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Dubai at Night
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Why you must visit Dubai in December

Dubai is an essence of art, architecture and contemporary development. It is one of the most popular and the most desired holiday destinations for thousands of people around the world. Dubai takes every possibility and converts them into brilliance. From desert safaris to luxury stays; from breathtaking views to beautiful beaches, Dubai has an array of things to make your holiday the best one. Though this city is welcoming throughout the year, the month of December offers comparatively cooler weather. In December, Dubai will also be bustling with activities and festivities thus making December the best time to visit.

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Dubai aerial View
Source: Unsplash

Dubai is extremely hot during the summer months (Jun-Sep). However, it is warm and dry during the winter months (Oct-Apr). This is one of the main reasons as to why tourists from the Northern hemisphere visit the Arabs during the winter months. December is the ideal month to visit Dubai and to experience some fun activities and festivities. Read on to know more about Dubai in December.

Dubai Weather In December

Dubai is hot and sunny throughout the year. This is mainly due to the dry desert climate. The temperatures do not fluctuate much even during winters. Usually, the temperatures during winter fall to a minimum of 15°C to 16°C at night. However, during the daytime, it reaches 26°C to 30°C. It is this tropical climate that has made Dubai, a paradise for those who love summers.  

Sunset in Dubai
Source: Pixabay

During winters the sun is out for at least for  8-10 hours during the day; the humidity is low and it is highly suggested that you carry a water bottle with you all time. The atmosphere becomes more soothing as soon as the sun sets down. Roaming around and exploring the city at night is much better than doing it in the day.

3 Reasons Why December Is The Best Time To Visit Dubai

There might be several reasons as to why you should travel to Dubai. However, there are 3 primary reasons as to why you should visit Dubai in December. These are also the reasons as to why this city is flocked by tourists during this month of the year. Here are the three very important reasons why you should be visiting Dubai in December.

  1. Perfect Weather
  2. Festivities
  3. December Special

1. Perfect Weather

Dubai and December is the best combo you would have ever heard. Dubai has soothing tropical weather during December, thereby making it the perfect time to visit Dubai. During December, Dubai can be the perfect getaway where you can experience the warm sun and indulge in a number of posh activities. 

Sunset in Mare
Source: Pixabay

2. Festivities

Most of the days in December, especially the 25th and 31st of this month light up the entire city of Dubai with fairy lights and mesmerising fireworks. Make sure you make it up to the light and sound show in Burj Khalifa. Not just this, there are several parties, street festivals and other events hosted in Dubai especially during the month of December.

Light and sound show
Source: Unsplash

3. December Special

The December Special consists of all those events that take place only during this month of the year. Some of these events are Dubai International Film Festival, Dubai Shopping Festival and the UAE National Day Festival. Some other special activities that can be seen in Dubai during December are Hot Air Balloon Ride, Camel Ride, Deep-sea Diving and Skydiving. 

Camels beautifully decorated
Source: Unsplash

Top 5 Things To Do In Dubai In December

Dubai does not lack any fun in general, and definitely not in the month of December. There are a plethora of recreational facilities that will keep you busy through the days and nights of the bustling city. Read on to know more about the top 5 things to do in Dubai in December.

1. Visit Burj Khalifa

Your visit to Dubai is incomplete if you haven’t seen the Burj Khalifa – the world’s tallest building. This man-made engineering marvel is 825 m high and provides breathtaking views of the entire city. Make sure you visit Burj Khalifa on New Year’s eve. There’s no perfect way to start your year with your family than watching the light and sound show at Burj.

Light and sound show at Burj Khalifa
Source: Unsplash

2. Enjoy the La Perle Show

The La Perle shop is a must if you are visiting Dubai with your children. This 90 min show is designed and created by the legendary Franco Dragone. The La Perle Show is sure to steal your heart by the mesmerising and spell-bounding performances. The theatre of this show is uniquely designed and it features more than 60+ world-class performers who perform amazing stunts and extraordinary feats.

3. Hop-On a Dhow Cruise

The Dhow Cruise is yet another experience you shouldn’t miss in Dubai. It is one of the brilliant ways to explore the city. The Dhow Cruise sails along the Dubai Creek for about 2 hours. The best part is the food served here. Imagine yourself dining delicious and tasty food in the authentic wooden Arab Dhow. Beautiful, isn’t it?

The Dubai Creek
Source: Unsplash

4. Skydiving

Skydiving in Dubai, especially during December is one of the must-do activities for all those Daredevils. 

Hot air baloon in Dubai
Source: Unsplash

In Dubai, you get to dive into the air from a height of almost 14,000 feet. We highly suggest you book the Skydiving Experience well in advance for better prices. 

5. Enjoy a Desert Safari

Desert Safari is a must-do activity when in Dubai. Visit the vast expanse of the Arabian desert and enjoy various activities such as sand bashing, sandboarding, quad bikes, camel rides, etc. You also have an opportunity to stay overnight in Bedouin tents and enjoy the traditional music, belly dance and the local cuisine.

Camel Safari in Dubai
Source: Pixabay

What To Wear In Dubai In December

Pack light clothes if you are planning to visit Dubai in December. As we already saw, Dubai has warm and dry weather during the month of December and so I would suggest you go light. While packing also keeps in mind the restrictions on dress code in Dubai. It is important that you pack long dresses, tops, skirts, pants, hoodies, etc.  For women, make sure that the clothing isn’t tight or see-through. Also don’t forget to carry your sunglasses, sunscreen and hats. 

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Dubai in December is Bliss. Enjoy the best of Dubai at its best time. Now that you know all about the best things to do in Dubai in December, What are you waiting for? Build your itinerary; book your trip and get ready to witness the beauty of Dubai. Looking for more suggestions? Check-out some of our best-selling Dubai tour packages and book your customised trip to Dubai with Pickyourtrail. If you are looking for more help, drop us a WhatsApp query, we will get in touch with you. 

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