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Germany in December
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Germany in December – Weather, Places to Visit, Festivals and More!

In Germany, December is a special time of year when charming outdoor markets, or Christkindelsmarkt, spring up all over the country. From Hamburg to the Austrian border, in the shadow of the mighty Zugspitze (Germany’s tallest peak), you won’t have to go far to find gingerbread and Glühwein. While in the Bavarian Alps, visit the lively ski resorts that opened this month just in time for the holidays. Want to know more? Keep scrolling down to get some exciting information about Germany in December.

Weather in Germany in December

December is not the time to take off your warm clothes. Winter officially begins on December 21st, but early in Germany, you will feel the changing seasons due to cold weather and frequent cloudy skies. It is also expected to rain more than in November, preferably snow. This is especially true at high altitudes near many ski resorts and ski resorts in Germany that will open this month. This is the shortest day of the year, as sunrises occur around 8 am and sunsets around 4 pm during the day. Great for focusing and taking pictures of Christmas lights at the Christmas market. 

Germany in December
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There are some differences in the weather depending on the destination. Berlin, the capital of the country, has an average daily maximum temperature of 4 ° C and a minimum daily temperature of 0 ° C. The climate in southwestern Germany is not so cold. For example, the average daily maximum temperature in Frankfurt in December is 6 ° C and the minimum daily temperature is 1 ° C. Cities in the southern Bavarian Alps, such as Garmisch-Partenkirchen, are cold due to their high altitude, with an average minimum temperature of 5 ° C. On the other hand, the north coast has become calm and rainy due to the influence of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea.

Top 4 places to visit in Germany in December

1. Partnachklamm

Partnachklamm is Garmisch-Partenkirchen, perhaps the most spectacular natural wonder in Bavaria as a whole. The main attractions are the rocky side parades where the Partnach course cuts into canyons and caves-there are walk-in cascades and walk-in tunnels. Popular for torrent rafters in the warmer months, the Partnach Valley freezes in winter, forming huge jagged curtains of icicles. After dark, there is a torchlight walk with a surrealistic atmosphere, lined with snow-covered trees.

Germany in December
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2. The Allgäu

This is the beautiful region of Southern Germany with castles, meadows and Wagnerian peaks. In the summer, we see many cyclists and hikers coming here in search of fresh, clean air. Winter is a winter sports paradise. The cute villages Oberstdorf, and Oberstaufen have charming huts, and the slopes over 500 km (311 miles) are covered with perfect powder snow, even for beginner skiers and snowboarders. It will be a compliment. There are eight ski resorts to choose from. Is it too energetic? So, don’t forget to add this to your itinerary

The Allgäu
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3. Cologne Christmas markets

Germans love the festive market and pull out all the stops in Cologne, the country’s fourth-largest city. The most famous of his selections are from Dom – ask for directions to Ronkariplatz or follow the spicy aroma of Glühwein. Traditionally open from the last week of November to the day before Christmas Eve, giant gingerbread hearts with whistle messages, fragrant candles, wild wool hats, chimney ornaments and more. We sell everything you can think of to get a festive mood.

 Cologne Christmas markets
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4. Baiersbronn

The southern region of Baiersbronn in the heart of the Black Forest attracts extreme sports enthusiasts like iron filings on powerful magnets. The scenery under the snow is sensational-all white powdery fir and distant peaks have been crushed into the sky. Hundreds of designated trails for hiking and cross-country skiing pay off. Also, Baiersbronn is a small town of 16,000 and has eight Michelin stars, twice as many as Paris.

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Things to do in Germany in December

Germans love to spend time outdoors and will meet as many locals as tourists at the December celebrations that precede the quiet months of January. But of course, there’s more to do this month than to visit the Christmas markets. 

Things to do in Germany
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The Mountains and Alps ski season begin at Christmas, and many ski resorts offer downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, tobogganing, snowshoeing and ski jumping. You can try curling, or you can curl and ride a  carriage. Take a tour of glaciers and historic castles, or board a relaxing gondola and enjoy spectacular views, especially from the observation deck overlooking Zugspitze. From the town of Füssen, you can easily hike to the Austrian border in winter hiking boots.

Events in Germany in December

Christmas markets 

There are thousands of Christmas markets all over Germany, and the best place to check is the nearest square. Most markets begin at the beginning of Advent in late November and continue until Christmas. Some markets will remain open until the New Year. 


The German Jewish community is celebrating Hanukkah at events across the country, but you can see Europe’s largest sconces in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. National 

St. Nicholas Day

On the night of December 6, German children cleaned their boots and put them outside the door,  filled with merchandise on St. Nicholas Day. 

Winter DOM Festival, Hamburg

Families are attracted to this 14th-century outdoor festival with rides, concerts and weekly fireworks. This is the winter version, but others are depending on the season. 

Christmas Eve

This is a popular day for Germans to gather to decorate trees and open gifts with their families and loved ones. Many shops and markets close at noon, so shop early.

Germany is a land of mountains, castles, and ancient cities that will take your breath away at any time of year. When you visit in the winter, the picture-perfect landscapes covered with snow become even more magical and alive. Ready to experience the best vacation you ever had in your lifetime? So, book your customised Germany tour itinerary and Germany packages at Pickyourtrail and grab amazing offers!

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