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Looking For Reasons to Visit Christchurch, New Zealand? Look No More!

Christchurch is a true representation of resilience. Its amazing strength post the awful 2011 earthquakes has shown the city’s strength. It has surpassed all the hardships and overcomes the hard times as a true fighter. With many battle scars still showcased proudly, the city is an example of how creativity can get you out from the hard times. Now, Christchurch is one of the prime cities in New Zealand. Additionally, it is the main city of South Island with a major international airport. Keep reading to know about all the reasons to visit Christchurch, New Zealand.

Reasons To Visit Christchurch

World-renowed street art in every corner

 street art in Christchurch
Credits: Unsplash

Lonely Planet’s 2017 Street Art Book places Christchurch among the best list of street art in comparison to the world. It truly identifies the results the tragedy had on reconstructing the city into this current artistic city. The RISE festival held back in 2013 was the first street art festival and exhibition to be held in Christchurch. This among the striking examples of how the city used art to mend the damages and turn into something beautiful. A walk around the city will take you to so many art spaces. Observing these post-quake art pieces will give you a sense of hope as you turn every corner. This resilience is one of the biggest reasons to visit Christchurch.

Quake City to learn about natural disasters

The Canterbury Museum’s most recent perpetual installation, Quake City, will give you real look into how tragedy can make or break. It can shape an area’s, a city’s’, a region’s complete identity. The display includes all aspects of the seismic forces that have jolted the region back in 2010 and 2011. This is assessed from a scientific to the personal stories of those who are living with the consequence. The entire exhibit is a really down to earth experience and a must-visit for those who would like to know the result of the natural disaster in any particular region.

Address: Canterbury Museum, Rolleston Ave, Christchurch Central, Christchurch 8013, New Zealand

Phone number: +64 3-366 5000

The entry into Arthur’s Pass National Park

arthurs pass national park
Credits: Unsplash

If there is one way to describe South Island by anyone who has been there before, they would say: It is astonishingly scenic. It is especially known for the scenic drives one can take in the region. A trip from Christchurch, going through the beautiful Canterbury Plains, is a beautiful experience. This drive will take you to South Island’s most beautiful landscape views, from the Southern Alps close into Arthur’s Pass National Park. Made up of large swathes of beech forests on the east and deep river gorges to the west, this alpine reserve is a good place for covering up the natural sceneries. Arthur’s Pass is an amazing hiking and mountaineering spot for a lot of people. It is also known for as one of the top spots to get a glimpse of the curious kea and is one of the biggest reasons to visit Christchurch.

The historic New Regent Street to shop till you drop

Reasons to Visit Christchurch
Credits: Unsplash

Christchurch’s New Regent Street had widely come to be known as the forerunner is the new modern shopping mall. This is one of the best reasons to visit Christchurch for shopaholics and has become a prime attraction. This was a nationally important heritage place ever since being constructed back in the 1930s. A Spanish Mission design style is maintained everywhere in this notable shopping district. You will find the design in every nook and corner. The street became a complete pedestrianised area (without the Christchurch Tram) back in the 1990s. Since the earthquake renovations involved portions of the street had to be shut off on a momentary basis. However, this is an area you can not miss out on for those who are especially wanting to learn more about New Zealand’s celebrated landmarks. Additionally, it is also a great place to shop till you drop.

Visit the Garden City also known as Christchurch Botanic Gardens

Reasons to Visit Christchurch
Credits: Unsplash

There is so much beauty to be appreciated in Christchurch and is present in each and every corner of the historic city. And its gorgeous botanic gardens prove the point of how much beauty it holds. The gardens are situated close to the middle of the city right by the Avon River. Additionally, you can take a gentle boat ride in the Avon River. It is completely free to walk into the gardens as there are no entry charges. The gardens are filled with roses, water plants, local New Zealand flora, and tropical plant nurseries. There are many lawn areas that make this a fabulous place to relax, think or enjoy the scenery. The encompassing gravel paths guarantee anyone can enjoy a generally tranquil walk too. This is a much-needed break from the metropolitan city while not having to leave the city at all. The garden city is one of the reasons to visit Christchurch.

Address: Christchurch Botanic Gardens, Rolleston Ave, Christchurch City Centre, Christchurch 8013, New Zealand

Phone number: +64 3-941 8999

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