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Germany in March
Written by Sruthi Suresh on November 14, 2022 Share on

Germany in March: A Hybrid Holiday Experience

March in Germany can be a memorable experience before you get back to fixing bills at the office! March is a blend of both cold and warm climates, equally distributed in the first and last weeks of the month. This should be the perfect time to experiment with the lanes of Germany to make it a fab vacation. Keep scrolling to learn about the best attractions in Germany that are never to be missed on your Germany packages.

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Weather in Germany – March

The average temperature in Germany in March is around 9oC. However, the temperature gradually increases as the days pass by, making way for summer to begin. 

  • Maximum Temperature: 9oC
  • Minimum Temperature: 0oC
  • Moderate rains
  • 122 hours of sunshine for the entire month

What to pack for the Germany Trip

Germany in March witnesses both warm and cold climates, staying more towards the colder edge. The snow caps slowly begin to melt to let in bright sunshine. It is thus better to pack ample woollen clothes and some summer wear. 

  • Warm Clothing
  • Scarves
  • Socks
  • Gloves
  • Boots
  • A few summer wear
  • Boots and shoes
  • Skincare products

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Places to stay in Germany in March

A comfortable stay is as important as any other aspect of Germany honeymoon packages. Germany in March offers a wide range of hotel options for you to have a seamless holiday. Some of the most preferred ones are

  • Landhaus Maria – Bavaria
  • Pension Konig – Bavaria
  • Pierdrei Hotel Hafencity – Hamburg
  • Hotel Muenchen Palace

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Places to stay
Image credentials: Pexels

Places to visit in Germany in March

March remains in the offseason half of the crowd where almost everything reaches your hand at reasonable prices. You will be greeted by people from diverse cultures and intriguing backgrounds. Make the best use of this to explore lots of places. Travelling by train or tram is simple in this country. Germany also has some of the world’s most dynamic metropolises, where you may enjoy shopping, clubbing, and the city’s gorgeous restaurants and cafeterias.

  • Berlin 
  • Hamburg
  • Munich
  • Stuttgart
Germany in March - Cities to visit
Image credentials: Pexels

1. Berlin

Visiting Berlin in March is just a chill pill. The capital city of Germany is the best for your favourite football matches and grand operas. You can just feel your inner self being so relaxed and calm in this city. If you are a fan of theatrical drama, heads up!! A lot is waiting for you. Sit back and rejuvenate with a tub of popcorn.

  • Population – 3.52 million
  • Maximum Temperature – 9 C
  • Minimum Temperature – 0 C

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Berlin theatrical drama
Image Credentials: Pexels

2. Hamburg

Hamburg is home to a lot of rivers and ports, letting you have a leisure stroll through the countryside. It is also one of the greatest economic centres in the world. The Speicherchardt museum and St. Michael’s Church are two famous places for tourist attractions. The Hamburg fish market will surprise you with every local species of fish. Take time to stop by these areas and have a happy shopping experience!!

  • Population – 1.79 million
  • Maximum Temperature – 13 C
  • Minimum Temperature – 3 C
Germany in March - Hamburg river
Image Credentials: Pexels

3. Munich

The majority of March intake in Germany is contributed by universities in Munich. This is high time you visit all the destinations before it gets too crowded. Several technological exhibitions are hosted in Munich as the hub for educational institutes. Try visiting one if you are tech-savvy. Explore the small parks along the roadside during the evenings. They are just so peaceful for a perfect sit-out with your family.

  • Population: 1.45 million
  • Maximum temperature: 10 C
  • Minimum temperature: 2 C

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Germany in March - Berlin
Image Credentials: Pexels

4. Stuttgart

Stuttgart is the city of automobiles. Located in a small valley in South Germany, it presents one of the most pleasant views for its visitors. The people of Stuttgart are very much welcoming and friendly, making it easy for you to have a rapport with them. Some of the most famous companies like Porsche and Mercedez Benz have their headquarters located here making it the ‘cradle of automobiles’. Well, if you are a car lover, it’s going to be such a happening event to witness some of the amazing exhibitions!! Get ready to feel the vroom!

  • Population: 625,000
  • Maximum Temperature: 10 C
  • Minimum Temperature: 5 C

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Germany in March - Stuttgart automobile exhibition
Image Credentials: Pexels

Frequently Asked Questions about Germany in March

1. Does it snow in Germany in March?

Yes, it does snow occasionally, but the cold weather is maintained for almost half of the month. So make sure to carry your jackets and umbrellas in case of a surprise shower.

2. Are hotels in Germany expensive during March?

Don’t worry, we got you covered. Right from budget-friendly hotels to luxurious ones, you have a variety of options to make things fall in place.

3. How crowded are the tourist destinations in Germany during March?

March is one of the off season months for tourism. However, it turns out to be an affordable trip as the prices are quite reasonable. So you can give it a shot and explore Germany in March.

4. Where should I visit in Germany in March?

Germany has been a treasure chest of wonderful places which includes, cities like Berlin, Munich, and Hamburg. Each place has its own uniqueness in terms of culture, history, and festivities.

5. What should I pack for a trip to Germany in March?

You can pack layer clothing according to the city you will be visiting. Pack: warm clothes, comfy footwear, rain gear, cosmetics, medication, electrical items and more.

Germany has got some of the most iconic viewpoints in the world and each of its cities is nothing less than a dream. Don’t you think it’s your turn now? Get your travel plans executed with Pickyourtrail with the option to customize your Germany itinerary. Exciting Germany honeymoon packages are available to match your interests in all aspects. Enjoy our services and make your March merrier.

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