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A beautiful picture of Wellington with lights
Written by Preetha Manivelan on June 8, 2020 Share on

Amazing Nightlife In Wellington- To Fall In Love With The City In Lights

Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, is located in the southern part of North Island. The city is so much more than just the capital of New Zealand. This compact city is known for its perfect blend of culture and tradition, breathtaking natural beauty, delicious cuisines, a fun-filled nightlife and what not. Sitting right on the Harbour’s edge with nature surrounding it, Wellington is a complete package of arts, culture, cuisines and many more. Though many itineraries to New Zealand will not have Wellington on it, there is something every traveller should know. It is the amazing nightlife in Wellington.

An amazing picture of mountains in Makara in Wellington
Photo by Kishan Modi on Unsplash

Nightlife in Wellington

If you want to try new things apart from just nature and food, then you should visit Wellington’s nightly attractions to love New Zealand for a different reason. Below is the list of 5 activities that you can do while you are at Wellington:

A night view of the city with a river flowing in between
Photo by Jason Zhao on Unsplash

1. Eclectic night markets

Wellington is very famous for its weekly markets. Every Friday and Saturday, you can visit Cuba street which will be transformed into a multicultural market from 5 PM to 11 PM. In addition, you can also visit some underground markets from 10 AM to 4 PM. While you are there, you will realise all the hype behind the Wellington Night Market and it would surely be worthy of a visit.

2. Late-night board gaming session

Want to have some fun? Wellington has an awesome place to chill out after a long day. Curious to know the name of the place? It is Wellington’s Counter Culture Board Game Cafe and Bar where you will find more than a total of 600 games. Apart from just keeping you entertained, it also gives some discounts if you order food. The sessions are open till 10 PM on normal days and till 11 PM from Thursday to Saturday.

3. Stargazing

One of the most amazing things to do at night is stargazing. Want to experience the best of stargazing? Visit the Space’s Place Planetarium on the nights of Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. With this, you can also enjoy a line up of interactive shows that would run for 45 minutes. Make sure you visit this awesome place while making it to New Zealand!

4. Glowworm spotting

Apart from being beautiful, you want to know what’s special about the botanical gardens in Wellington? It is that you can visit them at any time of the day. It is important for you to have a check on all the local events happening so that you would be able to visit at the perfect time and witness some beauty. If you plan your visit at the right time, you can also find glowworms behind the verdant plants.

5. Sports match at Cake Tin

Are you curious to know why it has got the name Cake Tin? It is because of the unique bowl shape that the Westpac Stadium has got. Apart from the football and cricket matches, you can also find some international concerts, exhibitions and community events like the craft beer festival happening.

An amazing picture of the Westpac Stadium in Wellington
Image Credits: Google Images

Already feeling the vibe of Wellington? It’s time to plan a trip to New Zealand and share the vibe with the Wellingtonians. Make sure to experience at least a few of the above experiences and cherish them for life. For that, all you have to do is, visit the Pickyourtrail website and check out the packages to New Zealand. Can’t wait to give you an amazing experience with seamless support via the Pickyourtrail application.Discover the epitome of luxury and romance with our exclusive honeymoon packages, or turn your dream vacation into reality with our tailored vacation packages, meticulously designed to exceed your every expectation and create lasting memories in enchanting destinations across the globe.

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