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Similajau National Park
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Similajau National Park: Essential Tips and Highlights in Malaysia

Similajau National Park is an offbeat yet extremely attractive place in Malaysia. Perfectly located by the South China Sea in Bintulu Division of Sarawak, Similajau National Park’s real beauty is showcased through its sun-kissed beaches, verdant rainforest, coastal vegetation of casuarina and coconut plantations. Apart from this, you will also be able to see creeks, riverside trails and camping grounds and amazing wildlife. It also consists of long deserted sandy beaches, geological formations and rainforest treks. With all these attractions in place, this national park has been a wonderland and point of interest for wildlife and nature admirers, from all over the world. There are many things to know about the Similajau National Park in Malaysia. Go through the further sections to know more.

Similajau National Park: How to reach

Similajau National Park
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The most proximate town to Similajau National Park is Bintulu, located 30 kilometres away. The best and most easy way to reach this park from Bintulu is by hiring a private cab. It is mandatory to book the cab for the return journey as well since you will not find any public bus service and getting a cab for returning to Bintulu is nearly impossible. But if budget is not a constraint and you wish to enjoy an engaging journey, book a private speed boat from Bintulu Wharf. You can experience sailing through the South China Sea to reach the coast of Similajau National Park. It is expensive and time-consuming but definitely worth a travel.

Similajau National Park: Best time to visit

Green Stone at Similajau National Park
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The best time to visit Similajau National Park is during February and October. It is considered as a dry season since the sea condition is calm with average wind speed; making it ideal for cruising, hiking and spotting wildlife.

Similajau National Park: Accommodation

Both individual chalets and hostel accommodation are accessible within the national park. You need to connect with National Park booking office in Miri for reservation. But if you would like to stay in Bintulu, there are many options like Wiwo Hotel, Parkcity Everly Hotel and New World Suites. You can choose accommodation according to your interest and budget.

Similajau National Park: Diversity

Incredible Flora

Similajau National Park in Malaysia has a huge variety of flora. There are mainly three kinds of trees found here, namely coastal vegetation, tropical moist forests and mixed types. Trees common in this national park are Kerangas, Tongkat Ali and Bintangor. You can also find large expanses of coconut and casuarina plantations bordering the beaches.

Magnificent Fauna

Similajau National Park houses more than 24 species of mammals like boars, gibbons, long-tailed macaque and banded langurs. It also houses 185 species of birds including sea eagles, storm’s stork and hornbills. Also, one can spot saltwater crocodiles, dolphins and green turtles along the coast.

Similajau National Park: Things to do

You can check out on the best things to do while vacationing in Similajau National Park to get the best experience of your life that you will cherish forever!

Sunset at Similajau National Park
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Leisure walk on beaches

One of the best and most peaceful things to do in Similajau National Park is taking a leisure walk on the beaches with your loved ones. Beaches like Turtle Beach and Golden Beach at Similajau National Park enhance the picturesque beauty of this national park. Furthermore, strolling on the beaches, relaxing under the shades of casuarina plantation, sunbathing and watching the sunset are some of the best ways to relax here.

Boating and wildlife watching

Boating in Sungei Likau is as interesting as it sounds. Hiring a boat and sailing along the coastline to witness the magnificence of the wilderness is an enthralling experience. While indulging in this fun activity, you can also spot green turtles, crocodiles and dolphins, which adds up the excitement factor to grow manifold.

Jungle Trail

Plank Walk
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One of the most thrilling things to do in Similajau National Park is a jungle trail and hike. You can find only one main trail in the national park and many secondary sub-trails. The main trail starts from the base, crosses through Sungei Likau via the suspension bridge to reach the plank walk over the mangrove trees and finally up to the shore. For every adventure lover, jungle hiking is a must-do activity.

Interpretation Centre

Similajau’s Interpretation Centre showcases modern and interactive displays containing the park’s flora, fauna and natural history. The centre began in 2017. Do not miss the impressive skeleton of a Cuvier’s beaked whale while visiting this centre. The skeleton was once washed away by the waves and they have the display of the same.

This detailed guide on Similajau National Park will surely aid and make your Malaysia holiday worth in every sense. Book a trip to Malaysia with Pickyourtrail at the earliest to avail the best pricing. Enjoy with your loved ones by visiting the Similajau National Park which is fringed with whispering casuarinas and coconut palms.

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