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Graffiti art in the streets of Madrid
Written by Akshaya Devi on May 13, 2019 Share on

The 13 most instagrammable places in Spain

Are you the mandatory photoholic in your circle? The notorious Instagram junkie who mercilessly scrutinizes every angle and exposure in a frame? The purist for whom no filter is ever good enough? Pin these most instagrammable places in Spain to ace your Instagram feed with tonnes of stunning pictures.
(PS. Sorry there’s no way I could resist #3 :p )

#13: ABC Museum of Drawing and Illustration, Madrid

Is any of this real?

#12 City of Arts and Science, Valencia

Walking? Nah, too mainstream for Spain!

#11 Casa Mila the Stone Quarry, Barcelona

PS: This is not a painting

Can’t decide what to look at

#10 Lavender Fields, Brihuega

Stopping by flowers on a snowy evening

#9 Windmills of Consuegra, Toledo

What goes around, comes around

#8 Salt Fields of La Palma, Fuencaliente

Because you cannot stroll through salt fields on a distant island every day can you?

#7 Casa Lis Art Museum, Salamanca

The picture says it all. And some still think perfect date doesn’t exist!

Or sometimes it’s just you, solitude and a vibrant aperture to what lies ahead

Can a splash of colors be any more gorgeous? (In Chandler’s voice)

#6 Temple of Debod, Madrid

Legit #nofilter it seems. Seriously?

#5 Centro Niemeyer International Cultural Centre, Aviles

Woah! I swear I’ve seen this ‘UFO’ in Courage the Cowardly Dog cartoon. Can’t unsee it

Time to put on your artistic lenses! Adore, interpret, critique and fall in love with the works of some of the widely acclaimed artists

#4 The factory of Anis del Mono, Barcelona

The classic anisette produced in this factory has attained a cult status with its luscious flavour and spicy backstories around how the brand evolved. Click pictures with the famous Darwin caricature but don’t forget to grab a glass of anis before you leave!

#3 Sad Hill Cemetery, Burgos (inspired by
Sergio Leone’s Spaghetti western)

You see, in this world, there are two kinds of people, my friend. Those with loaded guns and those who click pictures

Exploit your gallery with loads of clicks where the epic face-off scene in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly movie was shot

#2 Plaza del Cabildo, Seville

More Spanish than anything else. Increíblemente fantástico!!

#1 Street Art in the Walls of Madrid

When modernization meets authenticity

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