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Europe in September
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Europe In September 2021 – Weather, Best Places to Visit & More

September is the only best month to visit in Europe. During this season, the northernmost cities of Europe get chilling cold, and every other town has probably the best weather of the year. Those who visited Europe in July and August will get back home, so you will have ample time to enjoy the mild weather in Europe when you visit in September. During this season most cities in Europe, also have cheaper stays. You can stay longer or even get better accommodation to stay just as September is not the peak season.

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The peak season gets over bringing tourists back home from summer vacations making September the best time to plan your vacation. Therefore, check out these handpicked best cities to explore in Europe in September. The weather gets colder, but you still have the option to swim and flight ticket rates drop in the middle of the month. This list here has some of the must-visit places in Europe during September.

Amsterdam in Netherlands
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Weather in Europe in September

When you ask frequent travellers and experts who visit Europe, they will mention September as the best time to visit repeatedly. When the weather is mild yet warm, you have a lot of benefits in visiting Europe in September. The price cut not just includes one line item but starts from transfers, activities, till hotels. Europe is worth visiting and beautiful at any time of the year according to the weather you can enjoy your interest in cultural attractions, and your idea of a holiday.

With multiple climates, Europe experiences mild weather in most areas. It is milder than parts of Asia and North America at the same time. the main reason behind this is that the winds, which blow around the Atlantic have a direct effect on Europe’s climate. Autumn, in general, is offseason for tourism in major parts of Europe but ideal for visiting places like Belgium, Netherlands, and Sweden.

It has always been pleasant and cool enough to travel across Europe for visitors irrespective of the season. But specifically at this time, tourism reduces making it easier to access, and the price of lodging and boarding drops to a great extent. Europe in September is the best time if you are keen on Alpine trails and hiking. Mediterranean countries like Croatia, France, Spain, Italy, and Greece are expensive and busy at this time of the year as well. So, don’t forget to carry some warm clothes and a pair of boots irrespective of the season your vacation is planned.

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7 Best Places To Visit In Europe In September

1. Copenhagen in Denmark

Denmark in Europe
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Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark has a great metropolis for shopping, culture, and nightlife. This small city is safe to stay and easy to roam around. Facing the Oresund strait located a minute away from Sweden, this beautiful place has a geographic and cultural bond between Scandinavian countries and mainland Europe. It has the perfect blend of unique design and architecture with old fairy tales, where warm mixes with cold electronica jazz. You may feel that you have visited the whole city in just one day, but it has so much that can keep you exploring more for months on your trip to Europe in September.

2. Santorini in Greece

This volcanic island in the Cyclades of the Greek islands is a must-visit when you travel to Greece in Europe in September. This beautiful city lies between Anafi and Ios islands, which are known for serene sunsets from Oia town, dramatic views and weird white eggplant. The islands natural and active volcano and the city of Thira are well known. It ha fantastic beaches like the bear beach of Santorini, Perissa, Kamari beach of black pebbles, white and red beach.


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3. Berlin in Germany

Berlin in Germany
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This German capital is well-known internationally for not only history but also an amazing nightlife. Hence, many clubs, bars, cafes and palaces, museums, and other historic attractions always welcome tourists.

The architecture in Berlin is simply varied. Even though severely damaged at the end of World War II and shattered in the Cold War, Berlin significantly rebuilt on its own, especially with a drive of reunification when the Berlin Wall fell during 1989 and is a fantastic place to visit in Europe in September.


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4. Budapest in Hungary

Budapest, the capital city of Hungary has a lively environment with a unique atmosphere, pulsating nightlife, and classical and excellent music scene. Many Europeans visit this rich place for the exceptional offering of natural thermal baths. This fun-loving and delightful city will be worth the visit in Europe in September! With its spectacular architecture and setting, this city is ‘The Paris of The East’.

5. Tallinn in Estonia

Tallinn is the capital of Estonia and is located on the south of the Gulf of Finland. The hill of Toompea remains the medieval and historical heart of Estonia. With cobbled streets full of alleys and medieval houses, this city is located at the foot of the hill. You can find ruins that cover all over the lower town. A range of well-settled green parks adds an essence to the beauty around the city, making it ideal for strolling around in Europe in September.

6. Amsterdam in the Netherlands

Amsterdam was previously called ‘Amstelredamme’ and was later renamed. It has a huge number of global tourists every year. With serene canals crisscrossing the city, over 1500 bridges, and peaceful architecture it is the Venice of North, and a must visit in Europe in September.


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7. Paris in France

Paris in Europe
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Paris is located on the banks of the Seine river in the North of France and has a good reputation. It’s also called the Capital of Fashion and the City of Light. It has a great significant influence on art, culture, fashion, design, and food across the world. This is the most romantic and beautiful cities in Europe and shouldn’t be missed out on your trip to Europe in September!


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Reasons outnumbered for you to kick-start your bookings to Europe. Europe in September will be a delightful experience filling you with adventure, luxury and tasteful experiences. We at Pickyourtrail make sure that our best travel experience is put into planning your Europe Tour Packages with lots of excitement. Start planning!

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