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Delicious Maldives Food Dishes: 10 Maldivian dishes you should not miss!

Picture a paradise with pristine waters, white sand beaches, and magnificent coral reefs teeming with colourful marine life –  this is the magnificent Maldives. This charming island nation is the ideal fusion of unmatched natural beauty and a deep cultural history. The inhabitants of the Maldives are friendly and inviting, and its cuisine is as unique and varied just the same as its beautiful surroundings. Maldives cuisine is a reflection of the geographic and cultural elements that have shaped this island nation. Fresh seafood, coconut, and aromatic spices are used frequently in the dish, making the food amazing. 

On your Maldives holiday, don’t miss out on the excellent Maldivian cuisine and try to eat almost everything this tropical paradise has to offer. Maldives cuisine has a rich culinary heritage and uses fresh ingredients to create a range of meals that will tempt your taste buds. There is something for everyone, from hot curries to sweet desserts. Have a look at the top 10 Maldives food dishes you simply must eat while visiting this amazing paradise. Let’s get going.

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Top 10 Maldives Food Dishes

Here are a top 10 delectable Maldivian delicacies to try on your next vacation to the Maldives, have a look:

1. Garudhiya

Traditional Maldivian fish soup called “Garudhiya” is made with tuna and coconut milk. It is a well-liked meal that is offered in a lot of local restaurants and cafés in the Maldives. Known for its rich and savoury broth that is flavoured with ginger, garlic, and onions, the non-vegetarian meal garudhiya is popular and a must-try. The soft tuna chunks in the soup offer a meaty texture and accentuate the delicious flavour. It is frequently served with steaming hot rice or roshi flatbread, making it a satisfying and pleasant meal.

  • Type of dish: Soup
  • Where to find this dish in the Maldives: Seagull Café House, Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, and Muraka Restaurant.
  • Approximate Price: INR 270 – INR 1071 (depending upon the place)
  • Veg/Non-Veg Dish: Non-Vegetarian dish

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Maldives Food
Source: Pixabay

2. Saagu Bondibai

Saagu Bondibai is a delectable dessert that reflects the essence of the Maldives in every bite. Sago pearls, coconut milk, and palm sugar are used to make this well-known Maldives treat, which results in an exquisite balance of tastes and textures. You will be sent to a happy paradise as soon as you swallow a spoonful of this treat. It is a sweet treat that will leave you feeling refreshed and fulfilled, and is a must-try for any visitor to the Maldives.

  • Type of dish: Pudding, Dessert
  • Where to find this dish in the Maldives: Anantara Dhigu, Sea Fire Salt, and The Lighthouse Restaurant.
  • Approximate Price: INR 1070 – INR 2500 (depending upon the place)
  • Veg/Non-Veg Dish: Vegetarian dish
Maldives Food
Source: Unsplash

3. Mas Huni

From the idyllic tropical nation of the Maldives comes the savoury breakfast meal known as Mas Huni. It’s the ideal combination of fresh tuna, grated coconut, red onion, chilli, and zesty lime juice. A delectable combination of sweetness, spice, and saltiness is created by hand-blending the ingredients until they are well-combined. Your taste senses will be transported to a tropical island retreat by this fragrant and reviving dish, which is frequently served with hot roshi bread.

  • Type of dish: Breakfast
  • Where to find this dish in the Maldives: Crystal Sands and Sea House
  • Approximate Price: INR 250 – INR 1300 (depending upon the place)
  • Veg/Non-Veg Dish: Non-Vegetarian dish

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4. Bis keemiya

In the Maldives, Bis keemiya is a common snack that is frequently eaten with tea or as an appetiser before a meal. It is a triangle-shaped pastry with a crispy, flaky crust that is encased in a filling of spiced beef mince, potatoes, and onions, just like an Indian Samosa. The pastry is deep-fried until it turns golden brown, giving each bite a delicious crunch. The tantalising flavour combined with the aromatic fragrance of the seasoned beef creates a satisfying snack. It’s the ideal comfort food for a gloomy day or when you need a quick energy boost.

  • Type of dish: Snack, Appetiser
  • Where to find this dish in the Maldives: Any street cafés in Male and Hulhumale
  • Approximate Price: INR 10 – INR 50 (depending upon the place)
  • Veg/Non-Veg Dish: Non-Vegetarian and vegetarian, both available
Maldivian samosa
Source: Unsplash

5. Gulha

The tasty Gulha, a popular Maldivian delicacy, comes next on the list. It’s a small-sized ball of dough stuffed with spicy tuna, onions, and coconut, and then deep-fried until golden brown. This delicious snack is ideal for sharing with loved ones, or as a tasty treat to savour on your own. Try the amazing Gulha and prepare to leave a lasting impact on your taste buds.

  • Type of dish: Snack, Appetiser
  • Where to find this dish in the Maldives: Any street cafés in Male and Hulhumale
  • Approximate Price: INR 10 – INR 50 (depending upon the place) 
  • Veg/Non-Veg Dish: Non-Vegetarian dish
snacks in Maldives
Source: Unsplash

6. Aluvi Boakibaa

Another traditional Maldivian food known as Aluvi Boakibaa is made with grated cassava, coconut, and onions. The mixture is then seasoned with turmeric, cumin, and chilli before being baked till golden brown. The end product is a flatbread that is crisp and flavorful and is brimming with unique Maldivian flavours. Anyone interested in learning more about the extensive culinary traditions of the Maldives must taste this wonderful and nourishing dish.

  • Type of dish: Cassava Cake
  • Where to find this dish in the Maldives: City Bakery, and Fine Bake by Suzi
  • Approximate Price: INR 250 – INR 370 (depending upon the place) 
  • Veg/Non-Veg Dish: Vegetarian dish

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7. Maldivian Lady

Maldivian Lady is a delightful and tropical drink that is popular among visitors to the Maldives. Fresh coconut water, coconut cream, and a tiny bit of lime juice are combined to create this non-alcoholic beverage, which has a tart and tangy kick. The beverage is frequently served in a coconut shell, which enhances its exotic appeal. The ideal beverage for a hot day, which provides a refreshing and hydrating boost and transports you to the breathtaking white-sand beaches of the Maldives.

  • Type of dish: Refreshment, Drink
  • Where to find this dish in the Maldives: Raabondi Restaurant, and Kakuni Bar
  • Approximate Price: INR 1070 – INR 1870 (depending upon the place)
  • Alcoholic/Non-Alcoholic: Non-Alcoholic Drink
Maldives Food
Source: Pexels

8. Fried Yams

Fried yams are a tasty Maldivian treat. The yams are thinly sliced, covered with a crispy batter, then deep-fried till golden brown. As a result, the crispy exterior gives way to a smooth, creamy core that is brimming with the yam’s inherent sweetness. This decadent dish is ideal for serving as a side dish that goes with a hot curry or stew.

  • Type of dish: Snack, Appetiser
  • Where to find this dish in the Maldives: Cafés in Male
  • Approximate Price: INR 50 – INR 180 (depending upon the place)
  • Veg/Non-Veg Dish: Vegetarian dish

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Maldives Food
Source: Pexels

9. Boshi Mashuni

Boshi Mashuni, a light and tasty food from the Maldives which is prepared with a combination of finely chopped red onions, fresh coconut, and banana blossoms. Chili, turmeric, and other spices are used to season the combination, and it is then dressed with lime juice and vinegar for a tangy taste. The salad is aromatic, light, and brimming with tropical flavours

  • Type of dish: Salad
  • Where to find this dish in the Maldives: Iberry Café, and Café Rio
  • Approximate Price: INR 250 – INR 550 (depending upon the place)
  • Veg/Non-Veg Dish: Vegetarian dish

10. Masroshi

So, we’ll conclude our list with the incredible Masroshi dish. It is a delectable food that is popular in the Maldives. A thin layer of dough made from wheat and coconut milk is wrapped in a mixture of spicy tuna, onions, and chillies makes up this mouthwatering delicacy. After folding into a triangle, the dough is shallow-fried until golden and crisp. The end result is a delightful delicacy with savoury and spicy flavours and a crunchy, crispy texture. 

  • Type of dish: Snack, Appetiser
  • Where to find this dish in the Maldives: Café Rio, and Findhandi Restaurant
  • Approximate Price: INR 30 – INR 250 
  • Veg/Non-Veg Dish: Non-Vegetarian dish

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Source: Pexels

Maldives cuisine is a true feast for the senses, with a unique and diverse array of flavours, smells, and textures that represent the country’s rich cultural heritage and natural abundance. Maldives cuisine is a celebration of the tropical paradise, from fresh seafood to exotic fruits and vegetables. Every bite of Maldives food takes you on a journey through the soul of this breathtakingly gorgeous and endlessly interesting nation. Therefore, don’t delay and book the incredible Maldives packages from Pickyourtrail at the best prices to sample some of these mouthwatering treats together with luxurious views. Here, you can also customize your itinerary for the Maldives and plan a holiday according to your preferences. Travel is only a click away, so get your luggage packed and your taste senses set!

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