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Germany in November
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Germany in November – Weather, Places to Visit, Festivals and more!

November is a quieter and colder month in Germany, but that doesn’t stop adventurous visitors from venturing out on foot to explore uncrowded cities and historic sites. By the end of the month, things begin to pick up again as Christmas markets open across the country (particularly in Berlin) for warm mugs of Glühwein. Here is our exclusive blog on Weather, Places to Visit, Festivals and more in Germany in November to make your trip an unforgettable experience ever!

Weather in Germany in November

Late autumn in Germany means less sunny days, more grey skies, but more likely rain, sleet, and even snow. The southern region, which has remained relatively calm for the past few months, will experience a sharp recovery in November. As is often the case in Northern Europe, the hours of sunshine are also significantly shorter, with early sunsets from before 4 pm to late November. Those who like cosy weather can leave the locals happily, find more candles in bars and restaurants and find the true autumn mood in deep autumn colours in German cities and countryside. prize. 

Germany in November
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Temperatures are expected to fluctuate slightly depending on the destination. The average daily maximum and minimum temperatures in Berlin, the capital of the country, are 8 ° C (46 ° F) and 3 ° C (37 ° F). Frankfurt, southwestern Germany, is usually the warmest city, but this month there is little difference, with average daily highs and lows of 48 ° F (9 ° C) and 39 ° F (4 ° C). The southern part of the  Bavarian Alps near Zugspitze, Germany’s highest peak, is cold at night, with temperatures usually around 2 ° C and a high likelihood of snow. Germany’s north coast will feel calmer with more rain and wind from the North and Baltic Seas.

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Top 3 places to visit in Germany in November

1. Romantic Road

Germany’s maximum scenic drive, the Romantic Road, gives traffic the possibility to find out about the wealthy culture, picturesque scenery, and medieval individual of this notable country. Running among Würzburg and Füssen, it leads tourists via Bavaria’s maximum lovely attractions, along with the brilliant Neuschwanstein Castle, the baroque metropolis of Würzburg, Rothenburg ob der Tauber – the best-preserved medieval city withinside the country, and the enthralling Pfaffenwinkel region, well-known for its rolling geographical region peppered with old fashioned villages and pilgrimage churches.

Germany in November
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2. Regensburg

One of Germany’s oldest towns, Regensburg is overflowing with medieval attractions and colourful pupil life. The effective Danube flows via its centre, and slim winding alleyways crisscross its architecturally captivating Old Town, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Nevertheless, Regensburg has extra bars and pubs in line with the rectangular mile than some other metropolis in Germany, along with Wurstkuchl, the world’s oldest sausage tavern; and it’s a gateway to a few top notches doors activities, from biking to rock climbing.

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3. The Mosel Valley

Lined with picturesque terraced vineyards, half-timbered medieval villages, and hilltop fairytale castles, the Mosel Valley is certainly considered one of Germany`s maximum astonishing sights. This lengthy and non-violent Rhine`s tributary flows for 195 km among Trier and Koblenz, marking one of the country`s pinnacle white wine-generating regions. This is an exceptional vacation spot to get away from the chaos of regular life, immerse yourself withinside the German culture, and take pleasure in wine tasting.

 The Mosel Valley
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Things to do in Germany in November

Germany is blessed with world-class cities, but it cannot surpass Berlin. Save time exploring important monuments, World War II landmarks, museums and different areas on foot, bike, subway, or Trabant, the legendary communist car. One of the must-see activities is to stroll through the futuristic glass dome of the Capitol. 

There are several day trips by train from Berlin. There you can stroll through the Dutch district. You must see the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Sanssouci Palace, Versailles, Germany, surrounded by acres of royal gardens. The curious people touring 13 German wine regions in the first few weeks of November can find some more harvest festivals or organize their tours.

Things to do in Germany
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You can also enrol in a winding tour of the marked trails and exercise between tastings to enjoy the scenery. Southwestern wineries can also best place to stay for a night or two. A hot spring town on the French border, such as Baden-Baden, is known for its hot springs. There is also a hot spring town in Badzalow near Berlin. 

And, of course, the mountainous Bavarian Alps and the Black Forest offer many outdoor adventures, from autumn and winter hiking and cycling to early snow sports that begin early in the season.


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Events in Germany in November

Berlin jazz festival

Held in Philharmonic, this annual festival takes place in early November. It brings together world-renowned jazz artists and ensembles to perform everything from big bands to contemporary jazz. 

Winter DOM Festival, Hamburg

Families have visited this open-air amusement market in northern Germany for centuries. This is the November / December edition (there are other DOM festivals for each season), which lasts for a month. 

Martinus Fest, Rhineland

Celebrating St. Martin’s Day in the 4th century, Martin’s Day shares similarities with Halloween in children’s decorations, costumes and parades. 

Christmas markets

By the end of the month, we can see that Germany, which has at least one Christmas market in almost every city, is preparing for Christmas. Fun and festive markets usually start on the last weekend of November. 

Tallwood Festival, Munich

Another Christmas festival in the capital of Bavaria celebrates social and ecological issues through art, music and theatre. Launched in late November, Tallwood offers a Christmas market version that sells fair trade clothing, arts, crafts and organic food. Glühwein and bratwurst are still available.

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Incredible Germany for an amazing family vacation

With so many places to visit in Germany, trying to decide where to spend your next summer break can be challenging. The country has it all, from fairy tale castles and scenic woodlands to bustling towns and many unexplored World Heritage Sites. Don’t forget to add all these places to your personalised Germany itinerary in Pickyourtrail and get exciting Germany package offers!

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