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Germany in May
Written by Sruthi Suresh on May 20, 2022 Share on

Germany in May – Summer destinations and festivals you should not miss!

Germany in May is the ideal time to welcome summer, do some hiking, dance and celebrate a holiday full of surprises. Germany’s festivals are quite famous around the world, with over 10,000 different festivals held each year. While Berlin, Germany’s capital, is famed for its International Film Festival and wild parties, Munich is known for its beer halls and delectable cuisine. Join the crowd, get drunk and feel the madness in the air. This month is just the right pic to book Germany tour packages.

Weather in Germany in May

Germany in May experiences more settled weather in the warmer zone, indicating that summer is approaching. The gradual uptick in temperatures paves way for longer days and bright sunshine. The average temperature in Germany in May is around 10OC which can rise to around 20OC during the day. The capital Berlin is often a bit warmer than surrounding rural areas because its buildings and landscape help to keep heat in. Most of the German cities except for a very few like experience the perfect weather for an ultimate holiday experience. You can carry light clothes and accessories like T-shirts, tank tops, jeans and sandals for a comfortable Germany honeymoon packages experience.

  • Maximum temperature: 20OC
  • Minimum temperature: 8OC
  • 230 hours of sunshine for the entire month
  • Moderate rainfall possible

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Germany in May - Summer
Image credits: Pexels

Places to visit in Germany in May

Germany’s varied scenery, architecture, and activities make it ideal for every holidaymaker. Take a look at some of the bewitching places for your ultimate holiday plan.

  • Brandenburg Gate
  • Miniature museum
  • Rheinsteig Trail
  • Cochem Castle

1. Brandenburg Gate

In today’s lively Berlin, the Brandenburg Gate is one of the most famous sites. This site has come to symbolise Berlin’s Cold War separation into the western and eastern halves. It is also one of Germany’s earliest and most elegant classical structures located on the no-man’s land. The gate is accessible at any time of the day and the visitors can have a look at its alluring architecture.

  • Location: Pariser Platz ,110117 Berlin
  • Timings: Throughout the day
  • Entry fee: Free
  • How to reach: Train, Taxi or Subway from Berlin

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Image credits: Pexels

2. Miniature Wunderland

Rated as one of the top attractions in Germany, Miniature Wunderland in Hamburg is the world’s largest rail museum. Visitors can see small versions of several countries and airports. Built on an area of 1500 square metres, this museum dates back to 2000. Plan your trip on weekdays to have a hassle-free visit and avoid a long waiting time. Visit the Wunderland near the end of your journey if possible. You’ll be even more ecstatic seeing the miniature of the tourist spots that you visited.

  • Location: Miniatur Wunderland Modelleisenbahn Hamburg Kehrwieder 420457 Hamburg
  • Timings: 09:30 AM to 06:00 PM
  • Entry fee: 20 euros 
  • How to get there: Travel by bus or train to get down at Baumwall

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Image credits: Pexels

3. Rheinsteig Trail

A hiking excursion on the Rheinsteig is a location of pleasure to both mind and body. Covering a distance of 320 kilometres, this is a surreal hiking experience offering the best of nature’s viewpoints. This beautiful trail will take you from Bonn to Wiesbaden in around 18 to 20 days. This would be your best pick if you are aiming at enjoying nature’s beauty without much chaos. You can take a break to relax at some of the small sit-outs built on your way.

  • Location: Bonn to Weisbaden
  • Timings: Open throughout the year
  • How to reach: Hiking spot

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Image credits: Pexels

4. Cochem Castle

The picturesque castle towering 300 feet above the river is a stop for most travellers. Built during the early 1000s, it was subjected to improvement by various successors of the throne. Today’s Cochem is an amalgamation of the style of several owners. You can roam about in the basement of this enchanting structure while an option of a 40 minute guided tour is also available. Some of the interesting components of this castle include the octagonal tower, secret passages and mouth-watering food served at its restaurant.

  • Location: Schlossstrabe 36, 56182, Cochem, Germany
  • Timing: 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM
  • Entry fee:
    • Children – 3.50 euros
    • Adults    – 6 euros to 7 euros
  • How to reach: Train, bus, autobahn or car
Image credits: Pexels

Festivals to enjoy in Germany in May

1. Spargelzeit fest

Germans love to celebrate their favourite foods and beverages with festivals, and Spargelzeit is no exception (asparagus season). Asparagus is fondly known as the “Queen of Vegetables” in Germany and is believed to boost your gut and brain health. This moniker exclusively denotes the thick, white stalks with sensitive violet ends that are only produced and harvested in select German locations from May to late June. The plant takes three years to generate its first tips the locals get delighted when asparagus season arrives. This delicacy, with its nutty and bitter/sweet flavour, can be savoured fresh for a few months. Head to any of the cities in Germany in May and you can find people living the Asparagus life!

  • When: First week of May
  • Location: Different parts of Germany

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Germany in May - Asparagus festival
Image credits: Pexels

2. Baumblütenfest

The Baumblütenfest is the largest fruit wine fest in Germany in May. It’s a beautiful week of spring weather and an opportunity to visit Werder, a captivating town west of Berlin. The city is all in praise for the delicious strawberries that arrive in their markets. Wines are available in a wide range of delicious flavours. Want to be a part of the wine fever? Head to the streets of Werder and get yourself a glass of wine from the fascinating wine booths of the locality.

  • When: First two weekends of May
  • Location: Berlin and its interiors

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Germany in May - wine fest
Image credits: Pexels

3. The Rhine in flames

The Rhine bursts into flames five times a year during the period from May to September. The grand gala begins around the first week of May when dazzling fireworks are let off on various parts of Rhine and Linz. It is enchanting to see the Rhine Valley’s beauty, building up to riverbank fireworks. Rhine’s water is lit up with colourful lamps with around 100 illuminated boats adding to the beauty. Guess what? You can even cruise through the river to have a closer look at the firework show. The summer of Germany in May has so much grandeur to hosting you and your family.

  • When: First Saturday of May
  • Location: City of Rhine and Linz
Germany in May - fireworks show
Image credits: Pexels

4. Hafengeburtstag, Hamburg

Another vibrant festival of Germany is the Hafengeburtstag held in Hamburg to commemorate the anniversary of its harbours. Hamburg, one of the largest seaports in Germany was built during the 12th century and has contributed to a majority of the country’s trade. The locals gather near the port to extend their gratitude and celebrate the harbour’s birthday with zeal and zest.The celebration features boat exhibitions, boat parades, firework shows and open theatre concerts attracting almost a million visitors every year.

  • When: First weekend of May
  • Location: Hamburg

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Germany in May - Harbour
Image credits: Pexels

Frequently asked questions on Germany in May

1. How is the weather in Germany in May

Germany in May is pretty much warm in May moving towards a hotter and humid climate. Carry ample sunscreen and you need not worry about lower temperatures. Dress up casually in lighter and comfy attires

2. What does this holiday month have to offer?

Germany in May is known for its festive vibes and charismatic decor. From historic destinations to beautiful castles, you can take home a lot of memories when the trip ends. Wine festivals, music fests, busy harbours and what not! Each of the country’s streets is filled with so much joy and energy. Dance performances and theatrical drama are aired in open theatres to entertain the visitors

3. What are the transportation options available for local transit?

Some of the common transportation options available for intercity travel are
S-Bahn (Ground train)

4. What should I pack for my trip to Germany in May?

You can pack clothing suitable for variable weather, footwear, sunscreen, sunglasses, medications, comestics and so on.

5. Is May the busy tourist month in Germany?

Yes, you can expect good number of tourists in May, but it’s not as crowded as the peak summer months, allowing for a more relaxed travel experience.

Germany’s festivals and picturesque destinations have always attracted millions of tourists from all over the world. After such an amazing virtual tour of the country’s festivities, you must be running a plan to have a wholesome experience with your family. Got you! We, at Pickyourtrail, have exciting Germany travel packages to cater to all your needs. You can also have a completely customised Germany trip to match your preferences. What are you still waiting for? Revive, Refill and Rejuvenate this May.

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