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Dubai Miracle Garden
Written by Rhea Alex on April 27, 2020 Share on

Journey through a Floral Wonderland – Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden
Dubai Miracle Garden

A man-made floral heaven, stretching across seventy-two thousand square meters and home to over 100 million blooms each year is a sight that represents the ‘Dubai Miracle Garden.’ Displaying intricate views of the floral blossoms and naturesque beauty, coupled with manual labour is what keeps the Miracle Garden alive and pumping through the year.

Tourists are welcomed to a unique escapade with every single visit to the garden, as the floral collection changes each season thus enabling tourists to relive a magical experience over and over again. 

Why Visit Miracle Garden Dubai?

The Desert Bloom

Picturesque vibrant colors overlooking the desert background with the scent of blossomed flowers, owes to a sensory experience beyond imagination. 


Given that the theme of the Miracle Garden remains a mystery with every passing year, giving tourists a floral wonderland worth every visit.


Image Credit – Google Images

The ‘Miracle Garden,’ has been a recipient for a varied number of accolades over its six seasons, some of which including – the ‘Moselle Award,’ by the Garden Tourism Board in 2015, ‘Two Guinness Book of World Records,’ for being the largest floral installation across the globe, for the life-size model of the ‘Emirates Airbus A380,’ and the ‘Tallest topiary structure – Mickey Mouse replica.’

Butterfly Garden

Image Credit – Google Images

A diverse and strikingly beautiful butterfly species, is an additional visual element that catches the eye. The ‘Butterfly Garden,’ consists of about 9 domes that stretches across 1800 sq feet for tourists to explore.

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Tickets Overview

It works best for tourists to avail their tickets online so as to save both time and energy. The tickets ensure you don’t have to stand in long queues and waltz into the garden without any hassles. 

Entry Fee

Tourists need to be well informed that the entry fee to the garden differs for both adults and children. It costs about DH 40 (INR 767 approx.) for adults and DH 30 (INR 575 approx.) for children above twelve years of age. 

However, please remember that children who are two years or younger; do not require an entry ticket into the gardens. 


Tourists can visit the ‘Miracle Garden,’ between 09:00 am and 09:00 pm on every day of the week. 

How to Reach

There are multiple options for tourists to consider, keeping in mind their sole convenience and feasibility. We’ve gone ahead and listed out a few possible options for you below.

By Metro

A metro ride would cost you about $1- $2 from the ‘Bur Juman Station’ to the ‘Mall of Emirates.’ The average travel time would be around 26 minutes. You will have to hire a taxi all the way to the ‘Miracle Garden,’ for a cost about $12- $15 and a travel time of about 11 minutes to reach the gardens. 

By Taxi 

A taxi ride from the ‘Bur Juman Airport,’ to the ‘Dubai Miracle Garden,’ would cost you around $ 24- $29 to reach the gardens comfortably. It includes a travel journey of 25kms and takes an average time of 24 minutes. 

By Bus 

The bus journey is a considerably cheaper option and costs about 5 Dirhams per head, with a travel time of about 20 to 30 minutes. 

By Uber

Most tourists prefer to take an Uber directly to the Garden, due to the ease of availability of cabs for new visitors. The travel time is about 24 minutes, at an average cost of $21- $27 to reach the destination. 

By Drive

Self drive is probably the easiest and cheapest option for tourists, involving only the fuel costs to the garden. The drive is a hassle free experience and takes around 24 minutes one way. 

Things to keep in mind

  • Pets are strictly not allowed within the garden.
  • Outside food is prohibited at any costs.
  • The garden tours are not wheelchair and stroller-friendly, so if you’re travelling with elderly people – it’s important to make the necessary arrangements beforehand. 
  • Flower picking is strictly not allowed

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