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Karon Beach in Phuket
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Best Time to Visit Thailand – A Detailed All Season Guide

Thailand is a country with a tropical climate, and the weather plays a huge role in knowing the experience and exploring the country. The change in seasons changes the vibe of the country. With incredible culture and history, pristine beaches, delicious food and breathtaking temples, Thailand should be on your bucket list of countries to visit because any time of the year you could experience its spicy chow and recent food, tour the attractive temples, and book happy massages.

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When to Visit Thailand:

Thailand is an all-year-round destination, but the best weather is usually between November and April. The climate varies between the east and the west coast. September has the highest count of rainfall on the west coast, while the east coast has its highest rainfall in November. Ideally, the summer starts from April to June, and the rainy season is often from July to October in most of Thailand.

Winter Season in Thailand :

Winter season in Thailand
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Far and away, Thailand’s cool season is the snuggest time to go temperature-wise, with the foremost pleasant weather happening between November and the period of time.

But this season also brings out the new year and Christmas eve, you can definitely visit Thailand on this occasion because the weather is just right to enjoy festivities and nightlife.

Monsoon Season in Thailand :

Monsoon Season in Thaialnd
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The wettest months in the region are July to October, usual off-season in Thailand. But it is ideally a good month to visit people who enjoy monsoon season and are less crowded in popular attractions, during this month flight fares and accommodation are cheaper. However, occasional rains and thunderstorms might stop you, but indoor activities like spas or resort stay will keep you entertained.

Summer Season in Thailand:

Summer season in Thailand
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The summer or dry season starts from March to June, it’s usually peak season because with almost no rains and the region remains dry, all the water activities can be enjoyed very well at this season. Gradually the temperature drops in the evening and makes the nightlife warm.

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Best time to visit Thailand:

City Bangkok, Thailand.
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Bangkok is worth visiting any time of the year, except in September and October when the rains are heavier. However, November to February is a good time to visit as the rains have receded and the weather is cooler. A visit in the rainy season is an option for getting excellent deals on hotel rooms and enjoying indoor activities, in case it is pouring outside. Often, April to June is the city’s hottest months, and July and August are the wettest; both periods you can see thinner crowds and lower airfare and accommodation rates. 


view of Phuket city,
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From November to April is the best time to visit Phuket, and ideal for beach and water activities when the weather is cold. Phuket’s daily highs range from 31°C to 34°C year-round, warmer in the summer and cooler in the winter, but only slightly. May and October is the season, where hotels offer excellent rates, though the water can be dangerous at times due to weather conditions, especially on the west coast. The east coast is moderately calm all year. 

Chiang Mai:

Chiang mai
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The peak season starts in Chiang Mai from December to January, Often, November and February are the best months to visit the hill station to enjoy the weather and avoid the crowds. The cold and pleasant weather is implemented by light breezes during these months, which is perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities. Temperatures will range between 10°C and 30°C during winter and can rise up to 40°C in the summer, and it gets very hot and humid. The monsoon months are slightly cooler, and the short bursts of heavy rains can give a cool respite. However, thin crowds appear due to the freshly washed lush green vegetation which attracts you to visit this place.


Virgin beaches of krabi,
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Krabi offers exceptional natural beauty—national parks, virgin beaches, islands that can be reached only by boat, and relatively less commercial tourism. November to March is the best time to visit Krabi, with the monsoon getting over the summer is about to set in. Temperatures range between 22°C to 32°C. Krabi has a more tropical climate which can be described as dry (December to April) or rainy (May to November), with the highest rainfall in September and October. 

Thailand Weather by Month

Temperatures in Thailand measure heat all year long. The season varies in numerous components of Thailand, with the rare huge storm seen in the geographical area in August-September. So, here you can see the weather below by month on month:

  • January: January is a cool month in Thailand, with temperatures hovering between the low 20s (ºC) and low 30s (ºC) in most places, and Chiang Mai being the coldest with a minimum temperature of 10-15ºC.
  • February: The temperatures in February remain the same as January, around 22-32ºC.
  • March: March is the summer in Thailand, and temperatures start rising rapidly and It is also the beginning of off and peak season, especially on the islands, so crowds start thinning out. 
  • April: Hot and crushing due to high humidity. You will find the south and east coast to be a little cooler and occasional
  • May: Slightly cooler, but just as crushing, and strong rain increases the humidity drastically. Crowds start thinning out despite plenty of bright over sunny days. 
  • June: The monsoon covers almost the entire country, with a high chance of rain. Weather is extremely similar to May’s. The average temperature lies between 28-34ºC, could rise over 34ºC. 
  • July: Rains are heavy and the temperature dips slightly, and Average temperature being 33ºC.
  • August: Thailand gets its highest rainfall, while in the month of August humidity levels are quite high.
  • September: Beach conditions will be poor throughout the country due to heavy rains and strong waves. Unsurprisingly, crowds are thin, and accommodations can be rented at a steal.
  • October: Rains and humid levels start dipping, and Thailand starts feeling the breeze impact of the winter, other places might be hot and humid. 
  • November: Eastern islands like Koh Samui and Koh Phangan have their wettest month, but the rest of the country is pretty much dry and pleasant. 
  • December: December: December is one of Thailand ‘s best months to visit, as rain is minimum and days are bright and nice.

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