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Top restaurants and cafes in Florence that get you food high

The homeland of numerous art masterpieces is also a resplendent land of great food. Florence, being the capital of Tuscany, represents the region in the most stunning way. Food is in its glorious form with the best of the Tuscan pasta, pizza and gelato. Upcoming restaurants feature star-studded lists that comprise of world famous chefs. Traditional Tuscan recipes being turned into their modern complimentary dishes are a popular fashion now. As a result, the Tuscan capital is full of buzzing, trendy restaurants that will make you go on endless food tours for numerous days at an end. Here’s a list of top restaurants in Florence to help you out in that department.

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Osteria Tripperia Il Magazzino and Lo Osteria Personale:

Italian Food
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An Osteria is a small Italian food joint that serves staples in the region. Florence especially thrives with these simple, inexpensive restaurants to address its tourists. Locally flavoured pizzas, pasta and bread are found here along with apt pastries, that are known as pasticceria. Tripe is a local speciality that almost every restaurant makes. Do not shy away after the google searches, because it is something you’ve gotta try and decide. Magazzino prepares tripe like no one else with tripe ravioli and stews in large portions. Lo Osteria Personale is another beauty that is crowned with the word Osteria. The prosciutto di Parma served, when paired with wine is heavenly. Florentine steak is the highlight of the meal. The crazy thing is, they don’t even make Pasta.

Trattoria Zà Zà Firenze:

Trattoria Zà Zà Firenze, a top restaurant in Florence

Instagram’s favourite, Trattoria Zà Zà Firenze is the best in the millennial pizza business. Yes, I said that because of the cute tiny pizzas they are famous for. Pasta, salads are all worth eating. I’m sure you’ll fall in love with the place as soon as you enter, as it looks like a hobbit’s residence that was decorated by a master designer. Truffle steak comes in a beautiful medium rare red scattered with powdered truffles. In fact, you will find truffle pasta and truffle everything if you’d like to. The lasagna and pizza are a festival on the taste buds. The apple tart is an absolute magic way to finish off the meal.

Tamero Pizzeria, Trattoria Nerone:

Wood Fired Pizza
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Who goes to Florence and does not feast on pizza on the land of its origin? Pizzerias in this region make wonderfully crafted, eye-catching and delicious pizza. Tamero is a pasta and pizza bar that captures a distinct place in your heart after you’ve been there. The delightful thing is, you could sit under the canopy and dine looking at the strangers pass by. Tamero is also known for their splendid wines like Prosecco. Don’t forget to try the chicken meatballs.

Trattoria Nerone looks like a liar of an underground royal. With funky chandeliers and spooky decors, it is a really curious place to be. Wood fired pizza is what they’re famous for and they do it so well, you have to check out the place at least once.

Ristorante Michel’angelo:

Gourmet food at Ristorante Michel'angelo
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This restaurant is the most romantic and stylish hut to eat out while in Florence. Gourmet food doesn’t get better than this. Head here at dusk and you will find the whole place decorated with beautiful lights and slowly you’ll see the love sinking in. A place that’s named after Michelangelo must be beautiful enough, or the world will rebel. Hence, this artisan restaurant wins in all aspects. Here you could take cooking lessons with the chef, have aperitifs at the bar and taste traditional Italian dishes made beautifully. Pappardelle alla Domenica, Bruschetta, chicken marsella and Tiramisu are some heartwarming dishes you should try.

Caffe Cibreo, La Milkeria:

Cafe Cibreo
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Cafe Cibreo features in every list of ‘Best cafes in Florence’ proudly. It is situated on one of the trendiest streets in the town and is one of the prettiest ever. Pasta, roast beef, antipasto are all famous here. To some people, it is the best food ever in Italy. Wine and pudding are curiously the best combinations to sit down with. Nobody minds if you bring out a laptop too.

La Milkeria is an inviting little cafe that is full of buzzing tourists in the morning. This is one of those cafes that are typical to their names, give out awesome coffees and waffles, irrespective of the region. Pancakes, crepes, waffles and gelato are on their best form with milkshakes all day. It’s a good place to be lazing around all day with cappuccinos to keep you going.


Amorino Gelato
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Ever seen flower shaped gelato and wondered where you could get some? Amorino is not only cut out for when those munchies kick in but also serves the best Tuscan gelato in town. It is such a delight to see tourists marvel over these tiny pieces of art. The rose lookalike cones not only please our aesthetic cravings but are also exuberant when it comes to taste. This way you could get several flavours in one cone, well that’s how a foodie must think. Do not forget to try out the chocolate, coffee, mango and of course, the gelatino frappes.

Momio on Via Pisana:

Traditional Italian Dishes with Modern touches
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This beautiful restaurant takes simple Italian traditional recipes and transcends the boundaries set by those ways of cooking, thereby producing heavenly dishes. We at Pickyourtrail always love such fusional hands. Each plate looks like a graffiti work of artistic chefs. Ravioli, pot roasts and even pancakes and wines are beautiful here. Try their trout, and squid pasta and get transported to the medieval times.

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