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top reasons to visit the maldives
Written by Akshaya Devi on October 14, 2019 Share on

These pictures from Sonam Kapoor’s vacation will make you drop everything and visit the Maldives!

The Maldives is a stunning archipelago that is beautiful inside out. Above and beneath. If adventures are what you’re after, swim with the Manta Rays, snorkel alongside the lush coral reefs, or cruise on the deep blue sea in a speedboat. Or if you’re just looking to charge up—the Maldives has plenty of it too. Book a resort akin to a sunken paradise in the middle of this tropical island and say hello to the best time you’ve spent doing nothing!

And do you know the Maldives is among the top choices for celebrities looking to catch up on their lives? This time it’s Bollywood’s big name, Sonam Kapoor who is vacationing in this tropical island with her family—and quite the best way. If haven’t made your decision already, or could use a nudge, read ahead. These are some of the top reasons to visit the Maldives!

You can just plan a last-minute vacation with nothing but beautiful accommodation. Because half of the fun about the Maldives is in where you stay. Go for the best—you can’t wake up to such a view every day, can you?

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Also, every platter looks this scrumptious in the Maldives. Make sure you try many different Maldivian cuisines in many different ambiences. There are even underwater restaurants—apparently, even beach dining is a bygone trend in the Maldives!

And if you’re planning an exotic honeymoon getaway with no eyes to pry, do not look beyond the Maldives. You can pretty much have the place to yourselves, and don’t say we didn’t warn you—you will never stop clicking pictures. Like Sonam here.

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The Maldives is more than this, but we are sure this nudges you towards unshelving that long-planned Maldives plan. Plan it now with Pickyourtrail!

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