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New Zealand
Written by Srinivasan on May 31, 2020 Share on

NZD: All You Need To Know About New Zealand’s Currency

Money makes the world go around, Is it true? At least that’s what people say. So it’s handy to know about the ins and outs of it. Keeping this in mind let’s take a peek at the New Zealand dollars and what is its worth, like what all you can buy with New Zealand’s currency in the country.

New Zealand
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History Of New Zealand Currency

Initially, it was not even called Dollar, the original New Zealand’s currency used on this island nation was the New Zealand pound. This change/shift took place in 1967 and it was quite a relief for the people as the pounds were divided into twenty shillings and each shilling was divided into twelve pence. How confusing is it to read? Imagine shopkeeper in New Zealand who has to go through this hell each day. So the dollar made a good impact and made people’s life easy

The Notes

New Zealand’s currency fits well with the kiwi people’s mentality and that makes NZ great as a nation. Money is one of those interesting things we handle every single day and yet when we scrutinize it closely, we really don’t know much about it. For instance, NZ notes also have faces of very prominent kiwis who have helped shape not just their country but also the world. Come on, Let’s take a closer look at these notes

$5 Note

This is one note on which you’d be most likely to recognize the person. It’s the world-famous Sir Edmund Hillary, who is famous for being the first person on top of Mount Everest. New Zealand government has honoured and remembered him for this heroic act. On the reverse side of the note is the noble and majestic yellow-eyed penguin.

$10 Note

New Zealand's Currency
Image Credits: Pixabay

Kate Sheppard sits proudly on a ten-dollar New Zealand bill as she should. This pioneering woman claimed this spot being at the forefront fighting for women’s rights in New Zealand and because of her untiring efforts and belief, New Zealand became the first nation to give women the power to vote. And also, on the backside of this blue note is the New Zealand Blue Duck.

$20 Note

$20 Dollar Bill New Zealand's Currency
Image Credits: Pixabay

These bright green notes have the dear old queen on. Obviously, this goes back to when New Zealand was under the British empire. The other side of the twenty dollar note has a different bird on it. It is called the New Zealand Falcon. Though they aren’t a very rare bird they are something to gaze upon when you sight them. They generally cruise over the highways looking for any roadkill, and bigger ones are known to carry off newborn lambs

$50 Note

Apirana Ngata, the man who sits on the fifty dollar note was a prominent politician and a lawyer. People regard him as the most effective Maori politician to ever be part of the parliament. His tireless efforts to protect all aspects of the Maori culture. On the backside of this purple note is the Blue-wattled crow

$100 Note

New Zealand's Currency
Image Credits: Shutterstock

Every person wants to have their hands on this note for its value and not everyday a person can hold a nice crisp one hundred dollar note. The person elected to portray New Zealand’s most worthy note is Lord Rutherford of Nelson. This New Zealander basically led the ideas of modern chemistry. He lived a very notable life and is most famous for his work with the atom. He shares his note with the famous South Island Lichen Moth.

What Is New Zealand Currency Worth?

End of the day the whole point of introducing these New Zealand currency bills is to distinguish the worthiness of each different note. So, next time when you are in New Zealand with a fat pocket full of different notes, refer to our guides to see what all you can purchase with its worth.


A fiver is always very handy as it will get you coffee or at times a beer. It will also mean that you can legally buy a pie for yourself from a bakery or a gas station


A tenner will get you a cheap but a fulling breakfast at a cozy cafe but if you want to plan breakfast for the whole family with $10 it will get you a small packet of bacon, a dozen eggs, some avocado, and milk. You might even be surprised to know that a tenner can help you get a night at a campsite


Twenty bucks will get you twelve ice-cold beers from your nearby supermarket when they run on offers. It can even get you ten liters of petrol which means you can drive to a campsite and enjoy the beverages


If you are in Auckland or Queenstown a crisp fifty-dollar bill can get you admission to Skyline Gondola for two. It can even help you get admissions to Waitomo Glowworm Caves and a couple of mains at a nearby restaurant in the city.


For a hard-earned hundred dollar bill, you can expect to afford a two-person camper for the night which is a great way to explore this beautiful country. It can even get you a basic smartphone!!

Money has always been a very important aspect of our lives and we value it sometimes more than our life itself. So we thought why not have a blog which focuses on explaining the NZ Currency and exhibiting its values. We hope this has given you some bit of clarity of how much you want to carry for your next trip to New Zealand and also understand the currency itself. Now, what are you waiting for, plan your New Zealand vacation with Pickyourtrial right away and experience spending New Zealand’s currency

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