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Things to see and do in Italy
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Italy in September – A Comprehensive Guide to a Fun Italy Holiday!

Are you dreaming to visit Italy in the month of September? This month will greet you with its sunny skies and warm weather. In addition to this, the beautiful European country also hosts several entertaining events and festivals. You can also witness many cultural events and enjoy these unique experiences. And then, you can also go on a trip to the countryside because the climate is just perfect. This is just a fantastic month to go swimming on the coast with your kids and family. If you’re a night person you can chill by the roadside cafes and enjoy the breeze. Moreover, since it is not the peak season, there are very few tourists around.


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Ah yes, the weather is just perfect for roaming around and what are you waiting for? Go ahead and plan your vacation because the time is just fantastic! If you’re visiting Italy in September with your friends and family, keep reading to find why visiting Italy in September is the best decision and about the must-have experiences during your stay there.

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Italy countryside
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Weather in Italy in September

Summers in Italy is usually humid and hot. But as the calendar marks September, the temperature begins to drop. Summer is almost gone and the weather is just pleasant to roam around. Slowly, the autumn season begins in Italy and you can experience, warmer morning and cool nights. So yes, this is also the perfect season to spend your breezy evening at the local cafes and pubs. Usually, During the September month, the temperature in Italy ranges between 18°C and 27°C. Hence, you can travel light to Italy. Meaning, you won’t require layers or any sweatshirts, or even your boots and umbrellas. Enjoy the pleasant weather at this time in Italy and make the most out of your Italian holiday.

Festivals and Events in Italy in September

It’s the beginning of Autumn in Italy and there is happiness all around. Being the harvest season, the countryside is full of joy and positivity. During the month of September, there are several festivals and events happening around. For all the food lovers out there, Italian food festivals will keep you busy. Taste everything from chocolate and white truffles. If you’re a film buff, you can have sure shot entertainment at the Film Festivals. The mood is always pleasant and happy on Italian soil. Here are the most wonderful festivals which you must attend in the month of September :

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1. Regatta Storia

Regatta Storia is one of the most famous festivals in the month of September. It is a historic boat race festival that starts on the first Sunday of September month. Many people throng into Venice to witness this boat race. Since the 16th century, Venice is known for this historic sport. The most interesting fact is that before the event, a parade takes place in the venue. When you are in Italy in the month of September, do not miss witnessing this festival. All we recommend is to go early and grab the most convenient seat. And then, you can satiate your finger at the floating stalls around the canals. The venue seems just so lively and you will surely love being there.

historic boat race in italy
Image Source: Unsplash

2. The Potato Festival

Do you love potatoes? Then you must be part of this amazing festival that celebrates Potatoes in Italy. Ah yes, this festivals takes place in Bologna and celebrates your favourite vegetable on earth! All the foodies out there, you will be flattered by the line-up of potato-based dishes in the festival. If you are visiting Italy in the month of September, drop by and learn all about the different potato varieties and the dishes based on them. Treat yourself to the local potato-based recipes. You can wander around and taste food wherever you like from food carts, vehicles, booth and local eateries. From potato-based salad to soups with potatoes, you can taste the fries, crisps, and even potato pizza.

3. Venice International Film Festival

The next event on the list is the Venice International film festival. This festival is a perfect entertainment option for all the movie buffs out there! It takes place in Venice and pumps in lots of excitement around, pulling in many travellers from outside Italy. The festival happens early in September and if you’re lucky you can even get selfies with a few of your favourite actors. So yes, meet a few of your favourite movie stars and grab some popcorn to watch world movies as well. In addition to this, you can also witness art exhibits, amazing dance performances in the venue.

The Best things to see and do in Italy in September

1. Climb Mt. Vesuvius

The weather in the month of September tempts you to go on a hike. Climbing up Mt. Vesuvius is indeed the best option when you are holidaying in Italy. You can enjoy the stunning views from up above the mountain. All you need is the perfect hiking shoes and sunscreen. In addition to this, Mt. Vesuvius is surely one of Italy’s must-do activities. When you are hiking you can enjoy a worldly view with your friends and family. Cherish this once in a lifetime moment in the best possible way. Don’t forget to click a photo on the top of the mountain as you will be praising yourself upon the achievement.

2. Explore Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is a vibrant coastal region that is filled with absolute beauty and nothing else. The month of September is indeed the best one to visit the colourful buildings in the region. The beautiful buildings on the rugged cliffs is a postcard-perfect scene that all tourist enjoy to witness in Italy. You can explore all the quaint little villages by renting a car. You can take small breaks near the stunning viewpoints and pose for a selfie with your family. In addition to this, there are several romantic spots exclusively for the romantics. And most importantly, you can also have great food at the small eateries on your way.

best things to see in Italy

3. Explore Naples and Go on a Pizza Tour

Any Italian vacation is incomplete if you don’t taste pizza in Naples. The city of Naples is heaven for all pizza lovers. When you’re in Naples, go on a walking tour and drop by the tiny pizza outlets that serve the tasty, juicy pizzas in the country. Embark on a taste test with your friends and eat as many pizzas as you like. And if it’s September month, the climate is just perfect to go on a walking tour.

pizza in italy

Travel Tips – If you’re visiting Italy in September

If you’re visiting Italy in September, here are few pointers which you must note :

  • September can also little busy in Italy. Hence pre-book your stay and activities.
  • If any festival is on your agenda, please pre-book them as well. So that you are sure of seating arrangements.
  • Pack very light as the temperature is slightly higher.
  • If you plan to trek around in Italy, you must pack your hiking shoes.

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