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Windsor Castle
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Windsor Castle: Plan a Royal Visit in the United Kingdom!

Windsor Castle is a beacon of majesty and beauty in the centre of the United Kingdom, where time jumps between ages. This magnificent fortification creates a tapestry of royal heritage and national pride while set between beautiful scenery. Every stone in the structure, from the imposing towers to the hushed passageways, whispers stories of former rulers, creating vivid images of their victories and tribulations. Windsor Castle catches the imagination of tourists with its imperial splendour and panoramic views, luring them into a world where history comes to life. It serves as a tribute to the continuing spirit of the United Kingdom, where legacy and beauty come together in harmonic splendour. Do not forget to add the most amazing Windsor Castle into your United Kingdom itinerary and experience royalty!

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Windsor Castle history

Windsor Castle is an enduring representation of British culture and monarchy, with a history spanning more than nine centuries. Its history dates back to the 11th century, when William the Conqueror built a timber castle on the site. Over the years, it evolved into a magnificent stone fortress, renovated by succeeding kings.

Numerous historical events took place in Windsor Castle. During the Middle Ages, it served as both a royal home and a military castle, guarding the western approaches to London. Henry II strengthened the castle’s defences and started work on the Round Tower, which is now a recognisable part of the castle’s skyline.

Windsor Castle was transformed into an opulent palace in the 14th century by King Edward III. Later kings kept enhancing its splendour, including Henry VIII, who built the lavish St. George’s Chapel, a stunning example of Gothic design.

In 1992, tragedy overtook Windsor Castle when a terrible fire ravaged the upper ward and left behind significant damage. But after a significant repair project, the castle was reopened to the public in 1997 and once again displayed its majesty.

Today, Windsor Castle is the biggest inhabited castle in the world and the official seat of the British monarchy. Every year, millions of people visit it to marvel at its majesty and learn more about its rich history.

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Windsor Castle
Source – Pixabay

Things to see and do at Windsor Castle (within your ticket)

1. Magnificent State Apartments

You can visit the magnificent State Apartments which are furnished with some of the finest works of art. The Royal Collection of art and craft includes paintings by Rembrandt, Rubens and Canaletto.

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2. St George’s Chapel

The splendid St George’s Chapel is the location of the wedding of Prince Harry and Ms Meghan Markle. It is the finest example of Gothic architecture in England and will surely make you say WOW! The chapel is closed to general visitors on Sundays but worshippers are welcome to attend the Sunday services.

St. George's Chapel
Source – Pixabay

3. Semi-State Rooms

Get entertained by royalty in these Semi-State Rooms! These spectacular private apartments are open to visitors in the winter season. Have fun and make great memories.

[Please note that due to COVID19, Windsor Castle has closed the following rooms – The King’s Dressing Room, The King’s Bedroom, and The King’s Drawing Room, The King’s Closet, Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House, and The Moat Room. This action is taken to ensure a safe visit.]

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Fun Facts about the Windsor Castle

  1. The castle is very huge – This huge castle has 1,000 rooms and covers around 484,000 square feet.
  2. Queen Elizabeth II has slept in its dungeons – During World War II, the royal family decided to stay at the castle.
  3. Royal Weddings – Windsor Castle has seen a lot of royal weddings. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle also tied the knot here.
  4. Burial place – The St. George’s Chapel is also the burial place for ten monarchs including Henry VIII and Charles I.
  5. Dollhouse – The castle has the world’s most elaborate dollhouse. It features all the realistic items such as running water, electricity, flush toilets and so on! It also has a library with real books and a wine cellar with real wine bottles.

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Windsor Castle
Source – Pixabay

Windsor Castle is the symbol of royalty and you definitely should add it to your itinerary. Plan a trip to the United Kingdom and explore the unexplored. Pickyourtrail offers amazing United Kingdom packages on great deals! You can also customise your United Kingdom itinerary and have fun on your vacation just as you want!

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