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Fun things to do in Egypt for non-history buffs

Think Egypt. Think Pyramids. Think history? Not really, here are some fun things to do in Egypt! Here are adventures that don’t involve gaping at pyramids or ancient relics. For more revelations, a Postcard you must drop.

Aboard a Felucca

Image credit – continentaltours

It doesn’t get better than a calm ride down the world’s longest river. And better yet, you can journey undisturbed by the outside world. Rent a felucca and arrange for some bonding time with your family, friends or spouse. A fun picnic while you bask away in the sun, or a ride towards the horizon while the sun melts into the sea is a great way to call it a day. Now wasn’t that a good start to ‘fun things to do in Egypt’?! 

Note: You can rent a felucca with Egypt Nile Cruise.

 The Al-Azhar Escapade

Image credit – wikipedia

Frantic to rid yourself of the hustle and bustle of the Cairo city? The Al-Azhar Park offers the perfect opportunity. Rope in some Egyptian street food and lay out the picnic basket – a day to just unwind amongst lush greens can be revitalizing. Day closing in, and in need of entertainment? A hop, skip and jump away is the El-Geneina theatre, a semi open-air theatre that hosts concerts and events of all sorts.

Note: Want to catch or find about more about their events? Head to El-Geneina. Want to catch all these fun things to do in Egypt with us? We are a Postcard away.

 The Walk

Image credit – erinoversees

If you are looking to catch some of that iconic Egyptian landscape with soft sand and brown-meets-blue-skies colour palette, Wadi Degla you must head to! One of Egypt’s most important valleys, a walk here will take you through a limestone terrain and a deep canyon, surrounded by rocks carved into spectacular shapes. Head here for a rigorous run or for some calm, family time with an endless desert expanse  in the foreground.

Note: Want more exciting itineraries this summer? We are just a Postcard away.

 Down the Sand Dune

Image credit – privatejourneys

Hot desert sand doesn’t have to be such a put off. If you schedule your visit to the spring or autumn season, you can yell in carefree abandon and run down a sand dune. It is fun and free. Plus, you are never too old to run, skid jump  down a humongous pile of sand! But if you think you are, now is the chance to let loose and take the fall. It won’t hurt, we promise.

 Diving at Red Sea

Image credit – perth-bsac

Crave some water relief from the miles of desert around you? The waters of Red sea in Egypt, you must test. Apart from some splashing fun, discover the corals in your scuba gear. Children as young as ten can be a part of the diving experience. For those as young as four or five, snorkelling is the activity to try.

Note: Emperor Divers are the ones to plan your diving adventures with!

 Sunset at Sinai

Why go the mainstream way and be overwhelmed by crowds for a sunrise? Instead, trek this mountain towards the evening and be rewarded by a brilliant sunset at the top – the sun withdrawing its rays from the rocky Egyptian landscape. Rumour has it, you can even spend the night and arrange for a bedouin to get you dinner.

Note: The gorgeous views are free. But the planning? The travel? The accommodation? Fret not, leave it to us.


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