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Top 9 Best Things to Do in Spain 2024

Hey, you Spanish fanatics! Heading to this glorious country in Europe which also goes by the name Spain? Well then save up your energy to check out the El Rastra flee market in Madrid, to soak a bit at La Tomatina, some bulls fight action at the Pamplona Bull Running festival, tapping around to the rhythms of flamenco dances in Sevilla, and to end your days high at Barrio del Carmen in Valencia! Spain does sound exciting and LIT yeah? Follow our list of the top things to do in Spain during your European tour and make it more exciting! Marcha lejos fellas!

1.  Alhambra – Ceiling and fountains

Alhambra,Top things to do in Spain
Image credit- virginvacations

With majestic ceilings, fountains, royal baths and tasty pomegranates-filled gardens, the Alhambra in Granada is more of a love ode to the Moorish-Hispanic culture. Once you are here, make note of the Sierra Nevada peaks and the 14th-century Palacios Nazaríes building. After thoroughly checking out the intricate details of Alhambra, settle for some serene time-out at the Generalife gardens.

2.  Calder’s Mercury Fountain

When art meets creativity, awesomeness is the by-product. This is exactly what happened when Alexander Calder, an American sculptor was asked to build a fountain using mercury! Yes, you heard it right! The Calder’s Mercury Fountain was kept on display at the 1937 World Fair held in Paris. This fountain can currently be checked out in Fundacio Joan Miro in Barcelona.

Quick Tip: Take a funicular up ride up the Montjuic Hill from Paral·lel station to reach the Joan Miro Foundation building.

3.  Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias – Arts and Sciences

Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias,Top things to do in Spain
Image credit- lonelyplanet

Ever heard of Valencia’s cultural marvel of Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias which spans over 2km? Mind-blowing we know! This complex is a modern age wonder spot featuring an art gallery on the outer region, grand variety of aboriginal plants, Hemisfèric arena which boasts of in-house IMAX theatre, Laserium and a huge Planetarium. Lovers of science should head straight to Felipe Science Museum, Palau de les Reina Sofía for opera shows and finally the Oceanográfico aquarium to check out the marine species.

Fun fact: Oceanográfico in Valencia is the largest aquarium in Europe.

4.  Josep Pujiula Labyrinth – Natural wonder

Josep Pujiula Labyrinth,Top things to do in Spain
Image credit- squarespace

Labyrinths are always fancy and that’s exactly what Josep Pujiula, a textile employee felt over 30 years back. The Josep Pujiula Labyrinth is the work of a dedicated Spanish civilian, who created his own fairyland using natural landscape. The Pujilula I Vila was started initially alongside the river of Fluvia in Catalonia. With high towers mapped out only with long branches and trees, visit this natural tube-tunnel aka homemade park in Girona to appreciate the old man’s excellence!

5. Mezquita de Cordoba –  Cathedral and Mosque

Mezquita de Cordoba,Top things to do in Spain
Image credit- ruralidays

Marble floors, monstrous arches, columns enriched with jasper stones, Byzantine mosaics and many more will leave you astounded at Mezquita de Cordoba. This cathedral is also an epitome of Abd ar-Rahman III’s high-point during his rule. With a mystical touch to its ambience and opulent decors, take a trip to Córdoba and make some awe-inspiring memories.

6. Island of Gaztelugatxe

Gaztelugatxe,Top things to do in Spain
Image credit- wikipedia

The tiny isle of Gaztelugatxe sits on the Basque coast of Spain. This crooked bridge which has famed steps connects the coastal region to Gaztelugatxe. Getting some Game Of Thrones feels already? Well, there’s more! The religious hermitage built in the 11th century was set up by the Knights Templar. After climbing up the large set of stairs, make a wish for, the legend calls it the wishing spot. Little rocks, long stairs and a wish-granting arena – make the best of all worlds at Gaztelugatxe!

7.  Sagrada Família – Roman Catholic Church

Sagrada Família,Top things to do in Spain
Image credit- touracti

A visit to Sagrada Família, the famous Roman Catholic Church in Barcelona – unfinished till date – is definitely one of the top things to do in Spain. Closing in on multiple spires and facades, the interiors of Church of the Sacred Family was designed to perfection Gaudí. You can also check out the inscriptions taken from the liturgy, featuring words like Hosanna and Excelsis. Another fact about Sagrada Família is that a part of this beautiful church features in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.

8. Picos de Europa – Restaurants and scenic views

Picos de Europa,Top things to do in Spain
Image credit- kudoybook

Looking for some fine-dining arenas? Look nowhere but Picos de Europa to satisfy your gastronomical needs. With multiple restaurants on its cobbled lanes, refreshing air, hiking trails and snow-capped peaks, don’t hold your excitement whilst you pamper yourself with the eye-captivating vistas offered by Picos de Europa. Making some quality memories at Picos de Europa should be on your list of top things to do in Spain for sure, right?

9. Nou-Camp & Santiago Bernabeu – Football love

Nou-Camp & Santiago Bernabeu,Top things to do in Spain
Image credit- sillyseason

Spain and football go hand in hand! It gets even better if you get to witness the El-Classico, Barcelona vs Real Madrid at either Nou-camp or Santiago Bernabeu. Don’t frown if you don’t get the tickets, for a stadium tour will give you the best thrills. From bench-areas to football stars’ locker rooms, can your Spanish venture get any better?

Natural sights, historic buildings and football stadiums. Spain unleashed to the fullest! Make a booking with us and explore the best during your Spain holidays!

Viva La Espana

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