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An amazing picture of the boats in Mauritius
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The Best of Mauritius: 7 Best Cities to Visit!

Mauritius, gracefully lying on the southeast of Africa, is a real paradise. Whether it is about tempting one to dive in its pristine beaches or getting awe-struck by its tropical rainforests with amazing wildlife or tasting the best of Mauritian street foods, the country just excels in everything. You may find something to try in every nook and corner of Mauritius. If you are a person who wants to spend the vacation at offbeat places, then plan a trip to Mauritius. Are you curious to know where to visit on your Mauritius honeymoon tour packages? Keep reading to know the list of cities in Mauritius.

An amazing picture of the skies in Mauritius
Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Unsplash

7 Mesmerising Cities in Mauritius

If you think Mauritius sounds like just another island country, then you are wrong. Mauritius is way beyond that. It has the most picturesque villages to well-developed cities. To make it easy for you, here are 7 cities that you will find worth-visiting while travelling to Mauritius.

1. Port Louis

Have you been to a place which has past treasures merging with the present? If not, planning a trip to Port Louis will be an ideal choice. It is located in the heart of the Indian ocean with every single constituent that could take your heart. It is beautifully dotted with restaurants, cafes, museums and several other amenities. This has become one of the top places to visit in Mauritius, not just because it is the capital city but it has a lot of attractions that one could explore. While you are there, make sure you visit all the major attractions which include Le Caudan waterfront, Port Louis market, La Place d’Armes, Blue Penny Museum and many more.

An amazing picture of Caudan waterfront in Port-Louis, one of the cities in Mauritius
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2. Flic en Flac

Flic en Flac is one of the developed cities in Mauritius. This city is located along the west coast of the island. From being a fishing village to the beautiful town it has now managed to transform into one of the loved cities by every traveller and the residents of Mauritius alike. What does it offer? From a pleasant environment in its white-sand beaches to beautiful blue lagoons, ain’t it everything to make your vacation relaxed and memorable? Along with this, you can also try some famous watersports for an exciting experience. Still not satisfied? Flic en Flac does not stop with that. Along its very long beach, it also has restaurants and cafes to enjoy your food with a chill breeze playing with your hair.

A view of the picturesque Flic en Flac beach in Mauritius
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3. Grand Baie

Grand Baie is a seaside village which has long beaches with colourful coral reefs and gives an absolute laid-back experience. The city was once called De Bogt Zonder Eyndt which translates to Bay without end. You will realise why the city has got this name once you visit Grand Baie. The liveliness of the emerald waters in this city all day and night will for sure leave you stunned. Apart from its beauty, it also offers various options for safe swimming, sailing, windsurfing, and water skiing. The city is also the departure point for boat excursions and sea fishing trips. If you think you have had enough of vitamin-sea, then you may start shopping in the streets of Grand Baie. Moreover, it has a lot of fashion and craft shops selling clothes, jewellery, textiles and souvenirs at affordable prices.

A picture of sunrise at a beach in Grand Baie
Image Credits: Google Images

4. Curepipe

Being one of the top commercial cities in Mauritius, Curepipe is filled with a lot of attractions to pull a mass number of travellers every year. Let’s start with some history. The name of the city, sounding so different, has a reason behind it. Dating back to the 18th century, this was the place where people from other parts of Mauritius cured Malaria. It is located 500 m up above the sea level, making it a base to some of the highest points in the country. Curepipe is blessed with a pleasant climate all around the year. Here, you can also indulge in various activities which include bargain shopping, hiking, camping, and much more. Some of the best places you can visit are Trou Aux Cerfs, Curepipe Botanic Gardens, La Potinière and many others.

A picture that was taken in the gardens of Curepipe
Image Credits: Google Images

5. Mahebourg

Mahebourg is a tiny village in Mauritius which is especially known for its local handicrafts to shop, best street foods to make you drool, beaches to lay back and relax and markets to get along with the locals. Here, you can also find places of rich cultural importance like the National history museum. Apart from these historical places, you can also pay a visit to famous attractions like Trou Aux Biches, Ile Aux Cerfs, Eureka House and so much more. While you are there at Mauritius, don’t forget to visit Mahebourg waterfront, one of the iconic destinations in Mauritius.

6. Centre de Flacq

Centre de Flacq is located on the eastern part of Mauritius. Following the best of Metropolitan lifestyle, this city has amazing activities for one to indulge in. With shopping malls and other modern amenities, you will feel like walking into a well-developed and a busy city. Being a place filled with Indians, you will find various options to taste Indian food. In the pleasant markets of Central de Flacq, you will be able to buy some really good trinkets and souvenirs. Also, make sure to visit its beautiful village to witness the best of everything in Mauritius.

7. St. Pierre

St. Pierre is a village in Moka, a district in Mauritius. It is gracefully located in the heart of Mauritius with extremely cold climate all around the year. From a small town to what it is now is a huge transformation. Over the years, it has got its own shopping malls, gyms, mosque and many other facilities. The entire village is shaped by several islands surrounding it.

Quick Recap

If you think your idea of a perfect vacation is waking up to a beautiful sunrise, starting the day with delicious food, visiting shopping malls and some sightseeing places, shopping your heart out, tasting the best of street food and ending the day in the beach with a pleasant climate throughout the day, then Mauritius is your place to be. Don’t you think it’s time to plan a getaway to a paradise-like Mauritius? Check out the website of Pickyourtrail for some amazing Mauritius trip from India . We are here to help you customize it however you would like. Explore Mauritius with Pickyourtrail to have seamless customer support and the best vacation of your life.

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Which city is best to visit in Mauritius?

St. Pierre, Flic en Flac, Centre de Flacq, Port Louis are some of the best places to visit in Mauritius.

What is the big city in Mauritius?

Port Louis is the largest city in Mauritius.

What is the busiest town in Mauritius?

The busiest town in Mauritius is Grand Baie.

What is the richest city in Mauritius?

Port Louis.

Is 7 days enough for Mauritius?

Yes, a 7 days trip to Mauritius will be the ideal trip to embark.

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