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20 of the Best Things to Do in Dubai in 2024

Dubai is a destination that is on everyone’s bucket list and is one of the most visited destinations in the world. Every year millions of people visit Dubai to experience the best of everything that is offered. leisure, luxury and entertainment have been Dubai’s forte. Dubai is also one of the most diverse destinations in the world with skyscrapers, shopping malls, adventure activities, beaches, deserts and a lot more. 

Recommended 20 Best Activities to Do in Dubai in 2024

Sometimes it gets hard to wrap your head around the number of things that one can experience In Dubai. Each one of you might have different preferences over how you might want to spend your Dubai vacation. Some of you might want to make it only about leisure and indulgence while some of you might want to go all out on activities and adventure. 

Here is a comprehensive list of the 20 most recommended activities that you can try out in Dubai for your vacation. Let’s jump right into it. 

1. Desert Safari 

When we think of Dubai, one of the first things that come to mind is the never-ending deserts with butter-smooth dunes. Desert safari’s in Dubai is one of the most popular activities that should be on your Dubai itinerary. You don’t just get to experience the beauty of the desert but also indulge in desert adventures and scrumptious barbeque meals. 

Desert Safari
Photo by Jakub David on Unsplash

2. Dhow Dinner Cruise 

After a long adventurous day in Dubai, the Dhow dinner cruise is one of the best ways to wind down and relax. This cruise takes you across the Dubai skyline for a 3-4 hour cruise with delicious food. This is one of the best evening activities in Dubai. 

3. Hot Air Balloon Ride

The hot air balloon ride over the Dubai deserts are one of the most memorable and adventurous activities that one can take part in. As the balloons fly high over the sky, you get to experience the amazing vistas and sunsets. This jaw-dropping experience is one of the best ways to see Dubai. 

Hot air balloon in the desert
Photo by James Mills on Unsplash

4. Ski Dubai 

We are talking about actual ice skiing here, surprised? The Ski Dubai arcade in the Mall of Emirates is a giant arcade or skiers and snowboarding. If adventure isn’t your preference, you can just sit and play in the snow with your kids. This is one of the best places to visit with your family 

5. Helicopter Ride over Dubai 

The Helicopter tour of Dubai is one of a kind experience. This exquisite activity explores Dubai through a birds-eye view and takes you up close to all the skyscrapers. The best time to do the activity would be the golden hours. 

6. Quad Biking 

Quad biking is a fun adventure activity in the desert. You can hop on a Quad bike and bash the dunes to your hearts content. The best part about it is that you do not need much time to learn how to operate one. This can be combined with your desert camping or desert safari activities. 

7. Wakeboarding 

Adventure junkies should have wakeboarding in their list of things to do in Dubai. You strap yourself to a speedboat and zoom past the waters and play around with the wakeboard. Whilst the activity is preferred by purists, it has gained immense popularity in no time. 

8. The Souks of Dubai 

The Souks of Dubai are one of the best ways to experience the traditional and rural Dubai. The souks are traditional antique market places in Dubai where the local traders sell products at some of the most competitive prices.

There are specific souks for specific speciality products i.e the gold souk for gold and jewellery shopping, the spice souk for spice shopping and so on. It is a shopper’s heaven. 

9. Burj Khalifa

This is an obvious inclusion to the list, isn’t it? The Burj Khalifa has been the trademark Dubai monument and put Dubai on top of the world. Quite literally. You can take a tour of the 124th floor where you can get the best sunset and 360-degree views of Dubai. 

Burj Khalifa
Photo by Shot by Cerqueira on Unsplash

10. Shopping Malls

Shopping Malls in Dubai are world-famous and considered as some of the best in the world. Dubai has been a primary shopping destination in the last couple of decades. The Dubai shopping festival is one of the major shopping festivals in the world and attracts millions of shoppers to Dubai every year. The shopping malls in Dubai have everything from stores, restaurants, entertainment zones to even underground aquariums. A visit to one of the malls should be part of your Dubai vacation. 

11. I-Fly Dubai 

This is one of the most surreal activities in Dubai. I-Fly Dubai is an indoor skydiving arena where people of all ages can try skydiving. The instructions are pretty simple and you will have a professional guide helping you with the fly. This is especially a great choice for people who are apprehensive about taking part in actual skydiving.

12. Dubai Aquarium And Underwater Zoo

The Dubai Aquarium And Underwater Zoo is one of the largest indoor aquariums in the world. The Dubai Aquarium is home to more than 60000 aqua species and animals. This aquarium is located in the Dubai Mall and can be visited by kids and adults of all ages. You can also indulge in activities such as Indoor diving and snorkelling. It is a perfect place to wind down after a long day of shopping. 

13. Yacht Tour 

Dubai boasts of a long coastline filled with pristine waters. Yachts are one of the most exquisite experiences that Dubai has to offer, albeit a bit expensive as well. These tours help you unwind and relax most royally with a view of the Dubai skyline looking back at you. 

14. Global Village Dubai 

The Dubai Global Village is a Global shopping and cultural extravaganza that happens every year between October to February. It is a place for family and friends to come together and enjoy an evening together. 

15. Kite Beach 

Dubai has a lot of unexplored beaches and pristine waters. Kite beach is one of them. This is an unexplored beach in the Arabian coastline and is perfect for sunbathing and relaxing. 

16. Dubai Fountain 

The Dubai Fountain show is one of the most famous attractions in Dubai and is often visited by families and kids alike. The fountain show happens in intervals across the day and goes on up to about 11 Pm in the night. The water dance show is a delight to watch. 

Fountain show in dubai
Photo by Philipp Katzenberger on Unsplash

17. Etihad Museum 

The Etihad Museum is a modern contemporary museum focusing on the history of the UAE. The museums showcase the birth, growth, political and social aspects of the country. It is one of the unique experiences in Dubai. 

18. Dubai Opera Centre 

The Dubai Opera centre is one of the most beautiful architectural pieces in the country. It resembles the shape of the Dhow boats. This performance centre can host up to 2000 people for various shows. It is also one of the best places to get a glimpse of the Dubai Fountain show. 

19. Jumeirah Mosque 

The Jumeirah Mosque is one of the must-see attractions in Dubai. The Mosque is of great historical importance and provides a serene atmosphere. People visit the mosque for its architectural glory and cultural significance. 

Jumeirah mosque
Photo by Oliver Sjöström on Unsplash

20. Desert Camping

Desert camping is one of the most unique and interesting experiences. Dubai is a prominent desert region and a lot of people like to camp in the deserts and experience the wilderness and nature surrounding it. 

Dubai is a must-visit place and something that should be on everyone’s bucket list. These are our most enjoyed and recommended activities that you can do in Dubai. Whilst one might not be able to fit in everything into one itinerary, you can customize it according to your liking. Visit to book your winter trip to Dubai

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