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Written by Akshaya Devi on April 24, 2020 Share on

This travel photographer gets her nature fix by bringing them home

“When people ask me what equipment I use – I tell them my eyes”, says a photographer when asked where he gets his inspiration from when the resources are limited. True, it felt better when you could just toss your camera in your backpack, get out there and find a vent for your creative urges. But it doesn’t mean you should lock it up either.

Erin Sullivan, traveller, photographer, TED speaker and lifestyle designer, after two days of boredom and lack of inspiration in quarantine, wakes up the third day deciding to get her nature fix. By bringing nature home. And she went on to create make-believe travel photos that look realistic, in a hilarious way. Are you a photography lover looking for inspiration as you self-isolate? You’ll love this idea!

A paddling adventure in the ice caves formed by pillows and bedsheets

Why throw that paper bag when you can go on a hiking adventure through the canyon you made out of it?

Will he will manage to find a way out of this dense forest? Or is he in search of the lost treasure of Sheba? Your story is what you make of it!

No ranger, you can’t eat the sand dunes. No matter how sugary they look.

Not all have open terraces to stargaze from the bed. Some just have an imagination that knows no bounds.

Syrup falls and Grand pancake canyon. I wonder if this is how foodies dream.

The glowworm cave in New Zealand. Loving how these travellers are enjoying the moment, without trying out the perfect selfie angles.

When you try to paint your dream in pictures, it might look like this.

Again, chocolate hills. Am in the dream of a toddler? Or a 2-year old puppy?

Erin dedicates this beautiful sunset in Los Angeles to her boyfriend, reminding others the heart can still be together when you can’t.

This picture of these travellers’ nice evening by a jello lake is all we need to see today!

Indeed, isolation brings out the best in some creators. For more travel-inspired quarantine ideas, follow Pickyourtrail.

Image and story credits: Erinoutdoors.instagram

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