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The Do’s and Don’ts guide for your Srilanka vacation

Sri Lanka is an island republic in South Asia situated in the Indian Ocean southwest of the Bay of Bengal and southeast of the Arab Sea. It is formally known as the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. The Gulf of Mannar and the Palk Strait are geographically separate from the Indian subcontinent.

Sri Lanka is a country which is multi-religious. Buddhists make up 70 per cent of the population, with the Theravada community predominating. Many Buddhists belong to the racial category of Sinhalese citizens. Venerable Mahinda introduced Buddhism to Sri Lanka in the 2nd century BCE. During the same period, a sapling of the Bodhi Tree under which the Buddha achieved enlightenment was brought to Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka’s rail network consists of main lines, coastal lines, and up-country lines. Respectively, sea- and water-based transport modalities improve the country’s inland transportation.

9 arch bridge, Sri lanka
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Best time to visit Sri Lanka

The ideal season for hitting the west and south coasts and hill country is usually from December through June, whilst the strongest weather on the east coast is from April / May through October. The island ‘s environment is determined by two main monsoon seasons, and as they rotate, Sri Lanka can be used as a holiday destination during the year.


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One of the peak times Sri Lanka has to visit is around the months from November to May when the weather is most pleasant and tourists come from all over the world. However, in the offseason somebody is planning to visit, this place can be quite cheaper than usual. While this place experiences the Monsoon season during the months of May to September.

Elephant in Sri Lanka
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Tips for travelling to Sri Lanka

Visa needs to be applied beforehand

While you might be under the illusion that, like other Asian nations, Sri Lanka provides visas on arrival, this is not so. But you can surely apply online for a visa! The method is quick and not time-consuming at all. The eVisa to Sri Lanka is a 30-day double entry visa and the fee is nominal.

Know your plugs

Most Sri Lankan hotels have all-in-one electric sockets with chargers of type D, M, G, and C. Although just in case you can carry a universal adapter, you may never have to take it out of your bag!

Do pack appropriately

Packing for a varied climate can be a bit tricky while trying to pack light. What you’ll need to remember that your adventures lead you to heaven throughout your tour. For most of your journey here you want to carry thin, loose-fitting clothes mainly. Colombo ‘s capital is situated at 7 degrees north of the equator so usually, it’s dry. The average island temperature large is 27.2 degrees Celsius with a slightly colder hill or tea area temperatures.

You should be prepared for temperatures between 10 – 20 degrees Celsius, depending on the time of year if your travels lead you to the tea region.


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Don’t compare Sri Lanka to India

Though Sri Lanka. be heavily affected by India, it is not and never was part of India! On top of that, not too many nationals are overly exuberant about India’s influence over the years on Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka often plays India’s “stepbrother” role and it’s never a comfortable place to be in, so be aware of it and avoid comparisons.

Sri Lanka
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Avoid tap water

Though Sri Lanka is a developing world, it is simply not possible to have such modern conveniences including safe tap potable water. Speak to every national and you can find that few of them are drinking from the bottle.

Only stay with drinking water is recommended. It is readily available throughout the world and is governed by an agency of the health ministry. It’s also advised to use the filtered water for teeth brushing.

Get A Local Sim

Most foreign networks in Sri Lanka don’t function, it’s advisable to get a local sim card at the airport itself along with a lot of data for the internet. That’s not going to cost much. Instead, hotel workers should plan one that can be ordered from the closest store.

Don’t stay too long in Colombo

What makes Sri Lanka magnificent and appealing are the seas, the rivers, the nature safaris, the ancient sites and most of all the citizens. Many are anxious, concentrated and working through the week in the city so that they too can escape the city to appreciate this wonderful land. Colombo and its suburbs are increasing and rising monthly, and traffic, noise, heat and relentless development come along with the rise. The city is rapidly becoming one of the leading modern cities in Asia, but Colombo isn’t much unique that you can’t experience in any other major city in the world.

Do factor in travel times

The roads and train routes in Sri Lanka are crowded and can be a source of great frustration as you move about the country. Many guests choose to transfers by helicopter or domestic plane to move faster from one destination to the next. Yet there are occasions where the environment just doesn’t help, so you can’t stop train or automobile travel.


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Don’t Get Conned

In Sri Lanka, the tuk-tuk drivers could overcharge seeing a tourist. Check that the fare is confirmed by a few locals from the location to the destination. It is necessary to negotiate with the tuk-tuk drivers but it is required to be done so politely. It happens that Sri Lankans are really polite and trustworthy people, but there might not be many tuk-tuk drivers because this is their only means of living.

Beaches in sri Lanka

Whilst preparing your journey to Sri Lanka is not rocket science, choosing a reputable travel companion may be an additional benefit. Starting with DIY itineraries to have one-stop-shop for all travel requirements, Pickyourtrail not only guarantees quick and trouble-free travel but also holds the cost-efficiency in place. Log on to more information and start planning the perfect Sri Lanka trip.

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