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Croatia Itinerary For 7 Days
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Croatia Itinerary For 7 Days: Delve Into The Ancient Beauty of Croatia!

A country with stunning coastal stretch, marvellous natural wonders in the form of national parks and islands, impeccable medieval architectures, walls, and the oldest towns that stand amidst the test of time is the apt apprehension of Croatia to world tourists. This Mediterranean destination is beyond the grasp of your imagination if you haven’t visited it before. Whatever your holiday purpose be, Croatia surprises you with various leisure and recreational opportunity. If you are planning to come up with a Croatia itinerary for 7 days tour and wondering how to include almost every activity into this so that you can spend your holiday to the fullest, here is a perfect Croatia one-week itinerary just for you.


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Croatia Itinerary For 7 Days

To come up with a 7-day itinerary that combines every iconic place of Croatia where you can do enthralling, romantic and unique things can’t be simple. From exploring the Split market, strolling on the oldest Dubrovnik wall to snorkelling on the Hvar coast and watching the sunset in Zadar, you have endless things to do that are solely fit for Croatia. Even the Croatia itinerary for 7-days may seem like a limitation for the extraordinary vacation you are planning. But here, you will find a way to contain all the must-see sites, adventurous experiences and holistic moments.

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Tips Before Planning Croatia Itinerary For 7 Days

Tips Before Planning 7-Day Croatia Tour Itinerary
Image Source: Unsplash
  • For best experiences, plan your trip during the summer season, which will be between May to October in Croatia.
  • Make your trip more flexible by selecting airports from different cities for your arrival and departure. Instead of going back to the same airport as your arrival, start your trip in the North of Croatia and depart from the southern coast, which will give you more time and places to explore or vice versa.

Day 1: A Perfect Start In Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, Croatia Itinerary For 7 Days
Image Source: Unsplash

Starting your vacation by arriving in Dubrovnik is more than just an ideal way. The aesthetically beautiful medieval town with orange roofs, labyrinth-like boulevards bordered by the Adriatic sea will make you feel like you have travelled back to the past of Croatia. Being recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage city and one of the filming locations of the ‘Game of Thrones’ Tv show, Dubrovnik is a sophisticated open museum. So, once you have finished checking into your hotel and have freshened up, make sure to tour on foot, capture striking photographs, and eat from the patio of classic-styled restaurants.

Must-Do Things In Dubrovnik On Day 1:

  • Take a walking tour and stroll around the oldest city wall, Onofrio’s Fountain, Rector’s Palace, Church of St. Blaise, and through Brsalje Street to find a perfect cup of coffee. There are more alleys and historically significant sites. It takes 90 to 180 mins to explore.
  • Take a guided tour around the Game of Thrones filming locations.
  • Go kayaking tour around the coastline, visit Lokrum island, and explore hidden caves that take almost 3 hours from your day.
  • To get an aerial view of the town, take a cable car tour. Witness the exhilarating panoramic view that Dubrovnik and the Adriatic sea has to offer. From the Srđ Mountain, get a 360-degree view of this ancient town.
  • Make sure to watch the sunset from the finest bars.
  • End your day by trying the local seafood delicacies for dinner. There are many classy restaurants in Dubrovnik, making things easy for you. If you want to have a dinner in Michelin-starred restaurant, visit Restaurant 360 Dubrovnik.

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Day 2: Day Trips From Dubrovnik

Korcula old town, Croatia Itinerary For 7 Days
Image Source: Unsplash

Use the second day of your vacation to rent a speed boat or cruise from Gruž harbour to visit the neighbouring islands. Keep this day solely for exploring the lush islands and venturing sports in the pristine sea. If possible, go for a drive outside of the city to see some of the fairytale-like villages. Start your day as early as possible to cover most of the places before moving to Split.

Must-Do Things On Your Day Trip On Day 2:

  • Take a 2-hour ferry to Korčula. Explore this Venetian style town, its 14th-century Land Gate, St. Mark’s Cathedral, and make sure to enjoy the famous lamb dishes from the finest restaurant close to the Dalmatian coast.
  • Go for a biking tour to the Lumbarda village in Korčula island. Enjoy the countryside scenery to the fullest. Take a picture with the backdrop of spectacular Sveti Ilija mountain. Don’t forget to try some of the finest Grk wines in Bire Winery and more on this wine route.
  • Leave earlier in the afternoon from the Korčula terminal and reach Ston if you want to stroll on the second-largest wall. And, don’t forget to try the world’s best oysters in Ston.
  • If you have enough time, spend your night at Mljet Island close to Ston. Here, you can visit the oldest architecture of Mljet, go kayaking, or leisurely rest near the lakes while savouring dinner.

Day 3: Experiencing The Extraordinary Beauty Of Split

Split, Croatia Itinerary For 7 Days
Image Source: Unsplash

Croatia never ceases to surprise tourists even though all the famous cities are close to the Adriatic seashore. Split is a scenic island bordered by the Adriatic sea that has some of the most distinctive attractions. From visiting the 4th-century Diocletian’s Palace to trying the Istrian truffle dishes, there are so many new experiences waiting for you in Split. So make sure to add it to your one-week Croatia tour itinerary.

Unique Things To Do On Your 3rd Day In Split:

  • Start with a walking tour around the city.
  • Get on top of the bell tower or climb to the top of Marjan Hill to get the panoramic view of Split city.
  • Visit popular Game of Thrones filming sites such as Diocletian’s Palace. It is one of the most magnificent Roman ruins from 305 AD.
  • Reserve a seat in a rooftop bar and enjoy the cocktail while embracing the beauty of the sunset. Or, go for a sunset cruise on the Adriatic coastline and take advantage of the night to have a romantic dinner.
  • Stroll in the Riva Promenade and go shopping in Marmont street.
  • Venture paddle-boating on the beach.
  • Visit the Gallery of Fine Arts, an 18th-century building, to explore the 700 years old Croatian art. 
  • Spend your nights strolling in the town square and visit Lvxor Kavana Cafe to have your dinner enlivened by live music.

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Day 4: Ferry To The Liveliest Hvar Island

Hvar Island, Croatia Itinerary For 7 Days
Image Source: Unsplash

Similar to Dubrovnik, Split also offers entertaining day trips to nearby islands. While Vis and Šolta are also close to Split, taking a ferry trip to Hvar island will be the best way to appease your thirst for some exuberant encounter. Hvar Island, popularly known as a powerhouse of party people, should predominantly occupy a space in your Croatia itinerary for 7-days. 

Here, you can also venture into numerous adventure activities like snorkelling, swimming, scuba diving, jet-skiing or kayaking. Most importantly, it will suit your budget perfectly. Make sure to catch a ferry as early as possible from Split to Hvar, and don’t forget to reserve a stay there as it would be best to spend your entire day and night in Hvar.

Top Things To Do In Day 4 Hvar trip:

  • Visit St.Stephen’s Cathedral, enjoy the view from the terrace of this ancient architecture and marvel at the glorious view.
  • Visit the nearby Pakleni Islands. Sunbathe and cuddle in the warmth of summer and cool breeze from the azure sea.
  • Rent an e-bike and ride along the scenic countryside. Get mesmerised by the vibrant beauty of the Lavender fields of Brusje on your way to ancient Starigrad.
  • After gobbling some delectable Hvar seafood from seashore restaurants, rent a car or scooter to ride towards Vina Tomic in Jelsa for wine tasting. Make sure to try the aromatic wines made from the Plavac Mali grape.
  • Party hard and experience the extravagant nightlife in seashore pubs in Hvar. Taste some perfectly blended fruity cocktails and dance to the rhythm of the DJ.

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Day 5: Encountering Unrealistically Beautiful Zadar

Beautiful Zadar
Image Source: Pixabay

For taking your “7-day Croatia tour” to the next level, travel to Zadar from Split. Zadar is not only a city rich with ancient history and architectural wonders but also a region that showcases artistic beauty through innovations – “Sea Organ” & “The Greeting To The Sun”. Apart from the numerous architecture from the Byzantine era, there are also various notable medieval cathedrals, the renowned Roman Forum and the oldest Gates & Walls to explore in Zadar.

Must-Do Things In Zadar On Day 5:

  • Go to the seashore in the evening to experience the art installations, Sea Organ and Greeting To The Sun.
  • Explore all the medieval churches in Zadar. Some renowned churches are the Church of St Donatus, St Simeon’s Church and Church of St Chrysogonus.
  • Stroll around the alleys of this oldest city and explore Public Square and Roman Forum.
  • Visit the Museum of Zadar and understand more about Zadar’s history. Then, go ahead and witness the fame-worthy monuments such as Land Gate, Five Wells, and the Port Gate that you heard about in Museum.
  • Don’t forget to savour the flavourful Croatian Gelato, Maraska liqueur as well as delicious seafood.

Day 6: Day Trip From Zadar To Closest Islands & National Parks

Plitvice National Park
Image Source: Unsplash

While exploring Zadar itself takes an entire day, isolate your day-6 solely to sail and explore the archipelago. Visit Dugi Otok to swim in its gorgeous bay. After exploring Dugi Otok, get straight ahead to Plitvice National Park and Kornati National Park. There are endless opportunities when you step off the Zadar coast. So make the right choice as to what to see and what to skip.

Things To Do During On Your Day Trip From Zadar

  • Charter a boat and sail through the Dalmatian coast to reach Sakarun Bay. Here, go surfing or do scuba diving. Check out Telašćica Nature park and Dugi Otok without fail.
  • Spend your noon in this UNESCO designated Plitvice park. Being charmed by its breathtaking view, you might forget to take pictures. So, don’t miss capturing photographs of the stunning 90 cascading waterfalls and 16 green and blue lakes to feed your Instagram.
  • Furthermore, take some time to visit Kornati National Park and Paklenica National Park that are also worth your precious time. They showcase the remarkable beauty of Croatia’s natural heritage.

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Day 7: End Your Exceptional Vacay With Zagreb

Zagreb City and Cathedral view
Image Source: Pixabay

A perfect way to end your trip is to keep aside an entire day to explore Zagreb before departing from Franjo Tuđman Airport. On the canvas of your 7-days itinerary to Croatia, visiting Zagreb is like the finishing touch. Being the capital of Croatia, it’s a city where history meets modernity. You can see charming architectures from the Byzantine era, Renaissance-era and Gothic era to modernised city malls. It is also the city where a large number of tourists gather.

Must-Do Things In Zagreb Before Your Departure

  • Start your day from Zagorje, few miles away from Zagreb. Explore the awe-inspiring castles, such as Trakoscan Castle and Veliki Tabor Castle.
  • Visit Jarun Lake to relax and soak in the sun.
  • Wander around the Upper Town and St Mark’s Square to buy some souvenirs.
  • Explore Homeland War Museum, Nikola Tesla Technical Museum and the Museum of Broken Hearts.
  • Try a cup of coffee in Maksimir to energise before reaching the airport to depart.

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Croatia Tour Package Starting @ ₹ 52,194

Now that you have found a reasonable itinerary for your upcoming 7-days Croatia tour, it’s time for you to start booking your trip from Pickyourtrail. While this is not the only way to experience Croatia to the fullest, you can also skip and add the relevant places as you wish by customising your Croatia itinerary. There are also pre-designed Croatia holiday packages which might suit your favour. So, look into it and make a move to start your ideal vacation.

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