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5 exciting ways to spend your evenings in Christchurch

When the sun sets in Christchurch, a lot of exciting places in the city open their doors to people. The city boasts some amazing restaurants, galleries, theatres, and other entertainment hubs. The evenings in Christchurch are best spent understanding the local culture through art and food. Whether you are travelling solo or in a huge group, Christchurch evenings are always a pleasant affair for people of all age groups. Here are a few things to enjoy there in the evenings:

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1. Dine at the Tramway restaurant

Ditch the conventional dinner style and experience something unique by enjoying your dinner at the Tramway restaurant, where you hop on a real tram for a 2.5 hours ride on the streets of Christchurch. While the tram takes you for a joyride in the city, you can enjoy a full course scrumptious dinner spread that is prepared with the season’s freshest produce.

2. Experience the Maori culture at Ko Tane

Ko Tane is the only Maori exchange program in the South Island. They organize tours that involve Maori song and dance performances and traditional Maori dinner. The performances are full of energy and are performed by experts in full synchronization with makes the entire act look amazing. The traditional dinner is also very lip-smacking and made in a completely traditional style.

3. Check out the Christchurch art gallery

If you want to avoid the rush, visit the Christchurch art gallery at night. The gallery is open till 9 at night and you can tour around easily getting a closer look at all the artworks conserved there. Also, the colourful lights and the beautiful ambience adds a touch of life to the gallery.

4.  Enjoy a royal movie watching experience

Popcorns and soft drinks are very passe now, say hello to a range of gourmet snacks which you can relish reclining on plush seats at the independent movie theatres in the city which speaks luxury from every corner. Right from the architecture to decor, these private movie theatres are a dream come true for every movie buff.

5. Solve a murder mystery at Ferrymead Heritage Park

As crazy as it may sound, the murder mystery dinner experience at Ferrymead Heritage Park require prior booking due to its immense popularity. The murder mystery is actually an interactive theatre experience that is very elaborate and realistic. The theme is set back in 1968, where a grand opening of a new Victorian-era theme park is about to take place but the event ’s curator is brutally murdered. You have to form a team and find the real culprit behind this heinous crime.

Do you now realize the amount of fun you can have in Christchurch? Start planning your own trip to New Zealand or choose from the list of existing itineraries.

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