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Written by Akshaya Devi on April 8, 2020 Share on

Bored of self-isolation? These travellers are winning at it!

If you’re still complaining about the lockdown or just bored, you should totally check these fun-loving new-age travellers nailing social distancing. They even make it look super cool, it’s impossible!

“The lockdown had me thinking about skiing the whole time, so I decided to do it. Without leaving my living room.” – Philipp Klein Herrero

Philipp says he was about to go skiing with his family and it was supposed to be the big adventure of the year. Why wait until the lockdown is lifted when I can ski right now in my own room? – thought Philip who just couldn’t get skiing out of his head. He not only went ahead and did it, but also made a quirky video that proves that a true, fun-loving traveller is never really indoors.

“Hello, my name is Tim and I’ve been asked to handle Cowboy Museum’s social media while the museum is closed. P.S: Just learnt that I should use hashtags and ‘at’ for the post to reach people. #HashtagTheCowboy”

National Cowboy Museum’s security guard Tim handles the museum’s social media during quarantine and the world is totally in love with his amazing sense of humour and his whimsical attempts in using the hashtags and symbols right. Quarantined in the museum with sculptures, photos and a friendly bull (who’s too cute for words), Tim proves that you don’t anyone else to be happy. If this is not the kind of posts we should be seeing right now, I don’t know what is.

Also, please don’t let him know what engagement means in marketing. There are a lot of people for it but we only have one Tim. #ThanksTim

“COVID-19 will stop me from climbing? How silly!” – Climb Girls

Ever checked Climb Girls on Instagram? These badass female climbers just can’t let self-isolation stop them from climbing. In John Wick style if asked “What do you need to climb? A cliff? A vertical rock? A mountain?”, “My living room”, this climber might say.

“Or my table.”

“I am doing a limited edition print sale of travel images to raise funds for @GlobalGiving to help stop coronavirus’s spread and give communities on the front lines of the crisis the resources they need.” – Jimmy Chin

Meanwhile, Jimmy Chin is conducting a photo auction to raise funds for health workers in the frontline of COVID-19 war and daily wage workers who might be in need. Goodwill aside, Jimmy Chin is known for capturing dramatic photos that tell tales.

There is so much goodness in the world that you’ll miss if you blink! Follow Pickyourtrail for more such travel-inspired quarantine entertainment, or check interesting travel itineraries to book when the world switches back on.

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