slopes will be filled with snow which is great for skiing, especially in Zermatt, skiing and snowboarding is a must.
  • You get to enjoy Polo World Cup at St. Moritz, the International Hot Air Balloon Festival in Chateau-d’Oex, the Lauberhorn Ski World Cup in Wengen and more.

Indeed a beautiful country, isn’t it? With such beautiful alps, snow-capped mountains, soul-soothing train journeys and adventuresome activities, you will love every moment and be glad that you chose to visit Switzerland. This magical country appears in different colours in different seasons so choose your favourite among all four seasons and get started to plan your dream Switzerland holiday right away. Wondering how? Check out the Pickyourtrail website and have a look at the cool Switzerland tour packages or Switzerland honeymoon packages we have for you. Leave a WhatsApp inquiry for more options!

Also, don’t forget to get some world famous Swiss cheese and chocolates!

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