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Eravikulam National Park in Kerala
Written by Buvaneshwari Gopinath on May 28, 2020 Share on

Explore the wilderness of South India at Eravikulam National Park, Kerala

Kerala is also known as ‘God’s own country’. Land of Kerala is located in a tropical region, making it rain a lot. One of the most travelled destinations in India. As soon as you step into Kerala, you will inhale the soothing fragrance of medicinal herbs and coffee welcoming you. Let go your stress and relax by taking a swim in the backwaters of Kerala. Kerala also has amazing wildlife. You can visit the Eravikulam National Park, located in Munnar to take a look at the rarest animals and birds. Read on to know more about the place which is one of the best places in Kerala.

Eravikulam National Park, Munnar, Kerala
Image Source: Unsplash

Eravikulam National Park is the first national park opened in Kerala. Eravikulam National Park is located amidst mountainous plateau in Munnar, roughly 200kms away from Kerala. Inside the park, you will be able to see the wonderful flora and fauna which is spread across  97 square kilometres in the Western Ghats.

Things to do here

Tahr on the roads of Eravikulam National Park
Image source: Unsplash

1. Spot Nilgiri Tahr

The park is quite famous for one of the endangered species, the Nilgiri Tahr. Take your car through the ghats road, and you can get up close and have a look at the tahr.

2. Go on a safari ride

Visiting national parks are never complete without ever taking a safari ride. The roads inside the park cannot be accessed by private vehicles. So you can go on the safari in the park’s vehicle only. You will be taken around the entire park to spot animals in their natural habitat. A tour can take about 3 hours to complete, so plan your day accordingly. You can book your preferred safari slot online well in advance.

Safari ride at Eravikulam National Park
Image Source: Unsplash

3. Get walking on Kurinji trail

People in south India know about the famous Kurinji flower. The flower that blossoms only when it wishes. The park is filled with trees that blossom the flower. So why not go on expedition on a trail specifically to spot the flowers.


  • Try reaching the park early in the morning to avoid the crowd.
  • Book your safari slots in advance to avoid a special fee to get preference.
  • Take picture-perfect photos at Kurinji trail.

Entry fee and Timing

The national park is open everyday between from 7:30 AM – 4 PM. You can visit anytime at your convenience, however, note that the park will be closed between the months February – March.

The entry fee for Indian national adult is INR 90/- and INR 65/- for kids. For foreign nationals, the entry fee is INR 200/- for kids and INR 360/- for adults. Please note, that the price is subjective to changes.

How to get there?

If you are travelling by car, you can easily reach there by self-driving. The park has ample parking spaces for visitors. If you are travelling by train, get down at Aluva and take a cab to reach Munnar, from there you can rent a cab or take any local transport to reach the park.

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