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Live the dream of being a mermaid or mermen by Snorkelling in Auckland

Have you ever wondered what it is like to swim at the bottom of the ocean? Ever wanted to know what it is like down there? Here is your chance. Head to one of the coolest countries to snorkel, New Zealand. Let’s get the mermaid or mermen dream of your childhood to become a reality. Snorkelling in Auckland is one of the best activities to indulge in your holiday. Go into the deep blue sea and explore a wide range of corals, flora and fauna. Below is a list of places you can enjoy the best snorkelling in Auckland.

Auckland CBD
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The best snorkelling Spots in Auckland

1. Goat Island

Goat Island, located in Auckland is the best spot to kickstart your snorkelling experience. The island is just a 5-minute drive from the centre of the city. Ideal for both scuba diving and snorkelling, the island has got some colourful corals that will keep you mesmerized under the ocean. On any regular day, you can find some unique snappers like the Monkey Face, Charlie Lip, Red Snapper etc. Goat Island is home to a large number of masses that help in the survival of these unique snappers. If you are a beginner to snorkelling or scuba diving, do not worry. All you need to know is how to swim and you can have the time of your life here! The island has also got guided snorkelling tours which you can choose on the spot.

2. Tawharanui

Only 15 minutes drive from Marakana is Tawharanui, a marine reserve spot. Home to fishes like snappers, crayfish, kelps, snorkelling here can be pretty fun. With the depth that goes down to 25 metres, one can truly feel what it is like to swim with the lives of the sea. Snorkelling here can be a little challenging if the weather here isn’t favourable. Be sure to check what the weather is like and collect snorkelling gears from the nearby stores before you head to swim.

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The place has also got guided snorkelling tours for the beginners and intermediates who need help. If you are person who does not wish to snorkel, head to pohutukawa beach to relax.

3. Great Barrier Island

For all those experts in snorkelling, head to Great Barrier Island, where the current of the ocean is just amazing. Explore the marine life, the colourful corals and a lot more at the bottom here. Swim through the remains of ships that were wrecked in the sea. Play hide and seek in those remains with your friends and family. Not sure about swimming? Enjoy a flight ride with Fly My Sky and see what the island is like far away from the surface.

4. Rakino Island

Situated in Auckland, is the Rakino Island, is a 45-minute drive from the city centre. If you are too lazy to drive, you can try taking a boat ride and enjoy the view on your way. If you love water and water sports, head out here for a fun-filled day. See the exotic snappers and stingrays right from where you are!

Boat Ride
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Rakino Island is little uncrowded and remote compared to any other island in the city. If you are planning to spend a day there, be sure to carry your own lunch. There aren’t any eateries for you to hog some food. Not just food, your snorkelling gears, your scuba suits, everything that is needed has to be carried by you.

Wait no more! Get your swimming lessons and head to Auckland. Live your childhood dream by swimming with fishes. Visit Pickyourtrail and choose the best New Zealand travel packages. Not sure how to plan your trip? Drop us a Whatsapp message and our travel expert will get in touch with you.

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