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Crocodile Park Langkawi

Langkawi in Malaysia is a synonym for luxury. The island is an ideally a honeymoon destination but it has something to offer for all kind of travellers. From exotic resorts to camping sites, from water sports to nature hikes, Langkawi has plenty of things. In this article, we will exclusively focus on Crocodile Park in Langkawi, activities to do Crocodile park and other intricacies.

The crocodile farm is spread across 20 acres in Teluk Datai Bay area. The farm is home to more than 400 species of crocodiles and alligators. The farm is meticulously designed in a way to keep the tourists and crocodiles in harmony. Half the area is dedicated to crocodile farming while the other half is open to the tourists. Lush green landscapes filled tiny ponds and mountains in the backdrop gives a feeling of crocodiles in its natural habitat.

Different Sections in the Farm

The first section of the farm is for the baby or the juvenile crocs. Also, the provision of feeding these baby crocs is available, you will have pay on spot and buy pellets to feed them. The species pond in the region where crocs and alligators coexist. There are placards placed to educate the visitors’ difference between both species.

Crocodile Feeding: Crocodile Park Langkawi
Credits: Google Images

This is followed by two show ponds where various stunts and shows are performed by trained experts. Also, the Education centre is this area, TV shows and photo sessions are conducted here.

The bridge pond is the largest pond in the farm where all gigantic crocodiles are housed. The pond is named after the wooden bridge that dissects the pond into equal halves. Also, Tourists need to extra vigilant in this pond as there are no guarding fences.

Stunt shows in Crocodile Park Langkawi

As mentioned previously, the stunt shows happen in stunt pools A and B. The show takes places twice in a day and lastly roughly for 20 mins. Also, this show is the major attraction of the park and leaves tourists with mixed emotions. Stunts involve trained professionals wrestling with crocs, risking their lives as they place their head or hand in the wide-open jaws of these deadly monsters.

Stunt shows in Crocodile Park Lankgawi
Credits: Google Images

Other Major Attractions:

Bujang Kawi: This is the largest crocodile the farm and one of the largest croc in the world. The croc weighs over 1000 pounds and kept in a pond next to bridge pond. This croc needs special attention as it was born with teeth and is relatively less aggressive.

Exhibition centre: This is an informative library which gives you info about all types of crocs on the farm, their characteristic, their mating seasons and life cycle.

TIckets and Facilities at the Crocodile Park Langkawi

The farm is open from 9 till 6 p in the evening. The tickets rates vary according to the package you choose. The ticket rate for the standard packages is RM 45 for foreign tourist and RM 35 for children. The standard package is inclusive also entrance, two packets of crocodile and the stunt shows.

Crocodile Park Langkawi
Credits: Google Images

Paid parking facility is available just outside the entrance. snacks and refreshments are also available near the entrance. Few shops for souvenir shopping is also present but most the these are quite expensive.

Crocodile Park is truly one of kind experience and must-visit on your next trip to Langkawi. If you find the above guide helpful and need expert assistance in planning your trip, reach out to Pickyourtrail and check-out Malaysia packages and the Langkawi tour packages for the best deals.

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