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Buckingham Palace
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Facts to inspire your trip to the Buckingham Palace

An absolute regal opulence, Buckingham Palace in London is the official residence of Her Majesty The Queen. Located in the heart of London, the Buckingham Palace is a must-visit for any visitor. Opened for 20 hours during the summers, the visit to the palace would include worldly sightseeing of all kinds – Change of Guards ceremony, visits of the enormous garden and palatial complex, art galleries. Read on to know more about this quintessential experience of a tour inside the Buckingham Palace. 

Buckingham Palace Entrance
Image Credits: Unsplash

Brief History of the Buckingham Palace: 

The Buckingham Palace history originates 1603 when it was originally a mulberry garden to real silkworms planted by King James I. Wrong kind bush led to the house being raised which is today’s royal residence though not official palace then. The Buckingham Palace became the official residence of the British Monarchy in 1837 when Queen Victoria acceded the throne.

Fascinating Facts

Changing of guard at the Buckingham Palace
Image Credits: Unsplash

  1. The famous red uniforms worn by the guards were selected for very practical reasons. Red dyes were cheapest to manufacture when the uniforms were created, so for cost-cutting at the palace. Red is one of the most harders colours to distinguish from a distance. The enemy would face difficulty in establishing the count of the soldiers. Smart! 
  2. Apart from the royal family, there is 800+ staff living in the palace. 

  3. The palace has a post office, police station, clinic, cinema, pool and also a cash machine. Almost like an opulent little village
  4. Though the palace was bombed 9 times during the WW2, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth refused to leave to a safer place and stayed throughout.
  5. John Nash was commissioned to transform the Buckingham house into the palace it is today. He crossed the budget quite over and was fired from the job. Well! It pays now with magnificent views, isn’t it?

Top things to see in Buckingham Palace: 

1. The Staircase

One of the best and the first things you will witness on your visit to Buckingham Palace. This double balustrade holds intricate designs of oaks, acanthus and laurel levels thus representing the world’s finest bronze casting work.

2. Throne Room

The most favourite of the visitors, the Throne rooms displays the thrones that are used for ceremonial receptions and investitures. The Throne Room is also the backdrop for famous royal wedding photos including Queen Elizabeth and The Duke of Edinburgh in 1947 and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in 2011

3. The State Rooms

Spreading across 39 acres, the Buckingham Palace has 775 rooms housing 19 state Rooms and 78 bathrooms. Marble columns, classic candelabra, luxurious carpets, royal furnishings, sculpture and artwork – the staterooms will provide you with a complete palace experience during your summer tour.

4. The Special Exhibition

A unique exhibition opens up every summer when royal animals bring together the works of art from the Royal Collection and one can admire at the connection between the Royal Family and animals

5. The Chandeliers

Undoubtedly you’re going to be gazing at some dramatic chandeliers at Buckingham Palace. The waterfall chandelier in the White Drawing room, the glass chandeliers in the Throne Room, the six crystal dazzling chandeliers suspended from the ceiling in the Ballroom are surely breathtaking when you catch a glimpse of them. Interesting Tip – almost £100,000 was spent on Chandelier cleaning in 2004 and these chandeliers in Buckingham Palace can be lowered with just a remote control. 

Busy day at the palace
Image Credits: Unsplash

Tickets and Timings:

Entry Ticket Costs:

Rs.2304 (24 pounds) per adult
Rs.1296 (13.50 pounds) per child.

Students and senior citizens can avail discounts anywhere between 13.50 and 22 pounds per entry. Opened from 9.30 am to 7 pm from July – August and till 6 pm in Septemeber. Ticket counter closes by 5.15 pm from July-August and 3.15 PM in September.

Now that you’re a bit aware of the palace and its magnificent interiors, it’s time to pack your bags to witness it in person. Start planning and ensure you book in advance to get the best tours of Buckingham Palace. Our travel consultants in Pickyourtrail will do the magic for you while you can sit back and relax.

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