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Best Time to Visit Bali in 2021 – Summer, Monsoon, Winter?

Bali is the most popular tourist destination of all the Islands in the Indonesian archipelago. The Island’s beauty attracts 7 million tourists per year. In addition to being the most favourite honeymoon destination, Bali also tops the bucket list of many solo travellers. The region is always alive with a vibrant digital nomad community because it’s the best vacation spot offering exciting options for meditation, yoga, nightlife and many more.  Bali is also teeming with adrenaline junkies trekking their way to Mt. Batur or exploring the island’s beauty under waters. With family-friendly hotels and home stays, farm stay experience, warm people, interesting culture and tradition, Bali is the best budget-friendly choice for vacation amongst families and simply, the Bali holiday is for everyone. Now, the question arises, what’s the best time to visit Bali?

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Bali is also a destination for all reasons. The coastline offers various water sport adventures, for the adrenaline junkies. For the art and history lovers, there are more than 2000 temples and each of them hosts a unique ceremony and celebration. Its stunning architecture, age-old traditions, pioneering art galleries are a treat to its visitors. Bali is also romantic, its scintillating beach vibe, world-class resorts,  scenic outdoor and indoor spas, romantic sunset walks, intimate candlelight dinner, makes it ideal for a honeymoon vacation. For nature enthusiasts, a Bali trip is a treasure. From swaying palm trees to stunning sunset viewpoints, gushing waterfalls, tropical forests and mountain treks will make anyone fall in love with the region. For those who are planning an experiential holiday, the farm stay experience can be a heaven.  Be it any season, the Bali holiday can be magic.

What’s the best time to visit Bali?

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The best time to visit Bali is the dry season, between April and October. The region’s weather type is tropical, hot and humid. Since the dry season begins post-April, it is considered as the peak season because the humidity is slow, the weather remains dry and tourists can enjoy all of the outdoor activities.

The Summer season in Bali

The summer season in Bali begins from the month of April. With almost no rains, the region remains dry, hence begins the Island’s peak season. All your favorite water sports, trekking experiences, bike rides can be enjoyed very well in this climate. But the next month, the climate gets hotter, with the temperature rising up to 33 degrees celsius. After this, the temperature drops gradually, making the holiday more delightful. Teeming with crowds from all over the world, August is the most happening season. The month of August is also the best time to visit the Island for honeymoon vacation, as the temperature is around 21 – 27 degrees celsius, making it the best for all the outdoor activities.

The Monsoon season in Bali

The wettest months in the region are from November to March. This is also off-season in Bali. But the secret is you can bag better deals during this month. Flight fares are cheaper, Hotels give away rooms at discounted prices and most importantly, Bali is less crowded. The Island will be brimming with natural beauty, the air is cleaner with less pollution. There are no queues at the most popular attraction, letting you enjoy the destination at your pace. However, occasional showers, and thunderstorms can bother you. But the varied indoor activities like spas, farm stay experience will entertain you.

The Winter season in Bali

Bali’s winter begins in the month of December and continues until January. These months receive tremendous amounts of rainfall, with the temperature falling up to 25 degrees celsius. Hence, the region remains to be the most humid month of the year. But this season also marks Christmas and new year celebrations pulling tourists from all over the world. The festivities and night time parties begin early in the region, lighting up streets and setting the party mood.  Tourists also enjoy the surfing experience because the weather is also just right. Even in this season, prices of flights, accommodation dips, making a better Bali deal.

Thus, Bali is a destination for all reasons and seasons. Plan a Bali tour now and explore the magical Island.


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