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Dubai in UAE
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The Ultimate Guide to Dubai Opera House

Dubai has always created unbelievable wonders and houses the world’s best manmade wonders. This city has created man-made wonders using technology and one of the latest feather in the city’s cap is the Dubai opera house. It is a dhow-shaped building with a vibrant cultural community and events in the sumptuous downtown region of Dubai. It encourages talented local artists and endorses the cultural diversity of the global ethnicity.

Dubai Opera House
Image Credits: Google Images

What is Dubai Opera?

Dubai Opera is so magnificent that it can seat 2000 people together for various venues with multi-formats such as Opera, theatre performances, concerts, art exhibitions, sports events, film, orchestra, and for seasonal performances as well. It is the new cultural icon of Dubai and UAE. Further, its design is an inspiration on maritime traditions and is in the shape of a traditional sailing vessel of the Arabs. The shape is famous for its versatility and utility and showcases the vintage dhows wood.

Dubai Opera – Infrastructure

Comprising of three formats that support concert performances, theatre, and the ‘flat-floor’ mode it is capable of hosting both events and cultural performances. The formats offer maximum flexibility to support exhibitions, events, concerts, Arab and world music performances, children’s shows, and theatrics. The Dubai Tourism board has taken a good initiative by driving in tourism through art and music.

There are 31 premium boxes that can accommodate around 184 VIP guests in total and apart from that, is the seating capacity of a total of 2000 people. The exciting part is, that when the house is in a concert mode the seating capacity can also be changed from to915 in the stall, 529 in the grand circle, and 457 in the Royal circle making it a total of just 1901 seats instead of 2000. The other seats are designed in a way that they can be shifted to an underground garage. And, in theatre mode, there will be a total of 889 seats in the stalls, 529 in the grand circle, and 457 in the royal circle, making it a total of 1875 seats.

The dhow shaped opera uses highly advanced technology and hydraulic technology, which makes it a flexible structure with the ability to internally transform according to the event to be hosted. It has not only shown its uniqueness in technological advancement but also has managed to equip supply for any sporting event, exhibitions and trade fairs simply, at the touch of a button.

Dubai opera house
Image Credits: Google Images

Lighting and Sound Effects

The entire structure is made up of glass along with a transparent foyer. It looks similar to that of a ‘box inside a box’ from outside. The opera lit up with 2900 LEDs which is attached to a 5000 kg chandelier of the opera. Other places around the opera are lit up by 600 LEDs making the opera a beauty icon.

The building of the Dubai Opera House is built in a way to adapt to different formats and not only the stage and seating arrangements can be transformed from show to show, but also the hi-technology acoustic shell installed in reflectors to enhance the acoustics and for the reflection of sound around the entire opera hall.

How to reach Dubai Opera? 

Dubai Opera is located in the opera plaza on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard. It is about a 15 minutes drive from Bur Dubai and Deira region and a 20 minutes drive from the Dubai international airport. You can rent a car or take the metro to experience the safari.

Best time to visit Dubai Opera

You can visit the Dubai Opera between November to March as this is the peak season for Dubai and you will also not miss the Dubai shopping festival if you travel between December and February. The timings are between 10:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Entry fees 

Dubai Opera charges an entry fee of about 250 AED (5200 INR) and the fee varies based on the ticket chosen according to your preference: Platinum, Gold, and silver.

This largest cultural centre is famous across the globe. From modern art museums to high-end boutique shops and luxury hotels; Dubai has always provided the best for its tourists. You can customize your own itinerary for a trip to Dubai with PickYourTrail! Have a happy vacation!

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