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Top 10 things to do on your Italy Trip in 2024

Cliché as it may sound, we would advise you to ‘do as the Roman’s do’ when in Italy. Here are 10 things to do in Italy. You must, we insist, not leave Italy before you do them! And if you need help getting there, don’t forget us. Pickyourtrail is always happy to help!

1. Eat a Pizza in Naples

Neopolitan Pizza

Naples is the official birthplace of the ubiquitous Pizza. And Pizzeria Brandi is where believed to be the very place where the first Pizza was made by Raffaele Esposito, a humble baker of bread. When he created the pizza with three colours of the Italian flag, it won the heart of Queen Margherita. Leaving Italy without eating a Neapolitan Pizza would be like leaving without getting a sense of its soul.

Where: Brandi is at Salita S.Anna di Palazzo, 1-2 angolo via Chiaia.


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2. Watch an Italian Opera

Italian Opera
Image credit – italianbreaks

There is nothing more Italian than watching an opera in a Roman amphitheatre. Go back to the days of gladiator fights and chariot races. Maybe not exactly that, but an equally dramatic musical that would leave you speechless, even if you don’t understand the language.

Where: Teatro Alla Scala in Milan. Remember to book ahead!

3. Ride the Venetian way


So a Gondola ride is on your bucket list when in Venice. But while you do that, get to know the difference between a Gondola, Vaporetto, and a Traghetto. Vaporetti (plural for Vaporetto) are the big boats that double up as water-buses in Venice. Gondola’s are of course what the symbol of Venice is for most people. A Traghetto, however, is a humbler version of the Gandolo – they are used to cross the Grand Canal at specific spots, where bridges are not available.

4. You thought there was only one David in Italy?

michelangelo's David Italy

Start counting the ‘Davids’, starting from the real one in Galleria dell’Accademia. You will find that David is much of a favourite among all of Italy. We know of the ones in Piazza Signoria and the Piazzale Michelangelo, you find more, do tell us! Interesting game ain’t it?

5. When in Italy, eat Gelato


Did you know gelato is made of milk and has no cream? Easily the best way to get the satisfaction of eating an ice cream with no need to count the calories! Gelato is not just dessert, it’s an all time favorite snack in Italy. Don’t say we didn’t warn you though – you could get addicted though!

So said another friend of ours. Read her story!

6. Know Your Cheese

Italian Cheese

Know before you go to Italy, that this country lives and breathes cheese – of which they have more than 400 types. We know of the Parmigiano-Reggiano, the King of cheese that is part of every pasta. Or maybe the Ricotta, that is best paired with olive oil and bread crusts? Explore, there’s plenty more.

7. Wine and Vineyards

vineyard-989270_1920As you cross the rolling hills of Tuscany, you know that this is vineyard territory. The air is crisp and clean, the views are just green, interspersed with the spires of rustic castles and winding roads. Time to stop and do a wine tasting session at one of the world’s most renowned wine country. Tuscan wines are famous – Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino are some names that may ring a bell. Sample some of these at the place where they are made!

8. Sail in the Mediterranean waters

Sailing through-Cinque-Terre-La-Spezia-Province
Image credit – travelassets

Italy has a different side that is best seen from along its coast. The Cinque Terre is one such picturesque area that can be experienced from a sailboat. You will sail through all five villages along the rugged coastline that is known as the Italian Riviera. The most relaxing experience in the list of things to do in Italy – watch the world go slowly by, as the waves lap at your boat and you are enveloped in a calm that you never knew before.

Don’t stop there! Go ahead and discover these magical islands, too!

9. Live the Regal life in a castle

Bardi Castle, Italy
Image credit – wikipedia

Ever wondered how it would be like to live like royalty, even if it is just for a few days? Among the top things to do in Italy is to live it up like royalty in castles-turned-hotels, all 6 of them. Choose the 11th century Castello di Petroia, overlooking the green Chiascio River Valley if you want to be far from the maddening crowds. Or maybe the Castello di Spaltenna based in the Tuscan region of Chianti, if you want to bit of the vineyard feel.

10. Discover Black Gold

Truffle hunting Umbria Italy
Image credit – cnbc

In the Umbrian region of Italy, there is truffle hunter in every family, almost a tradition. Umbria produces the highest number of Black Truffles, known as black gold in the rest of the world. One of the top things to do in Italy is truffle hunting among the Umbrian mountains and discovering an integral part of Italian culture.

Where: Wild Foods Truffle Hunt at Località Pettino, 06042 Campello sul Clitunno PG, Italy

Love truffles? We do too. Discover other foodgasmic Italian creations your palate is craving for!

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