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Festival in Mizoram
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Festivals of Mizoram – A story of Unity in Diversity

A Muslim lights a lamp of the Hindus using the candles of the Christians and this is the Unity in Diversity of India said, Dr A. P. J. Abdul Kalam once. This quote signifies the diversity across the country and yet unity in tradition, culture and beliefs. The 28 state mammoth that is India, has a diverse range of people. Traditions, beliefs and even religions inside the country. The Northeastern part of India is a small nook at the top right corner of the country. This nook encapsulates some of the most beautiful untouched and unexplored landscapes that call this country home. In these, The festivals of Mizoram is one unique experience.

The Seven Sisters of India as they are popularly called, are seven states which are tightly packed and intertwined which collectively form the Northeastern states of India. The seven states are Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and Tripura. These seven states are in the bucket list of every Indian who wants to explore these landscapes.

Mizo's celebration
Photo by Herbert Kikoy on Unsplash

The state that is in contention of the conversation today is the peaceful and quiet state of Mizoram. Mizoram is one of the most important and most visited places in the Northeast of India. The native people, the Mizo’s, originated from the South East Asian Countries. Since time immemorial the religion of Christianity has been travelling with the Mizo’s and is one of the most followed beliefs in the state. Their strong roots to culture and religion made sure that neither the Mizo’s nor the government of Mizoram forgot their roots and their most important festival. And as you read on, you will get to know in-depth about these festivals of Mizoram.

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Mizoram is one of the most beautiful places in India and tourist-friendly states out of the seven sister states. Many of the festivals in Mizoram have attracted a lot of foreign tourists who want to indulge themselves in the culture and festivity of Mizoram. The authenticity of the festivals of Mizoram stems from the fact that the Mizo’s have not forgotten their roots and their culture. Till date, the Mizo’s are known to be one of the most culturally oriented and traditionally driven.

The festivals of Mizoram are the best times to explore the culture, dance forms and music of the state. The colourful festivals are a delight to be part of as they happen in full glory across villages, cities and large arenas. The festivals attract a lot of tourists every year.

The Top 3 Festivals in Mizoram

Now that you have sufficient insight into the culture, tradition and festivals of Mizoram, we shall go ahead and take a deep dive into the three of the most important festivals in Mizoram. These festivals happen throughout the year during various seasons.

Chapchar Kut Festival, Mizoram

The Chapchar Kut Festival is one of the major festivals in Mizoram. This vibrant and colourful festival is special in Mizoram for the fact that it signifies the welcome of Spring season in the state. Thousands of locals and tourists throng to the festival to get a glimpse of the performances and other festivities. In Aizawl, which is the capital of Mizoram, the Chapchar festival also transforms the festivals into a giant carnival. In 1973, the Mizoram government recognized the festival be celebrated by everyone and not just the ethnic groups. Hence the tribal and the agro people celebrate the culture of Mizoram in full glory.

Chapchar festival
Photo by Hitoshi Namura on Unsplash

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The spring season means the onset of cultivation season. The farmers cut the woods and head to the farms. The leftover wood is burned and the crops are sawed during the monsoon season which is why the Chapchar is also considered as the harvest festival of Mizoram.

2. Mim Kut Festival

The Mim Kut Festival is yet another important harvest festival in the state of Mizoram. It is dedicated to the loved ones and the departed souls. The importance of the Mim Kut Festival is also directly related to the importance of the Chapchar festival. The crops that were sowed during the Chapchar festival are harvested during the Mim Kut Festival in Mizoram. Whilst a lot of the festivals have a lot of cultural dance and music performances, this festival is more of a ceremony than a carnival.

Mim kut festival
Photo by Anggit Rizkianto on Unsplash

The Mizo people who are the locals of Mizoram, take the first produce from the harvest and present it to the departed souls who are believed to visit the home during the festival to have them. Apart from just the product from the harvest, they also keep their favourite articles such as clothes, ornaments and any other objects that ring memory. Yet another interesting observation is that the festival happens unanimously in all the Mizo households and does not have any differentiation based on religion. Right from the rich to the poor, the young to the old celebrate this festival with equal importance. The Mim Kut festival can also be seen similar to the dead festivals that are celebrated in the Southeast Asian countries. This also ties back to their lineage and the rituals that were possibly followed by their ancestors.

3. Pawl Kut Festival, Mizoram

By now it should have been evident that harvesting and their produce is near and dear to the Mizo’s. The Pawl Kut Festival in Mizoram is yet another major festival that happens annually in the state. This is also a harvest festival but with a different significance from the other festivals mentioned above. The festival was first recorded in the 15th century and has an interesting backstory to it.

Pawl kut festival
Photo by Joe Ciciarelli on Unsplash

Mizoram had faced a severe drought which lasted for three years. The locals prayed to the rain god to show them some respite and lo and behold the rain gods showered their blessings on the people. Being rejoiced by the blessing, the people decided to dedicate their first product to the rain god. Since then the festival is always celebrated during the end of autumn and the starting of Spring.

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