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Finland in November
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Finland in November – Make it a memorable visit!

Finland is a hidden treasure in Northern Europe. It provides what most people seek around the world: peace, comforting natural sights and sounds, the elegance of the wild, culinary perfection, security, and authenticity. In Finland, November marks the end of fall and the beginning of winter. This means that most of the country will be dark and gloomy, with the possibility of snow sports in the north. Continue reading to learn more about where to go and what to do in Finland in November.

Weather in Finland in November

The weather in Finland in November depends on the destination. It is the end of autumn in the south. This means you can experience milder temperatures, especially at the beginning of the month. There is a lot of snow in the Arctic Circle, especially above the Arctic Circle. In November, the average temperature in Finland is 32 ° C (0 ° C). It is also the rainiest month of the year. That is, unpleasant slashes and ice in the south, but good snowfall in the north. 

Finland in November
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November in Finland is usually a very dark month. Officially not as dark as December, heavy rain/snowfall means there are a lot of clouds around, so the small sun there tends to be blocked. Sunlight is expected to be about 6 hours in the south and a few hours in the north. Short days can have a significant impact on what you can see and do in a day, especially outdoors.

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Places to visit in Finland in November

1. Levi

With its many pristine landscapes, Finland is a dream destination for nature lovers. For outdoor enthusiasts, Winter Resort Levi is arguably the best choice for fun. Located in Finland’s Lapland, Levi offers miles of skiing and snowboarding. There are also opportunities for more unusual activities such as reindeer safaris, ice fishing expeditions and relaxing in the large outdoor sauna. Levi’s nightlife is a big attraction for Finnish residents. Don’t leave until you’ve explored the bars, lounges and clubs in the centre of Levi’s. 

Finland in November
Source: Unsplash

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2. Kemi

Industrially, Kemi is the best-known town for pulp mills in Lapland, Finland. However, travellers are best aware of Chemi as the location of the legendary Snow Castle. The castle is built annually and is three stories high and can be used as a venue for weddings and live concerts. You can also stay at the SnowHotel on request. Chemi also has a vibrant nightlife. Your destination is where you can take an Arctic icebreaker tour that meanders the Arctic Ocean for stunning icebergs and stunning views.

Finland in November
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3. Rovaniemi

If you want to experience the beauty of Lapland,  Rovaniemi is the ultimate gateway to all that. Rovaniemi, the capital of Finland’s Lapland,  was destroyed at the end of  World War II. As a result, much of the architecture is mid-century and Brutalist in design.  Rovaniemi has some great attractions, but arguably one highlight is that it functions as Santa Claus’s official Finnish home. Visitors can visit Santa Claus Village, get stamps from the Santa Claus Post Office, and visit a Christmas-themed underground amusement park. Rovaniemi’s Christmas attractions include engineering feats known as the Corndi Culture House, the Pilke Science Center, and the Jätkänkynttilä  Bridge.

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4. Finnish Lakeland

As the name implies, Finland’s Lakeland is a Finnish area with many lakes. There are about 55,000 lakes at least 200 meters wide here! The region straddles central and eastern Finland and borders the stunning Sarpauselka ridge and the Russian border. The largest lake in the area is Saimaa, where you can swim, boat or hike to enjoy the scenery. While in the  Finnish Lake District, you can also explore the university town of Jyväskylä and the medieval castle of St. Olav.

Finnish Lakeland
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What to do in Finland in November

Active travellers will enjoy winter sports, especially in Finland in November: downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating, snowmobiles, reindeer sledging, dog sledging, and ice swimming. Lakes tend to freeze in late November, so be careful (or seek local advice) if you plan to skate on the frozen lake in November. Whatever your outdoor activity, warm up with Finnish glögi and a sauna. 

Northern lights
Source: Unsplash

November is a good time to see the northern lights. Head north to the countryside of Lapland for the best chance of seeing this magical natural phenomenon. You can also stay in a specially designed glass igloo and experience a natural phenomenon without leaving your warm bed.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Finland in November

When is the best time to travel to Finland?  

The best time to travel to Finland is in the summer from June to August. The climate is mild and the days are a little long, so you can spend a lot of time sightseeing and doing various activities. During this time, both tourist facilities and transportation companies are running at full speed.

Is Finland safe?

Yes, Finland is very safe for tourists spending their dream vacation with their loved ones. There are no major security issues in the country, and the administration is on alert 24×7 to ensure that nothing disturbs the peace.

How many days is enough to visit Finland? 

If you want to explore Finland, it should take at least 7-8 days. During this period you will be able to cover all the major attractions of Finland and indulge in some of the most demanding activities. The time you spend in this place will give you a unique experience that you can cherish for the rest of your life.

Finland is a veritable treasure trove of adventures! Finland is a rare find waiting to be explored, from the sea to the snow, for young and old alike. It is difficult to narrow down the number of places to visit in Finland. But your Finland vacation will undoubtedly be exciting and leave you wanting more! So, hurry up and book your personalised itinerary for the Finland vacation in Pickyourtrail and get Finland trip packages at the cheapest deals!

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