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Dreaming about travel? Add these ideas to your journal already!

Travel is therapy. Times like these can stop you from travelling — but not from dreaming about it. And while you’re at it, add these ideas to your journal. And also, stay home, stay safe so you can travel tomorrow:)

Unshelve your long-forgotten bucket list; it could be Bungee Jumping in Australia or braving the bulls in Spain.

In the struggle of getting that block leave approved, we move from “I want to unwrap the world” and “There is always another year” in no time! Unshelve your bucket-list and start checking those off already! Scared of heights? Try bungee jumping in Australia. Speed gives you chills? Hop on a roller coaster ride in your favourite theme park. Of course, You Live Only Once (I think I am allowed to use the phrase at least once!)

Plan that international vacation with your friends already! It’s time.

We all have that one friend known for cancelling plans. Let those things be a matter of the past now and plan a vacation to the party heaven of Ibiza in Spain. Loud nightlife, quieter days and throbbing social life are everyday things in Ibiza and nothing like a vacation with your squad would do justice to this Meditteranean party hub!

Gift your parents a vacation. It’s your turn now!

Family vacations are one thing. Your mom roasting about your cry dramas in front of your fiance is a different level of fun altogether! Probably this is the best time to throw your parents that surprise vacation. Fly off to New York, stroll around the Times Square with them, whine about how slow your dad drives his car on a trip to the Grand Canyon or watch a Broadway Musical Show together.

Travel to an offbeat destination that you have never heard of!

Ta Prohm, Cambodia

Treat yourself with a solo vacation — practically as an ode to everything you have accomplished by yourself! The best pick is Cambodia, a place filled with culture, history, and antique marvels. Soak up the otherworldy spiritual vibes in the famous shrines of Angkor Wat, Ta Prohm and Bayon and spend hours of time reflecting inward.

Discover yourself on a short getaway to a far-off wilderness region: With strangers!

Walk the earth. Just you. With a bunch of strangers around. Travel to Iceland just to hike the snow-capped mountains and glistening grasslands, holding random conversations with fellow travellers. Kjolur route, from the Gullfoss waterfalls to Blonduos is a must-try for the best hiking stories to fill your journal with!

Try things you have never tried: Try to pronounce Konnichiwa; learn a new cuisine, dress up as a Filipino or dance away the famous Flamenco!

Visit a place firmly connected to its traditions like the Philippines, taste the food that’s popular among its locals, dress up like them and in a nutshell — forget where you come from for a bit and revel in the joy of travelling like a local.

Go on a solo vacation across Europe when the gates are open and unwrap a world you never knew existed!

Church of our Saviour, Copenhagen

Europe is but the best place to unwrap all by yourself! Explore the culturally diverse yet rooted place that Copenhagen is, take a road trip in the popular Amalfi coast or click a picture of your colourful Gelato with the Rialto bridge as the backdrop — and come back having explored a world beyond your imaginations.

Anytime the world opens the door to travelling, give Pickyourtrail a call. We will take it upon ourselves to make your dream vacation come true:)

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